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The Valuation Rolls for 1937 names the head of each household, the History Group fleshed out this list by adding the wife and children and, where we could, a few facts about each family in the street.

52, James Irvine, miner. Wife. McDonald. Children, Agnes, Gavin, Margaret and Mary.


51, David McPhait, engineer. Wife. Children, Bella, Wullie, Davie, Jock and Alec.


50, John Harvey, machine-man. Wife. Children, Minnie, May and John their grandson.


49, William Russell, Unemployed. Wife, Mary. Children, Jean and Ellen.


48, Thomas Henderson, Miner. Wife. Children, Maggie and Marion.


47, William Clark, Miner. Wife, Jessie, Children,Jock, twins Tam & Jimmy, Bella, Mary, Jessie and Lizzie.


46, David Irvine, Miner. Wife, Children, Susan.


45, Patrick Reilly, Labourer. Wife, Nanny Kennedy. Children,

Mary, Jean and Bobby.


44, David Clark, Miner. Wife, Cathy. Children, Florence and David.


43, William McKenzie, Miner. Wife, Liza Orr. Children, Agnes, Jean, Maggie, Ina, Martha, Jessie, Henry and Charles.


42, James Spencer, Shaft-man. Wife. Children, Agnes, Marion and Douglas.


41, Darby McGarvie, Retired. Wife, Annie. Children, Hugh, Eddie and twins Mary & Annie.


40, Agnes Stewart, Widow. Children, Agnes, Beenie and John.


39, Thomas Russell, Miner. Wife, Martha Orr. Children, Andrew, Henry, Agnes and Jean.


38, Helen Sorley, Widow.


37, John Wilson, Miner. Wife, Bella Walker. Children, Hannah

and Robert Ewing, Isa, Helen, Andrew, Mary, Jennie and Jane.


36, Joseph Carty, Miner. Wife. Children, Margaret Betty and Joe.


35, James Henderson, Miner. Wife, Jean Pryde. Children, Mary, Chrissie, Jimmy and Jean.


34, Hugh Thomson, Labourer. Wife, Jean (Jane) Thomson. Children, Hugh.


33, George Penman, Miner. Wife, Maggie Hamilton. Children,                                


32, Samuel Ferguson, Caretaker. Wife, Mary Clayton. Children, Davie, Tam and Tom Clayton.


31, Peter Hamilton, Miner. Wife, Agnes. Children, Danny, Alec and Mary.


30, William Muir, Labourer. Wife, Murren Gillespie. Children, Wullie, John, Robert, Susan and Masie.


29, William Thomson, Quarryman. Wife, Maggie Hamilton.

Children, Wullie, Andy, Tam, Davie, Robert, Mary and Peggy.


28, William Small, Miner. Widower. Children, Jean and Jimmy.


27, John Carson, Pattern Fitter. Wife, Annie(Polly). Children, John, Davie, Hughie, Annie and Agnes.


26, Gregory McCalden, Labourer. Wife, Children, Susan, Katie and  Wullie.


25, William Pender Jnr, Dye Worker. Wife, Maggie Moonie. Children, Wullie, Johnny, Mary, Annie, Margaret, Julia, Susan, Samuel and James.


24, John Muirhead, Dock Labourer. Wife. Children, Ellen and Jenny. John kept British birds in an aviary in the garden.


23, William Binnie, Miner. Wife, Lizzie Keirs. Children, Jock, Wullie, Alec and Margaret.


22, Charlie Lees, Miner. Wife, Jean Small. Children, Peter.


21, Dougie Watson, Labourer. Wife, Janet Thomson. Children, Douglas, Wullie, Wattie, Nancy , Janet and Ellen.


20, Hendry (Harry) Heeps, Miner. Wife, Annie Bennie.  Children,Jean and Nancy.           


19, Peter Ure, Miner. Wife, Mary Watson. Children, Jackie, Jim, Katie, Nettie and Mary. Peter was a bookie's runner.


18, Andrew (Dreels) Forrester, Miner. Wife, Maggie. Children, John, Dreels was a well known and likeable rouge.


17, Joseph McAuley, Miner. Wife, Nell Williamson. Children, Jenny.


16, Hendry Oliver, Dyeworker. Wife, Bella. Children, John.


15, Patrick O'Connor, Labourer. Wife, Maggie. Children, Mary, Johnny, Patsie and Hughie.


14, William Pender Snr., Labourer. Widower. Children, Mary Johnny and Jimmy.


13, William Macdonald, Miner. Wife, Janet Lees, Howdie. Children, Peter , Wullie and Janet.


12, Robert Marshall, Quarryman. Wife, Maggie Russell. Children, Walter, Mabel, Peggy, Mary, Janet, Wullie, Charlie, Alec and Allen.


11, David Downie, Miner. Wife. Children, Maggie, Davie, Jock and Dick.


10, David Frickleton, Miner. Wife, Jean. Children, Alec. 


9, Christina Cullen, Widow. Children, Pat, Herbert, Mary and Anne.


8, John Stowe, Miner. Wife. Children, Alex, Polly and Wullie.


7, Robert Lockhart, Miner. Wife, Mary. Children, Bessie and Mary.


6, Margaret Wardrope, Widow. Children, Jimmy and Margaret.


5, Francis Speirs, Dyeworker.


4, Alexander Munnoch, Labourer. Wife. Children, Peter and Jean.


3, Edward Laird, Dyeworker. Wife. Children, Jessie, Joe and Eddie.


2, Agnes Small, Widow.


1, Jane Russell, Widow. Children, Robert, Jean and Janet.



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