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Simpson Drive 1937

The Valuation Rolls for 1937 names the head of each household, the History Group fleshed out this list  by

adding the wife and children and, where we could, a few facts about each family in the street.

1, Mary Cummings, Widow. Children, Agnes, George and Johnny.


2, Margaret Robertson, Widow. Children, John,


3, John Young, Dye Worker. Wife, Mary McGuigan.


4, George Young, Dye Worker. Wife. Children, Marie and Gerry


5, Henry (Harry) McAuley, Miner. Wife. Chrissie. Children, Hugh, Harry, Wullie, Jimmy, Jean and Chrissie.


6, Mary Penman, Spinster.


7, David Russell, Magazine Attendant. Wife, Gert Tetsel. Children, Peggy, Geordie, Davie and Jock.


8, William Kane, Labourer. Wife, Nell Grindlay. Children, Wullie, Agnes and Allan.


9, William Murray (Piper), Miner. Wife, Jeannie Phie. Children, Wullie.


10, George Hunter, Motor Driver. Wife, Mary Johnstone. Children, Helen, Billy, George, Hughie and Jean.

George drove for Aitkens of Lithgie Brig.


11, William Hunter, Miner. Wife, Lizzie Russell. Children, George, Bert, Helen and Agnes.

William was a well kent figure around the village.


12, Catherine Bell (Hunter), Widow. Children, Anna, Nellie, Geordie and Wullie.


13, Robert Glancy, Grocer. Wife. Children, Robert.

Robert was a small rotund man, he was the manager of the local Co-op.


14, Harry Frickleton, Miner. Wife, Nellie. Children, Betty, Joe, Ann, Nellie and Stevie.


15, Peter Robertson, Miner. Wife, Catherine Jenkins. Children, Margaret, Bill and Jackie and Jimmy Aitkenhead.


16, Isaac McKim, Chargehand. Wife. Children, Wullie, Isaac, Jessie and Marion.


17, Robert Erskine, Loco Driver. Wife. Children, Jane, Susan, Peter and John.


18, George Aitken, Insurance Man. Wife. Children, George, Peggy, Prudence, Mattie, Ellen and Jenny.


19, James Halkett, Mill Worker.

James was an elder at Cairneymount church.


20, James Robertson, Machine man.


21, John Hunter, Miner. Wife, Janet Sneddon. Children, Archie, John, David, Alec and Annie


22, William Allison, Signalman.


23, Alex Muir, Process Worker (I.C.I). Wife Jeannie Reid. Children, Peter and Robert.


24, John Smart, Baker.


25, Henry Hunter, Brushing Contractor. Wife, Robertson. Children, Betty and William.

This family came from Muiravonside, Henry was an elder in the church.

Betty was a school teacher. 


26, Joseph Allison. Labourer. Lizzie Allison, sister and Jock Reid, nephew.


27, James Sneddon, Brusher. Wife, Rena. Children, Rowena, Alec and Billy.


28, Patrick O'Kane, Labourer. Wife. Children, Patsy, Edward, Phillip and Mary.


29, Alexander McFarlane, Haulageman. Wife. Jenny, Rena, Annie, Allan and Nettie, granddaughter.


30, Charles Marshall, Labourer. Wife, Grace Myles. Children, Alex and Joyce.


31, Hugh Allison, Guard. Wife, Bessie Smith. Children, Joe, Lizzie, Joanne, Agnes, Margaret and Susan.


32, George Cuithill, Railway Man.

George came from Redford, he was a stone mason with the railway.


33, Andrew Mungall, Despatch Clerk. Wife. Children, Eric.


34, Alexander Wilson (Black Eluc), Miner. Wife Lizzie. Children, George (Wallace), Charlie (Marshall) and Hugh.

Eluc and Lizzie looked after a great many children for many reasons.


35, Alexander Bonar, Miner.


36, Andrew Sneddon (Cocky Andra), Watchman. Wife, Mary Storie. Children, Robbie, Mary, Annie Storie . Lodger, Pate Munnoch.

When Andra lived at Manualrigg he kept fighting cocks and greyhounds.


37, Bernard (Barney) Hughes, Miner. Wife, Ellen. Children, Ellen, Barney, Davie , Joe, John and Wullie.

This family originally came from Wallace's Cave.


39, Robert Craw, Miner. Wife, Bee. Children, Beenie, Robin, Wullie and Sandy.


41,  Alexander Watson (Wee Monkey) Wife, Nellie Hunter. Children, Walter, Katie, Nellie, Susan, Georgina and Robina.


43, James Tulloch, Miner. Wife. Children, Wullie, John, Stuart, D


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