David Leask's Maddiston Pages

Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Second Log Book, Maddiston School. From 25.8.52 to 28.8.61 Headmaster. Mr. John Marshall.


25.8.52 School resumed today after Summer holiday.

Took up duty here as headmaster – John Marshall.

Mr. John Mackenzie took up duty in place of Mr. Howie (left)

Miss Robertson replaced Miss Shaw left (transferred)

Miss Primrose replaced Miss Russell (transferred)

Roll considerably below estimate owing to transfer of 21 children to St. Francis R.C.School

The classes were organized as follows.

26.8.52 Visit Mr. Goldie McLaren McGovan re accommodation

5.9.52 Normal routine follows.

11.9.52 Visit Mr. Thom re lamp arrangements for Staff.

15.9.52 Twenty two children accompanied by Mr. R. Laplsley& Miss Janet Liddle left for a fortnights stay at Dounans Camp

Mrs. Elizabeth Todd commenced duty temporarily in place of Miss Liddle.

23.9.52 Mr. Brooks absent today.

29.9.52 Party returned from Camp today.

3.10.52 Roll 409 Av. Att. 381.1 % 93.6

10.10.52 Normal routine . Roll 409 Av. Att. 382.6 % 93.5

17.9.52 Visit by Mr. Mercer on Tues. Wed. All classes taken for P.T.

Copies of new scheme of P.T. given to Staff

24.9.52 Took Arithmetic with PVII. Reading with IVB - poor class this.

Music with VIA VII.

27th Oct Mid-term holiday.

18th&29th Oct Dr. Boyle carried out routine Medical Inspection.

31st Oct. Visited P. IVA, IVB . IVA a bright lot. IVB very poor.

Monthly Att. Return. Roll 409.4 Att. 378.4 % 92.4.

7th Nov. Took VIA for Geog & Music – a good class Took VIB for Arith.- poor

Av. Attendance for quarter 93.6%

14th Nov. Visit Mr. Cunningham ast Director re Youth Club.

Took VIA for Composition – satisfactory. IVB Arith –poor. III Arith. – satis. VII Geg and Grammar.

21st Nov.First Term Examination held in all classes. Examined PrVII. Papers –noticable improvement in work and attitude to work.

27.th Nov. 35 pupils of PrIII sat Picture intelligence test.

Drop in attendance this week due to measles whooping cough & colds.

5th Dec. Exam. Papers examined. Satisfactory on whole. Tool Took B sect. IVB for Reading. Quite an improvement here.

12th Dec. Attendance poor. 85.8%. Measles prevalent.

19th Dec. Miss Liddle absent 17th & 18th for music exam with Director’s permission.

Attendance 82.9%. Measles & whooping cough largely responsible.

24th Dec Rv. J.C.Downie B.D. conducted Christmas Service on Tues.

Film Shows held for children. School closed at 12.30 pm. For Christmas holidays.

6th Jan. School reopened today. Attendance much improved

13th Jan. Nothing to report.

27.1.53 Composition Test for Promotion Scheme given today.

29.1.53 Visit Mr. McLachan Psychologist – testing children

6.2.53 Composition Test for Promotion Scheme given to absentees.

13.2.53 Took Arith. Test from PRVI – VII.

19.2.53 Intelligence Test Set for PRVI – VII.

24.2.53 Attainments Tests given to PRVII.

27.2.53 Attainment Tests, General Shedules & Intelligence Test Schedules dispatched to Stirling.

Monthly Attendance Return. Roll 480 Av. Att. 368.8 % 90.3

2nd Term Tests in all classes.

6.3.53 Examined Tests set to PR.II A & B. Very creditable progress being made.

13.353 Visit by Mr. Mercer, County Drill Supervisor, on 10th & 11th all classes taken. 2nd Term Exam. Papers checked.

20.3.53 Nothing to report

25.3.53 Routine Medical examination by Dr. Duncan.

27.3.53 School closed at 12.30 for Easter Holiday.

8.4.53 School reopened today 45 infants enrolled.

Mr. Alex Stewart, visiting Art teacher commenced duty here. Will visit Monday and Wed.

17.4.53 Nothing to report

24.4.53 Attendance for month 94.3. A few cases of Scarlet Fever.

30.4.53 Visit H.M.I. Mr. Forsyth to discuss accommodation problems.

8.5.53 Recommendation of Promotion Board received & parent advised.

15th May Nothing to report

19th May Visit police to give instruction on Safety First.

22nd May Third term exams in all classes.

27th May Scholastic Attainments Test given pupils born June 1942-June 1943.

29th May. Children assembled in Hall at 10.30am. A short Service conducted by Rev. J.C.Downie B.D. was held. Mr. Downie addressed the children on the religious significance of the Coronation. Councillor Wm. Brown, Convener, explained why gifts were being given by the Educ. Comm. Thereafter the Coronation souvenirs were distributed by Councillor Wm. Brown & Rev. J.C. Downie.

June 1,2,3. School closed for Coronation Holiday.

June 10 PRVII went to Dunoon on an educational outing.

June 12 Prize giving today County Councillor W. Brown presided accompanied by C.C.H. Cockburn & representatives of Parent-Teachers Assoc.

June 15 37 children accompanied by Mr. Mackenzie & miss primrose left for Meigle Camp this morning.

June 17 At 11-15 am. This morning at close of morning interval half of main gate fell on Alexander Mochar Class PR. IIB. As a result he maintained a fracture of the leg.

June 19 Mr. Gibson Scjhool Dental Officer gave treatment all this week.

June 22 Visit Mr. Gillbert H.M.I.

June 26 Probationers Certs. for Miss Liddle Miss Primrose sent to Director.

Form E2 completed and returned.

Closing service conducted by Rev. Mr. Downie on thurs. morning

Children returned from Camp today.

School closed for Summer Holidays 12-30pm. 26th Aug

Aug.24.1953 School reopened today.

Staff Changes

Mrs Margaret Gardiner (TY) in place of Mrs Jessie Robertson retired.

Miss Muriel Hood, vice, Miss Elinor H. Mann, transferred to Camelon J.S.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, vice, Mr. Alex Stewart(Art)

Sewing teacher Mrs. Crombie, withdrawn.

27 children were admitted. Roll now stands at 437,

Mr. Gibson, School Dentist, completed treatment today.

4.9.53 Miss Rentoul, student began Vacation Practice on Monday.

11.9.53 Miss Mary S. Bowie, sewing teacher, commenced duty on Tues.

18.9.53 Miss J. Johnston, Student began Vacation practice on Monday.

Attendance good despite some cases of whooping cough and chickenpox.

25.9.53 Nothing to report

2.10.53 Attendance affected by stormy weather.

Notified that from Oct 5th Mrs E. Hall will attend on Turs. Onlu.

9.10.53 Miss Brown H.M.I.Sewing called on Monday. Is visiting since sewimg teacher is nor available.

12.10.53 Visit Mr. Larcher Miss Robertson from Dept. to inspect dining facilities.

20.10.53 Visit H.M.I. Miss Brown to inspect Sewing, PR.IIIA&B, IV, VA&B, VIA&B. examined.

5.11.53 J. Rankine Inspector of __________ in School

6.11.53 Speed & accuracy test set to PR. VIIA also English test. Result Satisfactory.

12&13th Nov. Visit of inspection unit H.M.I. Mr. Silver(?) (Signed) J.P. _______H.M.I.

20.11.53 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr. Murray from 16th to 20th,

23.11.53 Inspected the Art work (Signed) Kenneth Cuthbertson (?) H.M.I.

26.11.53 Picture Intelligence Test given to PR. III A&B.

27.11.53 First Term Tests throughout this school this week.

4.12.53 Headmaster at meeting in Tech. School this afternoon re cleaning of schools.

11.12.53 Nothing to report

18.12.53 Nothing to report

24.12.53 School closed at 12-30 today for the Christmas holiday


8.1.54 School re-opened on Wed. Attendance fair.

15.1.54 Attendance poor due to bad weather.

22.1.54 Talk on hygiene given to PR.VA, VI, VIIA & VIIB by Dr.Young of the Department of Health,. Attendance still poor – illness.

29.1.54 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr. Murray.

5.2.54 Visit Mr.. Goldie re Easter Accomodation.

12.2.54 Infant IA divided owing to absence of Mrs. Gardiner.

18.2.54 Group Intelligence Test MHT50 given to 110 pupils at PVI-VII stage.

23.2.54 MHE23 & MHA53 given to PRVII pupils.

5.3.54 Visit Mr. Mercer, Drill Supervisor. All classes taken.

8.3.54 Headmaster and Infant Mistress attended meetimg in F.T. School re admission dates.

9.3.54 Headmaster attended Larbert H.S. for Health talks by Dr. Mearns.

16.3.54 Headmaster at Larbert H.S. Lecture by Dr. Mearns.

17.3.54 Visit Mr. Goldie to arrange for Easter intake.

18.3.54 Film Strip Projector delivered to school by Mr. Thom on behalf of Stirlingshire Educational Trust..

25.3.54 Second Term Exams sat throughout school.

H.M Inspectors Report on Maddiston School Session 1953-54

Visited on 12th Nov 1953 and other dates

Subject to some reservations which appear below, the work was satisfactory, The pupils in the infant classes all profit from the use of a large stock of apparatus and visual aids, most of which have been made by the teachers, In these classes the teaching of writing, both in it’s mechanical aspect and as a means of expression, was very successful, and the attention given to music, art, handwork, and nature study was very pleasing. The formation of a relatively small class P IIIB for pupils who had left the infant department without having mastered the mechanics of reading or having made normal progress in counting was a sensible arrangement but the class is a heavy task for a first year probationer teacher and closer collaboration with the infant department is required. Improvement in discipline in class PVB is necessary for fully effective teaching. The general performance of class PVIIA is specially commended. The advanced work in knitting was very good.

The following further points were discussed with the headmaster.

1. The rigidity of the system of teaching reading in the infant department, in particular the very early introduction of phonic methods and the failure to adjust the pace for the pupils in the lower reading groups.

2. The appropriateness of the reading books in use by the less able pupils of the older classes.

3. The need for adequate practice in study reading, and the suitability of the reading texts available for this purpose.

4. The need in music for more systematic aural teaching and for some training in the reading of music.

5. The need for better grading of processes in sewing and for more teaching of the principles involved.

The premises do not provide enough accommodation. Classes of 34, 35 and 29 are being taught in rooms with standard accommodation for only 29, 22 and 20 respectively. Class VIIA is taught in a nearby hall. The admission of 30 to 40 pupils at the mid –session entry date will create a serious situation which will not be satisfactorily met in terms of the existing accommodation.


25.3.54 The permanent staff consists of the headmaster, three men teachers , and nine women teachers: there is no staff-room other than the headmasters room. The visits of Doctor and Dentist add to accommodation difficulties.

9.4.54 Rev.J.C.Downie conducted an Easter service in the Hall. School closed at 12.30 for the Eater Holiday.

26.4.54 School reopened today. Mrs McNiven took up duty in place of Mr. Mackenzie. Mrs. Leitch in place of Miss M. Robertson.

29.4.54 Miss J. Primrose off duty due to accident. Mr. Thom visited to discuss replacing her temporarily.

4.5.54 Mrs. Gentles took up temporary duty in place of Miss Primrose.

14.5.54 Councillor W. Brown examined and signed class registers. Visit for Dental inspection by Mr. Gibson. Mrs. Bennie absent Infant Classes closed up.

21.5.54 Headmaster at meeting on Wed. afternoon to consider fixing new admission dates.

28.5.54 Normal routine followed.

4.6.54 Dentist commenced operations Wednesday.

11.6.54 Normal routine followed.

18.6.54 Nothing to report.

26.6.54 Educational outing for 70 pupils of PRVII on Tues. 22nd.

30.6.54 Rev. J.C. Downie conducted the closing service at 10-30am.

Visit Mr. Goldie re accommodation & seating.

1.7.54 School closed today at12-30 for summer holidays.

30.8.54 School reopened today. Mrs Barbara Sutton (TY) replacing Miss Liddle. Mrs M. Lawrie replacing Mrs. M. McNiven. 35 infants were admitted. Roll 436

1.9.54 Ten pupils left to attend Camp at Aberfoyle today.

8.9.54 Visit by Mr. Goldie, Director of Education.

10.9.54 Returned Staffing Return to Office.

17.9.54 Attendance affected by severe weather.

24.9.54 Normal routine work carried out.

4.10.54 Visit by H.M.I. Mr. Gilbert.

8.10.54 Nothing to report.

15.10.54 Normal routine followed.

22.10.54 Headmaster at meeting in F. Tech. School on We. Afternoon.

29.10.54 Visit by Mr. Mercer – Drill Supervisor – Wed.Thurs. All classes taken.

5.11.54 Nothing to report.

12.11.54 Bad weather affecting attendance.

19.11.54 Visit by Mr. Thom. Assist. Director re Staffing.

25.11.54 Picture Intelligence Test set to all pupils at P III stage. First term exams held in all classes this week.

3.12.54 Routime Medical Inspection by Dr. Murray.

10.12.54 Attendance badly affected by illness.

17.12.54 Attendance badly affected by mumps tonsillitis colds.

20.12.54 Exam. Reg. & found Correct (Signed) William Brown.

24.12.54 Closed at 12-30 for X’mas holiday.

5.1.55 Mrs. Robertson intimated she would not be resuming teaching so PRIV is without a teacher.

7.1.55 Mr. B. Thom (assistant director) called re Staffing.

11.1.55 Mrs. Joyce R. Ferguson commenced duty today in place of Mrs. Roberson.

14.1.55 Attendance badly affected by illness & severe weather.

21.1.55 Mr. Mercer, County Drill Supervisor, took all Classes on Wed & Thurs.

28.1.55 Attendance badly affected by illness.

4.2.55 General Schedule for Attainments Tests sent to Office.

11.2.55 Nothing to report.

14.2.55 Visit Dr. Murray to inspect buildings.

17.2.55 Group Intelligence Test given to PRVI & VII.

22.1.55 English Arithmetic Promotion Tests set to PRVII.

24.2.55 Composition Test set to PRVII. Tests schedules sent to Office.

4.3.55 Visit H.M.I. Mr. Shanks re building & reconstruction of rooms.

11.3.55 Normal routine. Outbreak of measles affecting attendance.

18.3.55 Visit H.M.I. Mr. Smith – probationer.

24.3.55 Routine Medical Inspection (3 days) by Dr. Murray.

31.3.55 Visit Mr. Thom (Assist. Director) re Staffing.

1.4.55 Visit Mr. McKinley re summer repairs.

6.4.55 Rev. J.C.Downie B.D. conducted Easter Service for whole school.

7.4.55 School closed at 12-30pm. today for Easter holidays.

19.4.55 Visit Mr. Goldie D. of E. re Staffing.

20.4.55 Visit H.M.I. Mr. Shanks re building.

25.4.55 Mr. Gordon Lawrence ( Ch. VI Art. ) commenced today

29.4.55 Nothing to report.

6.5.55 Results of Attainments Tests to hand. 16 pupils proceed to Falkirk High and Tech. 24 to Redding J.S.

10.5.55 School closed for County Council Polling.

20.5.55 Nothing to report.

23.5.55 Visit by Mr. Goldie to discuss future accommodation in light of census of pre school children.

26.5.55 School closed for Polling Station in General Election.

31.5.55 Mr. I Brown Scottish Education Department.

2.6.55 Visit Mr. larcher re meals equipment.

3.6.55 3rd Term exams held this week.

8.6.55 Visit H.M.I. Mr. Shanks re Mrs. Gardiners endorsement.

15.6.55 Visit by Traffic Police to talk to children on Road Safety.

24.6.55 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr. Murray on Wed. Th. Fr. Prize Giving held on 23rd June.

30.6.55 School closed for Summer vacation.

29.8.55 School reopened today. The following are Staff changes

Janet W. Gray vice Mrs Mary McNiven,

Madeline Ceffiti additional

Margaret Campbell vice Margaret T. Smith

Anne D. Sheirlaw vice Ishbel Primrose

The services of Mr. Gordon Lawrence are withdrawn.

The Dining Room is now in use as a classroom.

9.9.55 Roll 463. Attendance good.

16.9.55 Nothing to report.

23.9.55 Nothing to report.

30.9.55 Took PrVB in absence of teacher.

7.10.55 Nothing to report.

14.10.55 Nothing to report.

21.10.55 Visit by Mr. Thom. Assist. Director. To arrange replacement for Mrs. Ferguson who leaves at end of month.

28.10.55 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr. Muray on 25th & 27th. Visit of P.T. specialist Miss McIntosh from Falkirk Tech. School on 26th.

Visit from Traffic police to talk to young children about Road Safety. Mrs Jean Butcher took up duty on Monday 24th as a replacement for Mrs Joyce Ferguson who leaves today.

4.11.55 Miss McIntosh completed instruction this week.

11.11.55 Nothing to report.

18.11.55 Infant Classes doubled in absence of two of Staff.

25.11.55 Visit of Mr. Mercer Wednesday Thursday.

2.12.55 Headmaster at opening od new school at Whitecross on Frid. Afternoon.

8.12.55 Visit Mr. Thom re Staffing.

16.12.55 Nothing to report.


4.1.56 School reopened today. Miss Margaret Campbell was transferred to Drumbowie without replacement. PRVB disbanded, 5 going to VA & 20 to IVB. 11 pupils removed from IVB to accommodate them. Rooms 1 & 2 are now badly overcrowded.

13.1.56 Visit Dr. Murray re impetigo outbreak.

19.1.56 Visit Mr. Fraser – psychologist – to examine children with speech defects.

27.1.56 Attendance affected by weather.

1.2.56 A PRII child Hilda Kieshnick slipped in passage & sustaine a nasty cut to the chin.

3.2.56 Attendance much affected by severe weather. Parents interviewed re Promotion Scheme.

10.2.56 Visit Mr. Goldie, Director of Education re Easter intake.

16.2.56 Intelligence Test set to PRVI, VIIA, VIIB. 113 pupils.

Mr. Gibson, Dentist, commenced treatment of pupils.

Mr. Larcher re alleged complaint about meals service.

21.2.56 English Arith. Standardisation tests to PRVII.

23.2.56 Composition Test for Promotion Scheme.

2.3.56 Nothing to report

9.3.56 Mr. Gibson – completed treatment today.

16.3.56 Rotine Medical Inspection by Dr. Murray.

19.3.56 Visit by Mr. McVicar newly appointed music supervisor. Visit Mr. Smith.

29.3.56 Visit Mr. McKinley (master of works) Councillor Brown to discuss Summer Repairs. Closing Service conducted by Rev. J Downie on 28th: School closed today at 12-30 for Easter Vacation.

10.4.56 School reopened today 27 infants enrolled.

12.4.56 Visit by Miss Kennedy, Supervisor for Sewing.

13.4.56 Building of additional classrooms began this week.

18.4.56 Visit Mr. Mercer. Supervisor P.T.

27.4.56 Promotion Boards’ Recommendations issued to parents today 27 pipils assigned to Senior Sec. Schools 49 to Junior Sec.

4.5.56 Nothing to report

11.5.56 14 children vaccinated against Polio. Outbreak of German Measles.

18.5.56 Demonstation of Road Safety given by Traffic Police.

22.5.56 Visit Mr. Shanks H.M.I.

1.6.56 Routine Medical Inspection. Visit to inspect progress on Annexe by members of Council & Department.

8.6.56 Visit by Mr. Goldie re furniture. Attendance affected by Measles.

15.6.56 Visit by members of Council to inspect Annexe.

19.6.56 Outing to Dunoon for 72 PRVII pupils.

21.6.56 Prize-giving presided over by convener Mr.Wm. Brown

27.6.56 Closing Service conducted by Rev J. C. Downie.

29.6.56 School closed at 12-30pm. today for summer vacation.

Extensive alterations to be carried out.

27.8.56 School reopend today. The new annexe occupied by Infant Classes. Alterations to Main Building are also complete and all rooms are now of good size.

Miss Millar replaces Mrs. Butcher.

Miss Hay replaces Mrs Leitch on the permanent staff.

Mrs. Archibald appointed in place of Miss Bowie for Sewing.

Mr. R. Rae visiting teacher of Art.

17 Infants enrolled.

Visit to annexe by Mr. Goldie, D. of E. to see it in operation.

Sept.7 Normal work carried out. Nothing to report

Sept.14 Nothing to report

Sept.24 Normal routine work continued. Attendance good.

Sept.27 Visit Mr. Wm. Brown convener to sign registers.

Oct.5 Headmaster attended meeting in Falkirk Tech. School on 4th

Attendance maintained 94.6

Oct.8&9 Visit by Mr. Mercer P.T. Supervisor.

Oct.10 Visit by Mr. McVicar, Music Supervisor.

Oct.12 Fire Drill for annexe practiced.

Oct.19 Nothing to report

Oct.26 New clock fitted in annexe.

Nov.2 Nothing to report

Nov.5 Visit by H.M.I. Mr.Shanks & Mr. Smith.

Nov.9 Visit by Mr. Mercer, Supervisor of Physical Training.

Nov.16 Nothing to report

Nov.23 Attendance fell badly this week.

Nov.30 Visit by Mrs. Smith, Supervisor for Handcrafts. Picture Test.

Dec.7 Attendance poor this week

Dec.11 Visit by Mr. Goldie re pinning up strip in Annexe.

Dec.19 Christmas Service conducted by Rev. J.C.Downie.

Dec.21 School closed for Christmas holidys at 12-30 today.

Dec.28 Annexe formally opened by County Councillor H. Cockburn.

Notified that Mrs. Binnie retired as at Jan. 2nd 1957.


Jan.3 School reopened after Christmas holidays. Attendance poor.

Jan.10 Mr. Gibson School Dental Officer, commenced treatment this week.

Jan.18 Nothing to report

Jan.25 Mr. Gibson completed treatment today. Visit by Sub-Committee of Property & Buildingc Comm. To decide about the hall floor.

Feb.1 Visit by Mr. Art Supervisor.

Feb.8 Nothing to report

Feb.12 Mrs Frances B Brownlie M.A.(temp) in place of Mr. F. Brooks commenced duty today.

Feb.14 Verbal reasoning test MHT55 set to pupils of PRVIA VIB & VII.

Feb18 Mrs Reid (Temp) took up duty in place of Mr.F. Brooks.

Feb.19 English and Arithmetic Standardised Tests set to PRVII.

Feb.21 Composition for Promotion Tests set to PRVII.

March1 Normal routine work.

March 7 & 8 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr. Murray.

March 15 Nothing to report

March 22 Mrs. Reid Left today. 3rd Term Exams held this week.

March 29 No replacement for Mrs.Reid. Outbreak of chickenpox.

Visit Mr. McKinley re summer repairs.

Apr.5 Nothing to report

Apr.12 Closed at 12-30 for Easter Vacation.

Apr.26th 24 new pupils admitted on 23rd. No replacement for Mr.Brooks.

May 3rd Attendance badly affected by chickenpox.

May 10th Nothing to report

May 17th Visit by Miss Riversidge – Librarian.

May 24th Routine work continued.

May 31st Nothing to report

June 7th Attendance much improved. One of staff of with dysentery.

June 14th One case of Dysentery reported & four excluded as possible cases.

June 17&18 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr. Murray.

June 21st Outing for top class to Dunoon on 18th. Prize-Giving on 20th.

June 28th The Rev. J.C. Downie conducted the Closing Service on Wed.

School closed today at 12-30 for Summer Vacation.

August 26th School resumed today. No changes in Staff.

37 Infants admitted.

Sept.6th Normal working continued.

Sept.13th Nothing to report

Sept.20 Attendance poor. Outbreak of Influenza.

Sept.27 Influenza spreading.

Oct.4th Absenteeism 41.7% largely due to Infuenza. Set Test to PRVII.

Oct.11th Influenza epidemics appears to be abating. 26.6& absence.

Oct.18th Visit Dr. Murray – routine medical inspection.

Attendance improved again. 11.5% absence. Visit Mr. Mercer.

25th Oct. Attendance again improved 9.6% absence.

30th Oct. Attended funeral of Mr. J. M. White who retired from this school in 1952.

1st Nov. Miss .J.Wilson , Infant Mistress, transferred to Zetland School today. Mrs. Rebecca Baird from Comely Park School took up duty as Infant Mistress today.

8th Nov. Visit of Medical Team to inspect feet of selected group of children.

15th Nov. Nothing to report

22nd Nov. Picture Intelligence Test set to pupils at PRIII stage.

29th Nov. Nothing to report

6th Dec. First Term Exam. Held this week. Headmaster at meeting re installation of Library for children.

13th Dec. Nothing to report

20th Dec. Dental treatment continued. Christmas Service held on Wed. Rev.J.C. Downie conducting it.

24th Dec. School closed for Christmas holiday today.


10th Jan. School reopened on Mon. 6th Jan. Mrs. Barbara Sutton commenced part-time duty in Infant Department.

17th Jan. Attendance in Inft. Dept. badjy affected by colds.

24th Jan. Attendance still poor. Shelving for Children’s’ Library installed in G.P. Room.

7th Feb. Approximately 200 children were vaccinated against polio on Wed. 5th by Dr. Scott.

13th Feb. Moray House Verbal Reasoning Test 57 given to all PRVI & VII pupils.

21st Feb. English & Arithmetic Attainments Tests held on Tuesday. Composition on Thursday. – PrVII pupils.

7th. March Visit by Mr. Mercer. Supervisor of Phys. Inst. Wed.Thurs.

14th March New School Library in G.P. Room now working. Miss Murray of County Library Service visited to assist.

21st March Second Term Exams. Held.

28th March Promotion Exam. Results received. 21 children to be transferred to Se. Sec. 44 to Jun. Sec.

4th Apr. Closing service conducted by Rev. J.C. Downie. B.D.

School closed 12-30 Thurs. 3rd April for Easter.

18th Apr. School reopened on Mon. 14th 24 Infants enrolled.

25th Apr. Normal routine followed. Attendance good 92.4%.

2nd May Nothing to report

9th May Nothing to report

13th May School closes for County Council Elections.

23rd May Nothing to report

30th May Routine Medical Insp. 3rd Term exams held.

6th June Visit by Dr. Scott for Polio injections.

13th June Nothing to report

20th June PRVII outing to Dunoon on Tues. Prize Giving on Thurs. 19th.

25th Aug. School reopened today. 24 new pupils enrolled. 65 pupils transferred to Jun. Sen. Sec. 13 pupils transferred to Westquarter School due to rehousing of families.

Mrs. Elisabeth Downie joined the Staff in place of Mrs. Gardiner.

No replacement for Miss Ann Shierlaw, married and living in England, Miss Isabella Russell sent for one month. Roll 401.

5th Sept. Nothing to report.

12th Sept. Visit by Miss Murray - Librarian's Dept. 100 new books added to the Schools Library

19th Sept. Nothing to report,

26th Sept. Miss Isabella Russell left today.

29th Sept. Mrs. Jane Pratt commenced duty in place of Miss Russell

3rd Oct. Routine Medical Inspection on Mon. Wed. Thurs. carried out by Dr. Russell.

10th Oct. Nothing to report

17th Oct. Normal routine followed.

24th Oct. Test in Engkish & Arith set to PRVII.

31st Oct. Normal routine followed.

7th Nov. Headteacher at Viewforth on Frid. Afternoon for meeting.

14th Nov Visit Mr. Mercer. Supervisot fot P.T.

17th Nov. Visit H.M.I. Mr. Caird Mr. Daens.

20th Nov. Picture Test given to all pupils of PR3 stage.

Nov.28 Grading Test given to all PRVII pupils. Fire Drill taken.

Main Bldg. evacuated in 2 ¾ minutes. Inf. Bldg in ¾ min.

Dec.5 Nothing to report

Dec.12 First Term exams. Held this week.

Dec.19 Nothing to report.

Dec.24 Rev.J.C.Downie conducted Christmas Services for Infants Primary Dept. School closed today for Christmas holiday.


Jan.5th School reopened today.

Jan.9th Two cases of Scarlet Fever norified.

Jan.16th Grading test in English Arith. set to PTVII.

Jan.23rd Part I Form E2 sent to Director. of Educ.

Jan.30th Interviewed parents re Promotion Scheme.

Feb.6th Attendance badly affected by colds. Visit from Master of Works Dept. re reconstruction of existing lavatories.

Feb.12th IQ Test set to PRVI & PRVII.

Feb.13th Attendance poor 75.1%. Visit by Mr. McKInley Mr. White & Mr. Anderson re forming playground for Annexe and reconstruction of Lavatories.

Feb.17th English & Arithmetic Attainment Tests given to PRVII.

Feb.19th Composition for Promotion Exam. Given to PRVII.

Feb.20th Attendance poor. 71.2% Influenza, colds largely responsible.

Feb27th Visit of Dist. Ed. Sub. Comm. With Mr. McKinley to arrange for summer repairs.

March 6 Visit by Mr. Goldie to transfer Mr. Brooks temporarily to Whitecross School. Dr. Murray completed routine Medical Exam.

March13 Mr. Brooks returned on Monday. Visit by Mr. Mercer P.T. Supervisor on Monday and Tuesday. Attendance still poor.

March 20 Attendance improved though measles epidemic is threatened.

Second term tests set this week. Visit by psychologist to check on PVI & VII failures in I.Q.Test.

March 26 School closed at 12pm. for Easter holiday.

Apr.10 School resumed on Tues. 7th Promotion Test Results received.

Apr.13 Visit by Dr. Frail for Polio Vaccination.

Apr.20 Visit Mr. Gibson – School Dentist – for inspection of teeth.

Apr.22 Visit Dr. Murray – Routine Medical Insp. Polio Injections.

May 1st Charity Cup won by school football team.

May 8th Nothing to report

May 15th Miss White – Librarian, paid her first visit to the school today. 

May 18th Mr. Gibson, School Dental Officer, commenced treatment today.

PRIII & IV given Arithmetic Tests by Miss McLeod.

Police lecture the whole school on Safety First today.

May 28th Nothing to report

June 5 Third Term Examinations.

June 12 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr. Murray.

Infant Classes had ramble on Frid. Afternoon.

June 19th PRVII had outing to Dunoon on 16th. Prize giving on 18th.

June 26th Rev. J.C.Downie conducted the closing servive on Wed.24th

School closed for Summer Holidays on Frid. At 12 noon.

Aug. 24 School reopened today. Mrs Barbara Niven reported for duty in place of Miss M.Hay. 359 pupils on roll.

Sept.4 Nothing to report

Sept.11 Headmasters meeting in Graham High School on 9th.

Sept.18 Nothing to report

Sept.25 Normal routine.

Oct.2 Nothing to report

Oct.8 School closed for General Election. School used as a Polling Station.

Oct.16 Councillor Jas. Anderson, Convenor, visited school, and signed registers.

Oct.23 Grading Test set to all PRVII pupils.

Oct.30 Mid term holiday on Monday. Dr. Watson carried out routine Medical Inspection on 27th & 30th. Raised need for installing Venetian Blinds in Annexe with Director.

Nov.7th Visit by Mr. Mercer, P.T. Supervisor.

Nov.14 Nothing to report

Nov.19 Picture Test set to PRIII pupils. Miss MsLeod carried out Arithmetic Tests on all children born 1952.

Nov.26 Visit by Mr. Meldrum Assist. Director. To discuss backward children recommended for special educational treatment.

Dec.4 Nothing to report

Dec.9 Visit H.M.I. Miss Fraser re Mrs. Niven – probationer..

Dec.11 1st Term Exams held during the week.

Dec.16 Visit by Miss Kennedy. Sewing Supervisor.

Dec.23 Christmas Service conducted by Rev. J.C.Downie.

Dec.24 Scholl closed for Christmas Holidays.


Jan 6 School resumed today.

Jan.13 Visit Mr. Goldie, Director of Educ. Re –temporary transfer of Mr. Brooks to Avonbridge.

Jan 22 Normal routine followed.

Jan.29 Normal routine followed.

Feb.5 Interviewing parents re Promotion Scheme.

Feb12 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr. Watson on 8th & 9th.

Feb.18 Verbal Reasoning Test 63 given to all PRVI & PRVII pupils.

Feb.22 Arith. English Attainments Test 30 given to PRVII pupils.

Feb.26 Holiday to mark the birth of a Prince.

March 4 Visit by Distrivt Educ. Sub. Comm. & Mr. McKinley re summer repairs.

March 11 Mr. G . Seevens (Temp. Uncet.) Art teacher commenced duty today. Attaiment Reasoning Tests completed and returned.

March 18 Nothing to report

March 25th Miss Moira Paterson, student, commenced teaching practice this week.

April 1 Nothing to report

April 6 Easter service conducted by Rev. J.C. Downie.

April 8 School closed at 12 o’clock for Easter holiday.

April 29 School reopened on 25th. 25pupils enrolled. Mr. Brooks returned to duty here & Mrs. Gardiner transferred to Infant Dept.

May 6th Holiday in honour of wedding of Princess Margaret.

Headmaster at Jordanhill Training College for Refresher Course.

May 13th Normal routine followed.

May 18 Routine Medical Inspection by Dr.Watson.

May 19 Children born 1952 given eyesight test.

May 20 Visit Mr. Stevens, Educational Psychologist

May 23 Visit Miss Kennedy, Sewing Supervisor.

May 27 Term Examinations completed.

June 3 Nothing to report

June 10 Nothing to report. Visit Mr. Caird H.H.I. to see Mrs. Niven.

June 17 Show of Safety First Films shown to whole school by R.S.P.A.

PRVII outing to Dunoon on 14th June.

June 21 Annual Prize Giving

June 22 Exhibition of work done in Sewing class during session.

June 30 School closed for summer holidays today. Closing service on 29th.

29th Aug. School reopened today. Mrs. Gardiner was appointed in place of Mr. F. Brooks & Mrs. Corbett in place of Mrs. Stewart. Mr. R. Lapsley was transferred without replacement. Roll 329. 62 pupils transferred to Secondary schools 11 R.C. children left.

6th Sept. Visit by Mr. Goldie, Director of Education – general visit.

9th Sept. Nothing to report

16th Sept. Nothing to report

21st Sept. Audiometric Tests given to children born 1953.

30th Sept. Nothing to report

7th Oct. Normal routine followed.

11th 12th Oct. Routine Medical Inspection carried out by Dr.Watson.

21stOct. Nothing to report

25th Oct. Cuisenaire material delivered.

2nd Dec. Nothing to report

9th Dec. Normal routine followed.

16th Dec. First Term Examinations held.

23rd Dec. Closing Service conducted by Rev. J.C. Downie on Wed. 21st.

School closed for Christmas holidays.


4th Jan. School reopened today.

10th Jan. Two second year Moray House students commenced teaching practice today. ( Miss Anne McKellar, Ann.M.Mallie)

20th Jan. Moray House supervisor visited students.

27th Jan. Nothing to report

1st Feb. Mr. Gibson , School Dentist commenced treatment.

10th Feb. Completed Schedules for Promotion Exam. Sent to Director.

16th Feb. R.Q. Tests set to all PRVI & VII pupils.

21st Feb. English & Arith. Tests given to PRVII pupils.

23rd Feb Composition Test set to all PRVII pupils.

3rd March Nothing to report

10th March. Schedules completed & sent to Director.

17th March 10 pupils with measles.

24th March Measles spreading slowly.

31st March Easter Service was conducted by the Rev. J.C. Downie.

14th Apr 27 new pupils were enrolled bringing the average sixe of class in Infant Dept to 40.

21st Apr. Nothing to report

28th Apr. Traffic Police visited on Wed. and lectured children on Road Safety.

Mr. McPherson S.P.C.A. officer gave talk to children on Kindness to Animals.

5th May. Nothing to report

12th May Mr. Barclay, Principal Methods Master at Moray House visited school to hear two students teach.

15th May Visit by Mr. Meldrum, Assist. Director , to discuss children recommended for transfer to Dawson Park School.

26th May. Normal routine work carried on.

2nd June 3rd Term Examinations held during the week.

Boosting dose of anti polio serum given to about 150 children today.

9th June Routine Medical Inspection by Dr.Watson.

13th June Educational outing for PRVII to Dunoon.

15th June Presentation of Prizes.

21st June Infant outing.

28th June Closing service conducted by Rev. J.C. Downie.

30th June School closed at 12 noon today for summer holiday.