David Leask's Maddiston Pages

Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Second Log Book, Maddiston School. From 14.6.84 to 16.11.87 Headmistress Mrs. Agnes J. W. Hotchkiss.


14.6.84 Mrs. A.J.W. Hotchkiss was officially appointed Headteacher.

15.6.84 Mrs. King carried out routine gearing tests.

18.6.84 7 pupils from P7S exchanged schools with 7 pupils from Whitecross School for the afternoon to assist integration at Graeme High next session. Mrs. Hotchkiss supervised the transport.

20.6.84 P5 & P4/5 outing went to Culross and Pittencreiff Park, Dunfermline accompanied by Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Shanks and Mrs. Monfries.

21.6.84 P6 outing visited the Museum of Transport and Queens park Glasgow accompanied by Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. McNeill and Mrs. Kennedy.

All P7 pupils spent the afternoon at Graeme High School where they were shown round the school and told which class they would be in next session.

26.6.84 P1 and P2 visited Oatridge Farm and Linlithgow Palace accompanied by Mrs. McNeill, Mrs. Fleming and Miss Gardner. Friends of the staff and pupils from Graeme High school also helped.

27.6.84 Mrs. Hotchkiss attended Graeme High School Senior Prize Giving this afternoon.

28.6.84 The closing service was conducted by Mrs. Hotchkiss. After the service the medals for badminton were presented.

29.6.84 School closed for summer holidays.

15.8.84 School reopened.

33 children were enrolled.

Classes were organized as follows.

P7 Mrs. Spence.

P6 Mrs. Shanks.

P5/6 Mrs.Hunter.

P5 Mrs. Blair.

P4 Mrs. Rae who is a temp replacement for Miss Gardner.

P3 Mrs. Ferrie.

P2 Mrs. Kerr.

P1 Mrs. McNeill.

15.8.84 Visiting Staff are.

Art - Mrs. Desmond - alternate Wednesdays.

Music - Mrs. Kennedy - Mondays & Thursdays.

P.E. - Mrs. Murdoch - alternate Monday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings.

Sewing- Mrs. Monfries - Tuesday afternoons&Wednesdays.

Remedial- Mrs. Young - Monday & Thursday mornings.

23.8.84 Mr. McCallum, P.E. advisor & Mrs. McMahon, Recreation Dept. visited the school to discuss pupils using the Sports & Recreation Hall for P.E.

24.8.83 Mr. Stewart, Child Psychologist visited school to discuss pupils referred.

27.8.84 Mrs. Goodwin visited the school to discuss extra remedial held.

30.8.84 The E.I.S. representative informed the headteacher that the members on the staff would not attend staff meeting between 3.30pm and 4 pm, would not cover for teachers absent, would not undertake any new schemes and would not attend parents’ evenings.

A new committee of the Parents Association has been formed under the chairmanship of Mr. Peter Mortimer. The staff representative is Mrs. Catherine McNeill.

1.9.84 Mrs. Cumming – remedial service visited the school.

10.9.84 School closed for Tryst Holiday.

24.9.84 Cr. Cormack visited school for medical inspections and German Measles inoculations.

25.9.84 Mr. Roberts took family group and individual photographs.

26.9.84 Mrs. McNeill visited Meadow Street Nursery this afternoon.

4.10.84 A team of boys from P7 played a football match against Nethermains Primary at the village football pitch. They lost 3-1.

5.10.84 The school now has the use of the Sports and Social Hall for P.E. every morning.

Room 7 had to be evacuated because if smoke from the furnace.

8.10.84 Mr. Goldie of Central Regional Police Force showed a video – Say No to Strangers to class I and the nursery children.

9.10.84 The school heating broke down.


10.10.84 Calor gas heaters were supplied to the school for use while the furnace was repaired. The work was done this afternoon.

11.10.84 Once again the furnace is shut down and Calor gas heaters are in use.

12.10.84 During this week Rooms 2 & 6 were redecorated. A Harvest Service was held. School closed for October holiday.

22.10.84 The hall and corridors were decorated this week.

Miss Rhona Gardner 3rd Year student in P1.

1.11.84 Mr. J. Henderson, Tutor visited Miss Gardner.

8.11.84 Mrs. L. Cumming, Remedial, visited the school to discuss further remedial help.

9.11.84 A representative of Central Scotland Fire Service gave an illustrated talk. Two classes sent donations to the Ethiopian Appeal.

10.11.84 The monthly service was held by Mrs. Hotchkiss. At the close prizes were awarded to one pupil in classes P3-P7 for the best fireworks competition posters. This was run by the P.A.

19.11.84 A representative of the Fire Service gave an illustrated talk to all pupils who had not heard it on 9-11-84.

Mr. Paxton, tutor from Moray House visited Miss Gardner who is now with class 7.

20.11.84 Four pupils, accompanied by Mrs. Hotchkiss, went to Muiravonside Country Park and planted 2 Lime and 3 Ash trees to celebrate Tree Planting Week.

22.11.84 Mr. J. Stewart, child psychologist visited school and discussed children requiring help with Mrs. Hotchkiss and Mrs. McNeill.

23.11.84 Mr. Thompson, assistant Director of Education, Mr. Davidson, S.E.D. and an architect visited the school to inspect dining room.

29.11.84 Mrs. Fraser, tutor from Moray House visited Miss Gardner.

3.12.84 Two visitors from Australia  called to see the school as the lady's mother had been a pupil from 1939-44.

14.12.84 Prizes were awarded today to two pupils in Primary 7 and two in Primary 3. These classes took part in a Poster Competition run by Polmont Rotaract.

17.12.84 At the morning assembly the names of children chosen to take part in next year’s Children’s Gala Day were announced. The Queen will be Nicola Heeps, Primary 7.

The Infant Dept. gave a performance of their Nativity Play to the parents of Infant pupils in the school hall.

19.12.84 Santa visited the nursery class party.

20.12.84 Santa visited P1 & P2 party.

Primaries 3-6 held their respective parties.

Primary 7 went to the McRobert Theatre in Stirling to see The Pied Piper.

The Christmas Service was held and a warm welcome was given to Rev. S. Hill, the new school chaplain.

21.12.84 Primaries 5-7 saw a video of Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Primaries 1-4 saw a video of Winnie the Pooh.

School closed for the Christmas holiday.


7.1.85 School reopened.

10.1.85 Miss M. Graham, Adviser in Home Economics visited the school.

11.1.85 Rev. S. Hill visited the school and agreed to take two classes per fortnight for R.E.

14.1.85 Mrs. Alexander, Remedial Dept, visited the school to discuss Kareen’s progress.

17.1.85 Mr. Stewart, psychologist, visited the school.

22.1.85 Mrs. Walker, School Convener, visited the school and inspected the fabric of the building.

29.1.85 Mrs. McClusky, tutor, came to see Mrs. McNeil.

31.1.85 The monthly Service was conducted by the Rev. S. Hill.

Captain Burlington of the Salvation Army visited the school to discuss with Mrs. Kennedy the choirs taking part in a fund raising concert.

4/5.2.85 Enrolment for the Nursery Class and Primary 1 for next session took place.

5.2.85 After last weeks talk to P5-7 by a representative of the R.S.S.P.C.C. the Treasure Hunt competitions were collected.

11.2.85 Several classes contributed exhibits to the Falkirk District Council Bulb Growing and Art Competition. Although no prizes were won the following pupils had their art work hung. P5. Stuart Denton, Margaret Buchanan. P6. Colin Graham, Mark Gow, Gail Graham. P7 Liam Malloy, Lisa Wright, and the bulbs gained a Specially Commended Certificate.

27.2.85 Dr. Cormack carried out routine medical inspections.

28.2.85 The attendance fro the month fell below 90% due to an influenza outbreak.

1.3.85 Miss Ferguson, tutor from St. Andrews College visited Mrs. McNeill.

4/5.3.85 Dr. Cormack carried out further routine medical examinations.

6/7.3.85 Sight and hearing tests were carried out on Primaries 1,3,5, and 7.

9.3.85 Ten girls from primaries 6 and 7 represented the school at a Day of Dance in Clackmannan College of Further Education.

14.3.85 Primaries 1,2,4,5,5/6,&6 did not attend school due to industrial action by E.I.S. members on the staff.

28.3.85 Miss Linda Blair attends an E.I.S. rally. The Easter Service was conducted by the Rev. S. Hill.

Marc Wilson and Tracy McCormack, P7 and Lynn Pender and Emma Malloy P3 won prizes in Polmont Rotoract Easter Card Competition.

29.3.85 School closed for the Easter Holidays.

15.4.85 School resumed.

19.4.85 The Senior Recorder Group took part in a Recorder Festival in Westquarter School accompanied by Mrs. Hotchkiss and Mrs. Kennedy.

24.4.85 The chiropodist visited school.

29.4.85 Mrs. McCrombie, remedial department of Graeme High discussed P7 pupils with Mrs. Hotchkiss.

30.4.85 Mrs. Henry discussed Shirley Wilson with Mrs. Hotchkiss pending appearance before the Children’s Panel.

9.5.85 Primaries 1,2,4,5,5/6,&6 did not attend school today because of industrial action by E.I.S. members on staff.

14.5.85 Representatives of Graeme High School visited the school to discuss pupils promoting next session.

16.5.85 The monthly Service was held by the Rev. S. Hill.

21/23.5 Primaries 1,2,4,5,5/6,&6 did not attend school because of industrial action by E.I.S. members of staff.

1.5/31.5 During this month representatives from Health and Safety visited the school regarding the proposed new dining room. Other matters regarding safety were pointed out to them.

3.6.85 Mr. Stewart , Child Psychologist, visited school.

4.6.85 Miss Ferguson, lecturer at St. Andrews College, visited Mrs. McNeill.

7.6.85 The dentist carried out examinations in primaries 1,2,&7.

17.6.85 The morning nursery class went on an outing to Beecraigs Country Park.

19.6.85 Two pupils, representing the school, went to the Town Hall, Falkirk and were presented with a cheque for £25 being the runners-up in an art competition run by Falkirk District Council to design a medal for their Half Marathon.

26.6.85 Mr. William Bloy and Mr. D. Brown, Polmont Rotary Club, visited the school and presented a shield being 1st Prize in a Bulb Growing Competition organized by the club.

Primary 6 entertained the school with a production of R. Dahl’s Snowhite.

27.6.85 The closing Service was conducted by the Rev. S. Hill.

28.6.85 School closed for the summer holiday.

19.8.85 School reopened and classes were organized as follows.

P7 Mrs. Shanks 26

P6/7 Mrs.Blair. 24

P6 Mrs.Hunter. 24

P5 Mrs.Spence. 23

P4 Mrs. Rae 30

P3 Mrs. Ferrie. 25

P2 Mrs. Kerr. 31

19.8.85 P1F Mrs. Fleming 17

P1M Mrs. McNeill. 17

A total of 39 children were enrolled.

21.8.85 The Nursery Class (Mrs. Guthrie) began.

Mrs.Munro, Play Group Organiser visited the school to discuss taking in two fifth year pupils from Graeme High to help in the nursery class.

23.8.85 The new speech therapist Miss Henderson visited the school.

2.9.85 Three traveling children enrolled.

6.9.85 The nursery enrolment now complete and two pupils from Graeme High assisting.

9.9.85 School closed for Autumn trades holiday.

11.9.85 All E.I.S. members of staff on strike except Mrs. J. Monfries, V.T Homecraft and Mrs. Murdoch, V.T., P.E. The following classes did not attend :- P1F, P1M, P2, P4, P6, P6/7, P7.

12.9.85 The monthly Service was held by the Rev. S. Hill.

18.9.85 Mrs. E Payne will come to school on Tuesday afternoons to help Travelling Children.

Mrs. Symington comes to school on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning to assist Pakistani child with English.

7.10.85 Mrs. J. Alexander visited the school.

10.10.85 Rev. S. Hill conducted the Harvest Service.

11.10.85 The Northern and Scottish Theatre Co. put on a performance for Primaries 1-7.

School closed for the October holiday.

21.10.85 School reopened.

25.10.85 P6 and 6/7 saw films provided by the Milk Marketing Board.

28/29/31.10 Doctor Cormack carried out routine inspections.

31.10.85 Halloween parties were held in the school this afternoon.

6.11.85 The entire school went outside to see Ian Botham pass on his walk in aid of Leukemia Research.

12.11.85 Mr. Goldie from Community Police showed the video “Say No To Strangers” to P1 and P2. He talked to P3 on the work of the police as part of their People Who Help Us theme.

14.11.85 The monthly Service was held by the Rev. S. Hill.

21-28.11.85 Pupils donated “tins” for Christmas Parcels for the elderly who attend the Luncheon Club in the Sports and Social Hall.

26.11.85 The chiropodist carried out routine inspections.

29.11.85 The mobile classrooms had to be vacated because of lack of heating.

2.12.85 Mr. D. Williamson, author of stories of the Travelling People told stories to Primaries 3 and 5.

9.12.85 Dentist carried out routine inspections of P1 pupils.

Mrs. J. Alexander, Remedial Service, visited Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Kerr. Lee-Anne Brownlie P5 and Stuart Denton and Brian Gentleman P6 had pictures hung in the Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Children’s Art Competition.

Amanda Clark, P5. has been chosen to dance in the Christmas Pantomime at the McRobert Theatre.

20.12.85 Santa Claus visited the Nursery Class Party.

23.12.85 Rev. S. Hill conducted the Christmas Service. Primaries 1-7 held parties.

24.12.85 School closed for the Christmas Holiday.


6.1.86 School reopened for the spring term.

28.1.86 A forced entry was made to the school and a video recorder, a portable television, 2 cassette recorders and 2 computers were stolen.

29.1.86 25 panes of glass were broken by vandals during the evening.

14.2.86 in the Falkirk District Bulb and Art Competition the school gained a Highly Commended Certificate for bulb growing. Louise Robertson P5 gained a Highly Commended Certificate for her art work and Lee-Ann Brownlie and Shahid Ali had their art work hung.

7.3.8 Mr. Ness the Area Dog Warden, gave a talk to Primaries 6 and 7.

13.3.86 The Falkirk East School Council representatives visited the school.

14.3.86 Interviews for the post of Clerical Assistant were held in the school.

Mr. Ness, the Dog Warden, had to be summoned to the school after a dog bit a pupil at lunch-time. The dog was not caught.

17.3.86 The dog running around the school property was caught and removed by Mr. Ness.

The Senior Recorder Group took part in a Recorder Festival at Westquarter School and acquitted themselves well.

20.3.86 The Easter Service was conducted by the Rev. S. Hill.

21.3.86 Mrs. J. Monfries retired from being visiting Teacher of Needlecraft having served in the school for 17 years.

School closed for the Easter Holiday.

7.4.86 School reopened for the Summer Term.

18.4.86 The Nursery Classes were given a talk on Dental Care by the Health Board representatives.

23.4.86 The football team took part in a 6-a-side tournament at Coasters Arena,

24.4.86 Mrs. J. Alexander visited the school.

1.5.86 The Rev. S. Hill conducted the monthly service.

5.5.86 School closed for the May Holiday.

8.5.86 School closed for the Regional Elections.

14.5.86 Mr. McHardy, Mr. McKenzie and Miss Ronald of Graeme High visited the school to discuss transfer of Primary 7 pupils.

20.5.86 The Junior Recorder Group took part in a Recorder Festival at St. Andrew’s School, Falkirk.

21.5.86 Mrs. Lamont, Social Worker for Graeme High visited the school.

3.6.86 The School Library Van visited the school.

13.6.86 Mrs. McCombie, Graeme High, visited the school.

10.6.86 Mrs. Laurie, Headteacher, Wallacestone Primary, visited the Nursery.

20.6.86 Three pupils had work hung in the Falkirk District Council Design a Medal competition.

26.6.86 The Rev. S. Hill conducted the closing service.

A shield donated to the school by the Scout Group, was presented to David Paterson, P3 being the pupil considered to have made most improvement over the year.

27.6.86 School closed for the Summer Holiday.

18.8.86 School reopened and classes were organized as follows.

P1 27 Mrs. Kerr.

P2 34 Mrs. Fleming & Mrs. McNeill

P3 29 Mrs.Blair.

P4 31 Mrs.Hunter.

P5 31 Mrs.Spence.

P6 23 Mrs. Ferrie.

P7R 17 Mrs. Rae

P7S 18 Mrs. Shanks

The nursery with Mrs. Guthrie (teacher) and Mrs. Dickson (Nursery Nurse) has 18 children in the morning and 17 in the afternoon.

Mrs. Kennedy, visiting teacher of Music is in school on Tuesday and Wednesday (pm only) on a 1month on-one month off basis.

The school has again been granted the use of the Sports and Social Hall for P.E. classes on 4 mornings per week.

21.8.86 The football team beat Grahamstone Boys Club 4-0.

1.9.86 Dr. Cormack visited the school for routine inspections.

5.9.86 The dentist visited the school for routine inspections and will visit the school monthly until February.

15.9.86 Mrs. J. Alexander, remedial Service, visited the school to discuss Joanne Scobbie’s progress.

16.9.86 Mr. Burt, Independent Overseer, visited the school to discuss the Russell family.

19.9.86 Mr. Sexton, Social Worker, visited the school to discuss Christopher Perry.

22.9.86 Mr. Stewart, Child Psychologist, visited the school to discuss Joanne Scobbie’s progress.

23.9.86 Primary 7 pupils sat an Edinburgh Reading Test.

24.9.86 Family group photographs were taken by Mr. Roberts, school photographer.

26.9.86 P.C. Goldie talked to P1 and P2 on “Say No To Strangers”.

2.10.86 The Rev. S. Hill conducted the service.

6.10.86 Primary 1 pupils now attend for the whole day.

10.10.86 The school closed at 3.30 pm for the October holiday.

20.10.86 School re-opened.

22/23.10.86 Dr. Cormack carried out routine examinations.

24.10.86 Dr. Stuart tested Joanne Scobbie.

31.10.86 Painting of 6 classrooms commenced.

During this month new doors were put on all classrooms in the Main Building except Room 7.

3.11.86 Mr. Stuart again tested Joanne Scobbie.

5.11.86 Mr. Stuart completed testing.

7.11.86 Mrs. Sharp, representing the Parents Association presented Campbell McIntosh with a gift voucher for having most items (127) in the Sponsored Match Box Collections.

4-10.11.86 A collection for the Earl Haig Fund was taken up.

10.11.86 Miss Boyle, H.M.I., visited the school to discuss the forthcoming visit by the electorate.

14.11.86 School nurse carried out routine hygiene inspections in the infant department.

24-27.11.86 Miss Boyle, Dr. Jackson, Mrs. Weir and Mr. Stevenson, H.M.I.s, inspected the school.

28.11.86 During this month Rooms 1,2,3,5,7 & 8 and the cloakrooms in the Main Building were redecorated.

The Library Van visited the school for the exchange of class library books.

11.12.86 Miss Boyle, H.M.I. visited the school to finalise the H.M.I. report.

The chiropodist inspected the feet of pupils who had previously had treatment.

22.12.86 The nursery classes held their Christmas party.

23.12.86 The Christmas Service was conducted by the Rev. S. Hill.

Primaries 1-7 held their Christmas Parties.

24.12.86 School closed for the Christmas holiday.

6.1.87 School re-opened.

13.1.87 School closed at 9.45.am because of because of weather conditions.

14.1.87 School closed at 9.30 am because of blizzards.

15.1.87 School closed at 10 because of weather.

16.1.87 School closed all day because of weather.

17.1.87 Although school was open only 33 primary pupils and 1 nursery child attended because of condition of roads and footpaths following the snow blizzards.

20.1.87 The Rev. S. Hill conducted the monthly service.

21.1.87 School chiropodist visited the school.

26.1.87 Mr. J Stuart, Child Psychologist visited the school.

3-4.2.87 Enrolment for nursery classes and primary 1 in session 87-88 took place.

6.2.87 Miss Boyle and Mr. Cramb, H.M.I. visited the school to discuss H.M.I. report.

11.2.87 Mrs. McClure, student with the Youth and Community visited the school to discuss the catchment area and the various activities organized therein. The need for adult education was also discussed.

18.2.87 Two dental hygienists gave Primary 3 a talk and demonstration on dental hygiene.

19.2.87 Primaries 6/7 and 5 and the Nursery Classes had bulbs, which they had grown, on display at Falkirk District Bulb Growing Competition in the Town Hall, Falkirk.

24.2.87 Road traffic Dept. of Central Region Police gave a talk to the Nursery Classes.

4.3.87 Mr.P.Smith child psychologist, visited the school to observe child Scott Muir.

9.3.87 Constable M. Douglas, Community Policeman for Polmont and Brightons, gave a talk and demonstration on the Green X Code to primaries 1 and 2.

11.3.87 Falkirk East School Council visited the school. The continuing problem of fumes in Rooms 6&7 of the Main Bld. was noted as was the lack of a sink for washing dishes in the staffroom of the Main Bld. The members partook of lunch in the new Dining Hall.

12-13.3.87 All pupils were aurally tested.

24.3.87 Alison Daly, student community nurse, visited the Nursery Class.

The Inspectorate’s report was discussed by the staff.

3.4.87 School closed at 2.15pm. for the Easter Holiday.

21.4.87 School re-opened.

22.4.87 Mr. J. Watson and Mrs. H. hall, Primary Advisors, visited the school to discuss the Inspector’s Report.

23.4.87 Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Rutherford visited the school to discuss the use of a classroom for Adult Education Classes. It was agreed they have the use of the Old Diningroom on Monday afternoons.

27.4.87 Mrs. J. Campbell, V.T. of Art, joined the staff. Mrs. A. Beaumont took over the P1 class as a replacement teacher to Mrs. A. Kerr who went on M.L.O.A.

28.4.87 P7 Parents Night was held between 7pm and 8.30pm. There was an 82% turn-out of parents.

29.4.87 Representatives of the Central Conservation Society visited the school to discuss the lay-out of an All Seasons Garden.

30.4.87 Interviews for the post of cleaner were held and Mrs. H.C. Pender was employed on a permanent basis.

1.5.87 School closed for the May holiday.

6.5.87 School re-opened.

Mr. Lawrie, Headteacher, and Mrs. Finlay, A.H.T.E.E., of Wallacestone School visited the Nursery Class.

8.5.87 Mrs. Cameron and Mrs. Deans, teachers at Wallacestone School, visited the Nursery Class.

14.5.87 Mr. McHardy, Rector of Graeme High School and three members of his staff visited the school and talked to Primary 7 about their promotion to high school.

19.5.87 Mrs. McCombie, Principal Teacher of Remedial visited the school to discuss the promotion of pupils.

Primaries 1,2F,2R,3,4,&6/7 Parents Night was held between 7.30pm and 9pm. There was a very good turn out of parents.

28.5.87 Dr. Fleming carried out routine inspections this morning.

Mr. J. Sharp School Convener, visited the school.

4.6.87 Dr. Fleming carried out routine inspections.

8.6.87 Two Fifth Year Pupils from Graeme High School are assisting in the Nursery Class for the remainder of the term.

8-9.6.87 Mr. Maxwell, dentist, carried out inspections on P1and P7 pupils in connection with the distribution of Fluoride Tablets.

Mr. J. Johnstone, a member of Graeme High Remedial Staff will be working with P7 on Tuesday mornings for the remainder of the term.

12.6.87 All P7 pupils promoting to Graeme High School next session visited their new school accompanied by Mrs. Hotchkiss and Mrs. Shanks.

17.6.87 A meeting of parents of next session’s Nursery Class pupils was held in the school.

A meeting of the parents of pupils to be in Primary 1 next session was held in the school.

18.6.87 Representatives of Forth Valley Health Board Dental Service gave illustrated talks to the Nursery Classes and the parents of the children on these classes.

25.6.87 The school assembled and made a presentation to Mrs. Hotchkiss on her retrial. Certificates for swimming were presented to P5 pupils. Fiona Muir received a prize for being Highly Commended in the National Bible Society of Scotland Art Competition. The Scout Shield for the pupil making most progress throughout the year was presented to Paul Wileman in P.2.

26.6.87 School closed at 2p.m for the summer holiday after the closing service which was conducted by the Re. S. Hill. The collection taken up at the service was £20.00 which was donated to Maddiston Old Folks Association. Mrs. Hotchkiss retires and Mrs. Wilma A.T. Shanks was appointed Acting Headteacher.

24.8.87 School reopened. Classes arranged as follows

P.1 Mrs. Fleming.

P.2 Mrs. Rae.

P.3 Mrs. Blair.

P.4 Mrs. Hunter.

P.5 Mrs. Ferrie.

P.6 Mrs. McNeill.

P,7 Mrs. Spence.

Mrs. Barnes : Remedial. Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri mornings.

Mrs. Campbell : Art. Monday afternoons.

Mrs. Murdoch. :P.E. Mon & Tue mornings.

Nursery : Mrs. Guthrie.

Mrs. Dickson, Nursery Nurse.

2.9.87 The Children of Primary 6 visited Falkirk Public Library accompanied by Mrs. Shanks and Mrs. McNeill.

10.9.87 Mrs. Ferrie absent, Supply Teacher Mrs. Sheila Forsyth.

14.9.87 Primary 7 began weekly sessions with the Conservation Trust to restore an untended garden area at the side of the Infant building.

22.9.87 Primary 7 sit the Edinburgh Reading Test.

25.9.87 Rev. S. Hill conducted the first service of the new term.

1.10.87 Mrs. Guthrie absent .

5.10.87 Mrs. Guthrie returned.

7.10.87 Mrs. Blair absent.

12.10.87 Mrs. Blair returned 

13.10.87 Inspector Cobain presented the winning entrants in the Parents’ Association competition entitled, ‘Never Go With Strangers’.

2.11.87 Parent’ Evening held in school on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

4.11.87 Mrs. George commences work with two children from a traveling family.

12.11.87 School closes so that staff can attend a regional in-service day.

13.11.87 Staff presentation to Mrs. Catherine McNeill who leaves as the result of a compulsory transfer to Wallacestone School.