David Leask's Maddiston Pages

Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Second Log Book, Maddiston School. From 28.8.61 to 25.8.71 Headmaster. Mr. Daniel Black.


Aug.28th Assumed duties of head teacher of this school – Daniel Black M.A,

Miss Margaret Miller, Mrs. Barbara Niven and Mrs. Gardiner have left the staff and have been replaced by Mrs. Mary Mitchell and Mrs. Muriel Bedwell.

The roll of the school is now 300.

4th Sept. Mr. Goldie, Director of Education, visited the school today.

5th Sept. Mrs. Muriel Bedwell absent today.

13th Sept. Visited the school today to see Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Bedwell.

(Signed) J.H.Caird. H.M.I.S.

25th Sept. Mrs. Elisabeth Downie joined the staff, for the mornings only.

29th Sept. Miss Jean Ross (music) has left the staff.

3rd Oct. Mrs. Margaret Maurice has joined the staff temporarily, for Tuesdays only, in place of Miss Ross.

31st Oct. Mrs. Jean Pratt absent, due to the illness of her son.

Mrs. Muriel Bedwell has been placed on the permanent staff.

The routine Medical Inspection of the school is being carried out this week.

6th Nov. Mrs. Jean Pratt returned to duty today.

8th Nov. Two first year students from Moray House commenced teaching practice here today. (Catherine Reid and Marsha Laing)

Mr. Alex. Mercer, County Supervisor of Physical Education, visited the school today and took the Infant and Senior Classes.

14th Nov. Miss Hancock, Moray House Supervisor, visited the students.

21st Nov. Miss Hancock visited the students.

23rd Nov. Picture Intelligence Test administered to 39 pupils in Primary 3.

24th Nov. The students, Catherine Reid and Marsha Laing concluded their teaching practice today.

29th Nov. Mrs. Muriel Bedwell absent today.

30th Nov. Mrs. Muriel Bedwell returned to duty today.

4th Dec. Mrs. Muriel Bedwell absent today. Her class was taken by the headmaster in the morning and Mrs. Downie in the afternoon.

The Scottish Education Department Report, “Education in Stirlingshire” 1955 -56 to 1959-60 has been received and filed with the School Log Book.

20th Dec. The Rev. Mr. Downie took the services for Christmas this morning.

22nd Dec. Fruit & Sweets distributed by Parent – Teachers Association.

School closed for Christmas Holidays.


Jan.3rd School reopened today.

Jan.17th Mrs. Alice Brown, sewing teacher, absent today.

Jan.22nd Miss Hood absent today.

Jan 23rd Mrs. Muriel Bedwell absent today.

Jan26th Miss Gray absent, attending a wedding. The percentage attendance this week was 75.7, being due to an epidemic of influenza, and some cases of mumps.

Jan.29th Mrs. Bedwell and Miss Gray returned to duty today.

Mrs. Pratt is absent, due to the illness of her son.

Jan31st Miss Hood returned to duty today.

Feb.12th` School closed for the morning due to the lack of heating. This was caused by a failure in the electricity supply during the night and the morning. Classes were resumed in the afternoon.

Mrs. Mitchell is absent today.

Feb.14th Mrs. Mitchell returned to duty today.

Feb.15th Moray House Verbal Reasoning Test No.67 was administered to 50 pupils in Primary 7 and 40 pupils in Primary 6.

Feb.20th Moray House English and Arithmetic Tests M.H.E. 33 and M.H.A.33 were administered to Primary 7 today.

Feb.19, 21, 22 Medical Inspection carried out.

Feb.22 The county Composition Test was given to Primary 7 pupils.

Auditors Mr. Gibb and Miss McCall visited the school in the afternoon.

Feb.23rd Mr. McKinley, Master of Works, visited the school today.

Feb26th School closed for mid-term holiday.

March 14th Headmaster attended Craigs School, Stirling, in connection with the

To 16th. scaling and allocation procedures of the Promotion Schedules.

March.19th Janitor absent.

March 29th Mrs. Jean Pratt absent. Janitor returned to duty.

March.21st Mrs. Jean Pratt returned today.

March.26th Mrs. Elizabeth Corbett absent.

April 2nd Mrs. Corbett resumed duty.

April 12th Mr. Downie Conducted Easter services.

April 13th School closed for Easter holidays.

April 25th School reopened. 17 new pupils were admitted and four left, making the roll 319. Mrs. Isabel Hunter has replaced Mrs. Downie (mornings only), while Mrs. Jean Ewing is taking the new intake.

May 2nd Councillor James Anderson, school convener, visited the school this afternoon.

May.11th Mrs. Bedwell absent.

The Annual School Sale was held at night, and realized £67.

May.14th Mrs. Bedwell returned to duty today.

May.22nd Three first year students from Moray House started teaching practice here today – Elizabeth Burnton, Isabel Hamilton, and Alice Milne.

May 29th Mrs. Thomson, Supervisor from Moray House, visited the students.

May.31st Miss Hancock, Moray House supervisor visited the students.

June 6th Miss Kennedy, Homecraft Supervisor, visited the school and inspected the work of the Sewing and Knitting Classes.

June 11 Mrs. Joan Johnston returned today.

Fire Drill carried out Time 2min. 20 sec.

June 19 43 children of Pr.7 went to Dunoon, accompanied by Miss Hood, the headmaster and three of the parent-teachers association.

June 21 Annual Prize-Giving. Chairman – Councillor James Anderson. Prizes were presented by Mrs. Black.

June 28 Closing service Conducted by Rev. Mr. Downie.

June 29 School closed for Summer Vacation.

Aug.27th School re-opened today.

Mrs. Joyce Fotheringham replaces Mrs. Pratt.

Miss Agnes Stoddart visits on Tuesday and Friday to teach music.

The roll of the school is 289; 23 new pupils were admitted.

Aug.30th Mrs. Rebecca Baird given unpaid leave to attend an International Folk-Lore Festival in Dijon. Her class will be taken by Mrs. Barbara Sutton.

Sept.5th Miss Agnes Provan (Temp Uncert.) joined the staff. Miss Provan is student in her third year of training.

Sept.11th Mrs. Rebecca Baird returned to duty today and Mrs. Sutton has left.

Sept.13th Miss Agnes Provan absent.

Sept.14th Miss Provan returned to duty.

Sept.19th Mrs. Corbett absent, attending a wedding,

Sept.20th Miss Provan left today.

Sept.24th Mrs. Bedwell absent today.

Oct.15th Mrs. Mitchell absent, influenza.

Oct.16th Visit by H.M.I. Mr. Brown.

Oct.22nd Two third year Moray House students, Mrs. O’Berg and Miss Paxton started today.

Oct.24th Miss Gladstone, Moray House Supervisor, visited the students.

Nov.2nd Students Mrs. O’Berg and Miss Paxton left.

Nov.5th Two first year students Miss Margaret Shorter (Shorlis? Shorlin?) and Miss Helen Diack started teaching practice today.

Nov.9th Mrs. Hunter tutor to the students, visited the school and heard them teach.

Nov12th Mrs. Bedwell absent.

Nov.14th Mrs. Bedwell returned today.

Nov.22 Moray House Picture Intelligence Test No. 2. administered to Primary 3 pupils. 6 pupils were absent.

Nov.23 Mrs. Hunter, supervisor from Moray house, visited the school to hear Miss Diak and Miss Shorlin (?). The students completed their stay today.

The headmaster was absent in the afternoon attending the funeral of the late Director of Education, Mr. William Goldie. M.A.

Nov26 Mrs. Bedwell absent.

Dec.3 Mrs. Bedwell returned today.

Dec.5 Mrs. Brown Needlework teacher, absent.

Dec.12 Mrs. Brown returned today.

Dec.17 Mrs. Bedwell absent.

Dec.20 Rev Mr. Downie conducted services in the Infant and Senior departments.

Dec.21 Mrs. Bedwell returned today. Members of the Parent-Teachers Association distributed fruit and sweets to the children. The school closed at 12noon for the Christmas & New Year Holidays. Miss Goodfellow retired after 23 years service in this school.


Jan.3 The school reopened at 9 a.m. today.

No replacement has been sent to take Miss Goodfellow’s class.

Jan.7 Mrs. Baird absent today.

Jan. 8 Mrs. Baird returned to work.

Jan.9 Mrs. Mitchell absent.


Jan.10 Mrs. Mitchell returned today

Jan.14 Mrs. Baird absent today.

Mrs. Christine Macfarlane took over Pr.6.

Jan.16 Mrs. Baird returned.

Jan.21 Mrs. Macfarlane absent.

Miss Christine Paterson and Miss Judith Layfield, 2nd Year students at Murray House, began teaching practice today.

Jan.22 Miss Gray absent.

Jan.23 Mrs. Macfarlane returned to duty.

Jan.31 Mrs. Bedwell absent.

Feb.1 Students Miss Christine Paterson and Miss Judith Layfield finished teaching practice today.

Feb.4 Mrs. Bedwell returned to duty.

Feb.12 Mrs. Baird absent.

Feb.13 Headmaster absent, attending funeral of relative.

Feb.14 Moray House Verbal Reasoning Test No.69 administered to 39 pupils in Primary 7 and 38 pupils in Primary 6.

Feb.15 School closed by authority of Assistant Director of Education, owing to the water supply being ct off between 8am. And 5pm.

Feb.18 Mrs. Baird returned to duty today.

Feb.18/19 Dr. Hutchieson carried out School Medical Inspection.

Feb.19 Moray House English Test No.34 and Arithmetic Test No. 34 administered to 39 pupils in Pr. 7.

Feb.20 Mrs. Alice Brown absent.

Feb.26 Miss Maureen Fyfe took up duty today, taking over Primary 6 from Mrs. Macfarlane who has gone, temporarily, to Grangemouth Infants.

Mrs. Elizabeth Corbett absent on authorized leave of absence.

Feb.28 Mrs. Corbett returned to duty.

Mar.4 Headmaster absent with influenza.

Mar.6 Headmaster returned today.

Mar.29 Miss Stoddart resigned today.

Apr.2 Mrs. Shaw, music teacher came in Miss Stoddart’s place.

Apr.11 Closing service by Rev. J. Downie. Closed at noon.

Apr.22 School reopened. 19 new pupils admitted.

May 15 Mrs. Fotheringham left today.

May 16 Mrs. Elisabeth Downie took over Pr.3

May 21 Miss Lesley Donald and Miss Isobel Abel, two first year students from Moray House started today, Miss Donald with Primary 4 and Miss Abel with Pr. 2/3.

May22 Mrs. Hunter, Moray House Supervisor called today to hear the students.

May 22 & 24 Miss Shaw (music) absent.

May 28 Mrs. Shaw returned to duty.

May 31 Mrs. Shaw absent.

June 3 Mrs. Baird absent.

June 10 Mrs. Baird returned, Miss Hood absent on week’s leave of absence.

June 17 Miss Hood returned from Civil Defence Course.

June18 Primary 7 outing to Dunoon.

June 25 Annual Prizegiving, Mrs. Anderson, wife of the School Convener presented the prizes.

June 26 Closing service conducted by the Rev. J.C.Downie.

June 28 Closed for Summer holidays. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Corbett & Mrs. Elizabeth M. Downie left.

Aug.26 School reopened today.

Mrs. Mary Mitchell was transferred to Grangemouth

Miss Maureen Peace, Miss Mary J. Baird and Mrs. Linda Philips came to replace Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Downie. Mrs. Margaret Martin was added temporarily to the staff.

Aug.27 Miss Lindsay Nisbet, specialist teacher in Art, was added to the staff.

Sep.2 Mr. J.G.Haldane began one months teaching practice with Primary 6.

The roll of the school is 286.

Sep.3 Miss Nisbet (Art) absent. (Returned 10th Sept.)

Sep.9 School closed for September holiday.

Sep.13 Mrs. Shaw (Music) absent.

Sep.17 Mrs. Shaw still absent. Miss Doreen Anderson began 3 weeks preliminary teaching in Infants I.

Sep.19 Fire Drill Carried out.

Oct.22 Miss Hood and Miss Nisbet (Art) absent.

Oct.23 Miss Hood returned. Mrs. Brown (needlework) absent.

Nov.2 Picture Intelligence test administered to 26 pupils in Primary 3. 14 pupils were absent.

Nov.26 Miss Lindsay Nisbet absent.

Nov.28 Picture Intelligence Test administered to 12 Pupils in Primary 3. Two still absent.

Dec.2 Miss Mary Baird absent.

Dec.3 Miss Mary Baird returned today.

Dec.4 Picture Test administered to the two remaining pupils in Primary 3.

Dec.19 Rev. J.C.Downie held the closing services today.

Dec.24 Fruit & Sweets were distributed to the children by members of the Parent Teachers Association. School closed for Christmas Holidays at 12 noon.


Jan.6 Mrs. E. W. Downie has assumed duty in place of Mrs. Margaret Martin.

Jan.16 Visited school today to inspect probationer teachers.

(Signed) ---------------- Brown H.M.Inspector.

Jan.23 Mrs. Hazel E. MacLean took up duties with Pr.1 today.

Jan.28 Mrs. Baird absent.

Jan.29 Mrs. Baird returned today.

Jan.30 Mrs. Rebecca S. Baird left today to take up the appointment of Infant Mistress in Larbert Village School.

Feb.18 The Moray House verbal Reasoning Test No.72 was administered today to 39 pupils of Primary 7 and 36 in Primary 6.

Feb.20 Composition Test given to Primary 7.

Mar.2 Miss Maureen Fyfe absent today.

Mar.9 Mrs. Margaret Donald M.A. took up duties as Infant Mistress today.

Mar.16 Mrs. Fyfe returned today.

Miss Hood absent, attending funeral of her brother-in-law.

Mar.17 Miss Hood returned today.

Miss Mary Baird absent, attending interview for a post in South Shields.

Mar.18 Miss Baird returned today.

Mar.25 Closing services for Easter held by Rev. J.C. Downie, school chaplain.

Mar.26 School closed for Easter holidays at 12 noon.

Holiday granted to celebrate birth of Royal Prince.

Apr.7 School reopened. No replacement for Miss Baird who left to be married and has gone to South Shields. 18 Infants enrolled.

Mrs. Shaw absent.

Apr.13 Mr. W. Davies M.A., joined the staff today. He takes over Pr.5, and Miss Peace moves to take the newly formed Pr.IVB.

Apr.14 Miss Lillian Shaw absent with ‘flu.

Apr.17 Mrs. Shaw absent.

Apr.21 Mrs. Shaw absent.

May 12 School closed for County Council Elections.

May 12&14 Headmaster absent in afternoon attending an Arithmetic panel.

May 15 Mrs. Bedwell absent.

May 18 Mrs. Bedwell returned.

Mrs. Philips sent home ill.

May 19 Mrs. Philips returned today.

Mrs. Shaw (Music) and Miss Nisbet (Art) both absent.

June 9 Mrs. Muriel Bedwell sent home, ill.

June 10th Mr. D. Black, headmaster, absent through illness.

June 12th Two Moray House students, Miss Isabel Hamilton and Mr. James Kelly, began temporary duty in the absence of Mrs. Bedwell & Mr. Black.

June 13th The school choir composed of members of Prs. 5, 6, &7 competed in the Music Festival and gained 1st place. Their marks were 90=92 which qualified them for a First Class Certificate.

June 16th Pr. VII Excursion to Dunoon.

Mrs. Muriel Bedwell returned to duty.

June 17th Miss Isabel Hamilton (Temp. Student) absent to attend closing ceremonies at Moray House.

June 19th Miss Isabel Hamilton (Temp. Student) relieved.

Mr. James Kelly (Temp. Student) absent.

June 22nd. Mr. James Kelly (Temp. Student) returned.

June 23rd The Annual Prizegiving was held. The Rev. J.C.Downie presided and the prizes were presented by Mrs. M. Donald, Infants Mistress.

June 24th Headmaster resumed duties today.

June 23rd Miss Isabel Hamilton (Temp. Student) left today. Mr. James Kelly (Temp. Student) left today. Mrs. Muriel Bedwell left to take up an appointment in Linlithgow.

Miss Maureen Fyfe left to get married. School closed for summer holidays. 

Aug. 24 School reopened for Session 1964-65.

Mrs. Catherine Davies and Miss Enid Harrower joined the Staff. Mrs. Chandler came for half days to help with Primary 1.

New intake numbered 26.

Aug.25 Miss Enid harrower transferred to Westquarter School.

Sept.15 Miss Janet Gray absent with bronchitis.

Miss Lindsay Nisbet absent.

Miss Jane Turnbull, student, came to take Miss Gray’s Class – Primary 3.

Sept.21 Miss Gray returned to duty.

Sept.22 Miss Turnbull is no longer required.

Oct.13 Mrs. Lillian Shaw absent.

Oct.15 School closed for General Election.

Oct.16 Mrs. Catherine Davies and Miss Lillian Shaw absent.

Oct.19 Mrs. Davies returned.

Oct. 20 Mrs. Shaw returned. Headteachers’ meeting in Larbert H.S.

Oct.21 Mrs. Downie absent in afternoon, attending a wedding.

Oct.23 Mr. William Davies M.A., absent, ill.

Oct.26 Mid-term holiday.

Oct.27 Mr. William Davies M.A. returned today.

Nov.7 Mrs. Davies absent.

Nov.8 Mrs. Davies returned. Mr. Davies attending funeral.

Nov.9 Mr. Davies returned.

Dec.22 Closing service conducted by Mr. Downie.

Miss Lloyd absent

Christmas fare distributed by Parent-Teacher Association.

School closed for Christmas and New Year Holidays.


Jan.5 School reopened.

Jan.7 Mr. Meldrum visits the school, to discuss the transfer of Lindy Myles to Wallacestone.

Feb.2 Mrs. Philips absent.

Feb.10 Mr. Joseph Bland, School Janitor since, August 1946, retired today.

Mr. Robert Jack commenced duty as Janitor today.

Feb.11 Mrs. Philips returned to duty today.

Miss Geraldine Lloyd (visiting Art Teacher) absent today.

Feb.15. Mrs. Downie absent attending funeral of an aunt.

Miss Janet Taylor Deputised.

Mrs. Chandler absent.

Feb.22 Mid-term holiday.

Feb.24 Mrs.,. Chandler returned today.

March 9th Mrs. Philips absent.

March 10th Mrs. Philips returned.

March 23rd Mrs. Philips absent.

March 25th Miss Lesley Donald took Mrs. Philips Class.

April 2nd School closed at noon for Easter holidays.

Easter service taken by Rev. J.C. Downie.

April 20th School reopened. 21 Infants admitted and sent home because of the lack of a teacher.

April 26th Mrs. MacLean started today with the Infant intake.

May 19th Mrs. Downie absent.

May 24th Mrs. Downie returned today.

May 31st Miss Hood absent.

June 1st Mrs. MacLean absent. 

June 24th Pr. 7 outing to Dunoon 37 children were accompanied by Mr. Davies and Miss Gray.

Mrs. Donald absent attending daughters Diploma day.

Mrs. Rankine (?) created a disturbance in Room 8, and police were called.

June 29 Prizegiving, with prizes presented by Miss Hood.

July1 Closing service conducted by Rev. J, C. Downie M.A., B.D.

July 2 School closed for Summer holidays at 12noon.

Miss Hood left to train as a Teacher of Handicapped children.

Mr. Davies has been promoted to First Assistant Victoria School, Falkirk.

Aug. 23rd School re opened for the new session. Mr. Black, Headmaster suffered a heart attack during the holidays and he is likely to be off for some time. Mr. Wallace (Graeme High), Miss Clason (Probationer) and Miss Able (Temporary) joined the staff. 293 pupils on the roll.

Aug.25th Mr. Eric Clark Physical Educ. student reported today. He is serving in a temporary teaching capacity at Maddiston every Wednesday.

1-9-65 Mr. Leggat, Principal Callander Park College of Education visited the school to discuss placing of student Miss Hollinghead.

3-9-65 Helen McLay sustained minor injuries in playground. Collided with another pupil. Report made.

6-9-65 Miss Hollinghead student commenced extra teaching practice with Primary 7.

9-9-65 Temperature 500 F. Heating put on. Mr. Davies attended meeting of Headteachers to discuss the “Primary Report”. Meeting held at Stenhousmuir Primary. Mrs. Leggat, Calander Park College, arrived to hear & see Miss Hollinghead.

13-9-65 School closed – Holiday.

14-9-65 Mrs. Shaw absent.

17-9-65 Miss Abel, Temporary Teacher left to return to college.

Miss Hollinghead finishes her teaching practice next week.

24-9-65 Mrs. Chandler absent on holiday. Miss Hollinghead finished teaching practice.

1-10-65 Mr. Clark temporary visiting teacher for physical education left to return to college.

4-10-65 Miss Peace on unpaid leave of absence for 14 days.

Mrs. Collins joined the Infant Dept. to replace Miss Abel. Mrs. MacLean joined the staff to replace Miss Peace for mornings only. Medical Inspection of Infants took place today.

5-10-65 Mrs. Chandler returned to duty.

8-10-65 Miss Clason absent ill.

11-10-65 Miss Clason returned.

15-10-65 Mrs. McLean (Temporary) left.

18-10-65 Mrs. Gillan (Nee Peace) returned. Miss Grant and Miss McRichie (students) reported for teaching practice.

20-10-65 1st Year (Sudents 2) arrived for one day only for the next 3 weeks.

21-10-65 Police visit to talk to Senior and Junior classes about road safety.

25-10-65 School Holiday.

29-10-65 Nothing to report.

5-11-65 Nothing to report.

12-11-65 Mrs. Shaw on 9-11-65.

Thieving in the school. Money taken from teachers’ desk. Police advised.

14-11-65 Thieves caught. Police taking appropriate and statuary action.

19-11-65 Normal routine.

22-11-65 Mrs. Collins absent - daughter ill.

26.11.65 Mrs. Davies absent - ill.

29-11-65 Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Davies resumed duty.

1.12.65 Mr. Davies left to take up appointment as First Assistant in Victoria School, Falkirk.

6.12.65 Mrs. Collins absent. Mrs. MacLean took over temporarily for Mrs. Collins.

8.12.65 Mrs. Gillan absent.

15.12.65 Mrs. Collins returns.

17.12.65 Mrs. MacLean left.

21.12.65 Closing service was conducted by Rev. J.C.Downie. Infants performed a Nativity play attended by about 80 parents.

22.12.65 Primary 7 performed a Nativity Play to the other pupils in the school.

Primary 7 party held in the morning.

23.12.65 Sweets distributed by Parent- Teachers Association. School closed for Christmas Holidays.


5.1.66 School reopened.

Mrs. Gillan returned today. Mrs. Brown absent. Miss Sheila Rintoul, Phys. Education attended the school for 1 day.

Mrs. Lily McLean came part time to do remedial work.

12.1.66 Mrs. Christil (?) Wilson appointed to teach physical education on Wednesday afternoons.

14.1.66 Mrs. Chandler absent.

21.1.66 Mrs. Gillan returned.

26.1.66 Mrs. Christil Wilson absent.

31.1.66 Miss Lloyd (Art) absent.

1.2.66 Mrs. Shaw absent.

2.2.66 Mrs. Downie absent.

3.2.66 Mrs. McLean absent.

4.2.66 Mrs. McLean returned, and is transferred to California School.

7.2.66 Miss Lloyd returned.

8.2.66 Mrs. Chandler returned.

9.2.66 Visit by Mr. Collie, Assist. Director of Education.

15.2.66 V.R.Test Administered to Pr.7 and Pr.6 pupils (100).

16.2.66 Mrs. Donald, Infant Mistress absent.

Mrs. Wilson Physical Education teacher returned.

17.2.66 Composition Test given to Primary 7 pupils. (44)

19.2.66 Mrs. McLean returned from California School.

21.2.66 Mrs. Donald returned to work today.

Mrs. Collins absent from work today.

Mrs. Downie returned to work today.

24.2.66 Mrs. Collins returned.

28.2.66 Mid term holiday.

1.3.66 Mrs. Maureen Gillan left the staff today.

2.3.66 Mrs. Forsyth, school secretary, absent.

11.3.66 Mrs. Forsyth, school secretary, returned.

15.3.66 Mrs. Margaret Chandler absent.

Miss Janet Gray, absent.

23.3.66 Miss Clason absent. Leave of absence granted.

25.3.66 Rev.J.C. Downie held Easter services. School closed at 4 pm. for Easter Holidays.

Mrs. Gillan left today.

Miss Gray returned to duty.

12.4.66 School reopened. 25 new pupils admitted. Roll 318

Miss. E. Clason moved to Primary 4.

Mrs. Motley takes Primary 6b in the mornings, and Mrs. Smith takes them in the afternoon.

Mrs. Leishman joined the staff to take the intake.

13.4.66 Mrs. Brown (Needlework) returned today

25.4.66 Mrs. Motley absent.

2.5.66 Holiday.

3.5.66 Mrs. Smith absent.

6.5.66 Mrs. Smith returned.

10.5.66 Mrs. Donald absent.

16.5.66 Mrs. Donald returned.

20.5.66 Mrs. Shaw absent.

3.5.66 Mrs. Margaret M. Martin joined the staff.

Mrs. Catherine Davies transferred temporarily to California School.

31.5.66 Mrs. Lilian Shaw returned.

6.6.66 Mrs. Geraldine Lloyd absent.

13.6.66 Mrs. G. Lloyd returned.

Mrs. Linda Philips absent.

14.6.66 Mrs. Catherine Davies returned from California School.

20.6.66 Mrs. Linda Philips returned.

Mrs. Elisabeth Downie absent.

22.6.66 Mrs. Elisabeth Downie returned. Pr. 6 & & Outing to Edinburgh.

24.6.66 Mrs. Margaret P. Donald absent; attending daughters graduation ceremony.

27.6.66 Mrs. Donald returned.

Mr. G. I. Wallace absent attending interview.

Annual Prizegiving. Rev J. C. Downie M.A., B.D., presented the prizes. Mr. Wallace returned in the afternoon.

28.6.66 Mrs. C. Davies absent for the morning, visiting Limerigg School with her husband.

Closing service conducted by the Rev. J.C.Downie.

29.6.66 Mr. Wallace absent in the afternoon, visiting Carmuirs.

30.6.66 School closed at midday for summer holidays.

Mrs. Leishman, Mrs. Motley, Mrs. Smith and Miss Lloyd, all employed temporarily, left the Staff.

22.8.66 School reopened after the Summer Holidays. Mr. G. I. Wallace has been promoted First Assistant in Carmuirs School.

23 new infants enrolled. Total Roll 297. Miss Janet Gray has returned to the Infant Department.

Mrs. Joyce Motley has become a full-time temporary member of the Staff, and is taking a combined Primary 6/7 class.

Mrs. Georgina Smith has rejoined the Staff, for afternoons only to do remedial work.

Mrs. Elisabeth Neish, a student who has come to help for the first week.

Mrs. Margaret Chandler is also helping in the Infant Department on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

25.8.66 Miss Sheila Williamson has joined the staff, and will take Primary 5.

2.9.66 Miss S. Williamson absent.

7.9.66 Miss Williamson returned.

14.9.66 Visit by H.M.I.s Mr. Brown and Mr. Nisbet.

22.9.66 Mr. Bayne, Art teacher, commenced duty today.

23.9.66 Mrs. Linda Phillips took ill this morning, and was subsequently admitted to hospital.

Mrs. Leishman is taking Mrs. Phillips class until her return.

Miss Elizabeth Clason left today to be married and is emigrating to


4.1.67 School reopened at 9am. Miss Gray absent.

5.1.67 Miss Gray returned. Mrs. Maureen Niven joined Staff.

12.1.67 Mrs. Niven absent.

10.1.67 Mrs. Donald absent.

23.1.67 Mrs. Niven returned.

3.2.67 Mr. Donald returned.

10.2.67 Mrs. McKay absent.

13.2.67 Mrs. McKay returned.

21.2.67 Mrs. Lynn absent.

23.2.67 Mrs. Lynn returned.

7.3.67 Mrs. Shaw absent.

8.3.67 Mrs. Wilson, Phs. Education, returned.

10.3.67 Mrs. Shaw absent.

14.3.67 Mrs. Shaw returned.

15.3.67 Mrs. Brown, Needlework, absent.

17.3.67 Mrs. Shaw absent.

21.3.67 Mrs. Shaw absent.

23.3.67 School closed for Easter holidays.

10.4.67 School reopened. Easter intake 29, taken by Mrs. Leishman.

12.4.67 Mrs. Maureen Niven absent.

14.4.67 Mrs. Shaw returned.

17.4.67 Mrs. Niven returned.

21.4.67 Mrs. Lynn absent.

24.4.67 Mrs. Lynn returned.

26.4.67 Mrs. Wilson, Phys. Ed., returned.

28.4.67 Mrs. Brown absent.

3.5.67 Mrs. Brown returned. Mrs. Forsyth, Secretary, in hospital.

8.5.67 Mrs. Smith absent. Headmaster absent.

9.5.67 Mrs. Smith returned.


15.5.67 Headmaster returned.

17.5.67 Mrs. Chandler absent.

24.5.67 Mrs. Chandler absent. Mrs. Smith absent.

25.5.67 Mrs. Georgina Smith returned.

31.5.67 Mrs. Chandler returned.

7.6.67 Mrs. Wilson absent.

12.6.67 Mrs. Motley absent: Mrs. Niven absent.

13.6.67 Mrs. Niven returned.

14.6.67 Mrs. Motley returned.

20.6.67 H.M.I. visited Miss Williamson.

22.6.67 Classes 3 to 7 went on various outings today. Pr. 7 & 6/7 went to Falkland Palace and Culross.

Pr. 6 went via the Forth and Tay road bridges to Dundee, and returned via Perth and Stirling.

Pr. 4 & 5 went to the Zoo and Cramond & Portobello.

Pr. 3 went to the Zoo and Portobello.

The cost of the outing was paid for by the Gala Day Committee, in place of the Annual Gala Day.

The Infants held a Sports Day in the School Field.

26.6.67 The last School Prize giving was held this afternoon, the Prizes being presented by Miss Gray.

In the evening, parents were invited to listen to a concert given by the School Choirs and the pupils who had taken part in the Festival.

29.6.67 School closed at 12 noon for the summer holiday.

21st August School reopened after the holidays at 9.a.m.

23 infants were admitted. Roll 291.

Miss Sandra McPhait joined the Staff.

25th Aug. School visited by members of the Redding District Education Sub. Committee to inspect work carried out during the summer holidays.

8th Sept. Mrs. Shaw music teacher absent.

18th Sept. Mrs. Niven absent with a chill. Mrs. Margaret Donald absent (chill).

19th Sept. Mrs. Niven returned today.

25th Sept. Mrs. Margaret P. Donald returned to duty.

9th Oct. Mrs. Helen Lynn absent with viral infection.

10th Oct. Mrs. Maureen Niven absent with influenza.

12th Oct. Mrs. Linda Philips absent on authorized unpaid leave of absence.

16th Oct. Mrs. Helen Lynn, Mrs. Maureen Niven, Mrs. Linda Philips returned.

19th Oct. Fire Drill carried out. Visit by Rev. D. McPherson.

24th Oct. Miss Sandra McPhait absent with influenza.

30th Oct. Mid term holiday.

31st Oct Miss McPhait returned to duty.

1st Nov Mrs. Christil Wilson, Ph. Ed. Teacher, returned.

28th Nov. Miss Sandra McPhait absent (sickness).

29th Nov. Miss McPhait returned.

4th Dec. Mrs. Maureen Niven absent (sickness).

Miss Sandra McPhait absent with Sinus infection.

6th Dec. Miss McPhait returned today.

19th Dec. Mrs. Helen Lynn absent with sore throat.

14th & 15th Infants gave Nativity Play performances to parents. Both afternoon performances on 14th and evening performance on 15th were well attended. About 100 being present at both performances.

19th Dec. Primary 7 Christmas party was held in the evening.

The Christmas Service was held by the Headmaster.

22nd Dec. Mrs. Helen Lynn returned today. Each class held its own party, followed by a combined carol service in the afternoon. Santa Claus visited the Infant party and distributed gifts. Each child in the Main Building (Primary 3 to 7) was given a Selection Box. The School closed at 4p.m. for the Christmas and New Year holidays.


4th Jan. Mrs. Maureen Niven returned to duty.

Mrs. Joyce Motley absent with influenza.

8th Jan. Mrs. Lorna J, McKay absent with influenza.

Mrs. Joyce Motley returned today.

Mrs. Margaret Martin absent with influenza.

9th Jan Mrs. Lorna J. McKay returned today.

Mrs. Maureen Niven absent with threatened appendicitis.

11th Jan. Mrs. Lorna J McKay absent (son ill).

12th Jan Mrs. McKay returned today.

13th Jan. School closed because of storm damage, and failure of electrical supplies,

&16th Jan resulting in the school being inhabitable. Power supplies stopped soon after midnight on 14th /15th and were restored ay 7.45pm on Tuesday 16th.

17th Jan. School reopened. Mrs. Margaret Martin returned.

22nd Jan. Miss Sandra McPhait absent at lunch time, due to anxiety neurosis.

Mrs. Joyce Motley absent. Son in bed with skull injury through falling on his head on a concrete path.

Mrs. Christine J. McLennan joined the staff temporarily, except on Monday and Wednesday mornings when she is employed in Moray Secondary.

24th Jan. Mrs. Motley returned today.

29th Jan. Mrs. Motley coming in afternoons only, as son is still in bed, and no one is available during mornings to look after him.

Two Second Year students from Callander Park College of Education started today.

30th Jan. Visit by Mr. Simpson, Supervisor from College.

31st Jan. Headmasters room entered during the night and all monies, stop watch and microphone stolen. Total cash was approximately £30.

1.2.68 Visited school (Signed) J. Collie.

10.2.68 Headmaster involved in road accident while returning from Bank with cleaners and janitors wages, but unhurt.

24.2.68 Miss Sandra McPhait left staff.

27.2.68 Mrs. Motley absent, sore throat.

28.2.68 Mrs. Lynn absent, septic throat.

1.3.68 Mrs. Motley returned.

4.3.68 Mrs. Lynn returned.

7.3.68 Mrs. Smith absent, attending wedding.

8.3.68 Mrs. Smith returned.

13.3.68 Mrs. McLennan absent.

14.3.68 Mrs. McLennan returned.

Mrs. Motley absent, daughters’ husband ill.

18.3.68 Mrs. Motley returned.

20.3.68 Mrs. Christil Wilson absent, attending course in Hamilton College.

25.3.68 Mrs. Niven returned today

Mrs. McLennan left.

27.3.68 Mrs. Chandler resigned, left district.

29.3.68 Close for Easter Holidays.

April 17 School reopened. 33 pupils admitted to pr.1 Total roll 318.

New intake taken by Mrs Leishman (4 Days) and Mrs. Elizabeth B.P.Miller joined the staff to take the class on Fridays.

Mrs C. Wilson (Phys. Ed.) was transferred to Woodlands Secondary School.

April 19 Service taken by Rev. D, McPherson.

May 3 Mrs. Lilian Shaw (music) absent.

May 10 Mrs. Shaw returned today.

May 6 Mid term holiday.

May 7 3 third year students began a four week final teaching practice.

May 13 Mrs. Joyce Motley attending an In-Service Course for teachers at Callander Park C.of E.

June 25&26 Outings for classes Pr. 3 to 7. Infants sports.

June 28 Closing Service held by Rev. Mr. McPherson.

School closed at mid-day for Summer holidays.

Aug. 19 School reopened.

Miss S. Williamson, Mrs. G. Smith, Mrs. L. Phillips, Mrs. J. Leishman, have left. They have been replaced by Mrs. Frances Laurie and Miss J. McKenzie (both first year probationers) and Mrs. C.J. McLennan B.Sc. Mrs. L. J. McKay is now teaching full time: Mrs. J. Motley, Mrs. McKay and Mrs. McLennan are full time temporary teachers.

Visiting teachers are: - Mrs. Lilian Shaw Music; Mrs. Alice Brown Needlework; Miss Margaret Jack Physical Education and Miss E. F. McLaren Art.

The roll of the school is 300. 25 infants were admitted.

Aug.30 Nothing to report. Attendance reasonably good.

Sept.9 Monday holiday.

Sept.27 Nothing to report.

Oct.10 Visited by Mr. Young. Cadbury’s Scottish representative who showed films on chocolate making, milk, fruit, nuts, cocoa. Each child receive a bar of chocolate.

October 22 Visit by Mr. Nisbet. H.M.I.

October 28 Mid term holiday.

Nov.4th Mrs. H. Lynn absent. Mrs. Georgina Smith took over Pr. 6.

14th Nov. Picture Intelligence Test set for Primary 3.

19th Nov. Mrs. Donald absent, attending funeral of relative.

Mrs. G. Smith left staff.

20th Nov. Mrs. Helen Lynn and Mrs. Donald, also Miss Jack (visiting teacher of Phys. Ed.) returned to duty.

25th Nov. Mrs. Maureen Niven absent on account of sickness.

27th Nov. Mrs. Niven returned today.

3rd Dec. Mrs. Shaw (visiting teacher of Music) absent today

5th Dec. Mrs. Donald absent.

9th Dec. Mrs. Donald returned.

13th Dec Mrs. Margaret Martin absent with Pharyngitis.

16th Dec. Mrs. Georgina Smith came to take Mrs. Martin’s class.

Mrs. Elspeth McLaren (Art) left to take up duty in other schools.

17th Dec. Mrs. Laurie and headmaster absent. Primary 7 Christmas party.

18th Dec. Mrs. Alice Brown (Needlework) absent.

19th Dec. Mrs. Linda Phillips joined staff. Headmaster returned to duty.

20th Dec. Mrs. G Smith left staff today.

Miss Janet Waugh Gray left the staff today after 13 years. To take up the appointment as Infant Mistress in East Plean School.

Rev. D McPherson conducted service for Christmas this morning.

Christmas gifts were distributed & School closed for Christmas and New Year holidays.


Jan.6 School reopened. Mrs. L. Phillips and Mrs. Leishman took Miss Gray’s class. Mrs. Margaret Martin returned today, also Mrs. Laurie.

Jan. 8th Mrs. Brown (Sewing) returned.

Jan.22nd Miss Jack (physical education) returned today.

Jan. 31st --

Feb. 4th Mrs. Shaw absent.

Feb.7th Mrs. Shaw returned today.

Feb.10th Mrs. Maureen Niven absent – sickness & ‘flu.

Feb.11th Moray House Verbal reasoning Test No.85 administered to 43 pupils in Primary 7 and 30 pupils in Primary 6.

Feb.17th Mrs. Maureen Niven returned today.

Feb.19th Mrs. Lorna McKay absent.

Feb. 20th Mrs. Janet McKenzie returned today, also Mrs. McKay

Feb.24th Mid –term holiday.

Feb26th Mrs. Maureen Niven absent, sore back.

Feb.27th Mrs. Motley returned today. Mrs. Smith absent.

Feb.28th Mrs. Margaret Donald returned.

School entered illegally during the night. Considerable damage was done due to doors being forced in headmasters room. A top watch and several keys were stolen. The keys were used to open classroom doors in the Main Building, and a total of 17/1 was removed. Entry was gained to classrooms in the annexe by forcing classroom windows, and £2 -11-2 was stolen from three classrooms.

March 3rd Mrs. Maureen Niven returned.

March 4th Mrs. Lilian Shaw absent.

March 7th Mrs. Shaw returned.

March 11th Mrs. Joyce Motley was absent with tonsillitis. Mrs. Georgina Smith came temporarily to replace Mrs. Motley.

March 13th Headmaster ill.

March 14th Mrs. Shaw returned today. Headmaster returned. Mrs. Smith left.

March 17th Headmaster absent, slight Angina.

March 24th Headmaster returned.

March 26th Mrs. Alice Brown. Visiting teacher of needlework, retired from teaching today.

March 27th Film “Big Red” shown to classes 3-7.

March 28th Rev. Mr. McPherson took Easter Service this morning. School closed at 4pm. for Easter Holidays.

April 4th School Reopened. 25 pupils admitted. Roll 324. Classes readjusted to accommodate new intake. Mrs. Margaret Martin transferred temporarily to Wallacestone and her place was taken by Mrs. Georgina Smith. Mrs. Brown, retired has been replaced by Mrs. Monfries.

30th April Headmaster absent.

2nd May Headmaster returned.

20th May Mrs. McLennan absent.

22nd May Mrs. McLennan returned to duty today.

6th June Primary 7 outing W. Bush Estate (Forestry) Edinburgh.

11th June Junior and Senior Choirs attended Festival. Senior Choir gained 2nd place Certificate.

13th June Mrs. Shaw (music) absent.

20 June Mrs. Lynn absent attending presentation of husband’s Diploma at Moray House College of Education.

26 June Closing Service conducted by Rev. Mr. McPherson during the morning. School concert in the afternoon. Presentation to Mrs. Margaret Donald, promoted Infant Mistress Bowhouse School Grangemouth: Mrs. Lynn transferring to Dundas Primary School Staff.

27 June School closed for Summer Vacation at 12 noon.

Aug.21 School reopened.

Mrs. Donald (Bowhouse), Mrs. Lynn (Dundas), Mrs. Leishman and Mrs. Phillips have left. Mrs. G. Smith is taking Primary 7 temporarily. Mrs. Nugent has been appointed Temporary Infant Mistress, and Miss Yvonne White has joined the Infant Staff. The roll of the school is 302. 43 pupils left and were promoted to Graeme High School. 25 new infants were admitted.

Mrs Lilian Shaw (music) now visits to teach Music on Monday and Thursday mornings. This is half the time allocated in previous sessions. Mrs. Monfreis visits on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to teach both sewing and knitting. This is double the former allocated time. 

Aug.21 For the first term only, Mrs. McLaren visits every alternate Friday morning to teach Art to Pr. 7 & Pr. 6.

Sept.1 One new pupil admitted.

Sept. 19 Nothing to report.

October 2 Visit by H.M.I. Brown.

October 3 Visit By Mr. Duncan O’Hara.

October 10 Notified that Mrs. Liddell, Laurieston P. School, will take up duty as Infant Mistress on Nov.10. While Mrs. Nugent is to be transferred to Drumbowie School.

October 20 Mrs. M. Niven absent.

October 27 School closed for mid-term holiday.

October 28 Mrs. Niven returned to duty.

Nov.6 Road accident. Angela Boyle (6) and Lindsay McNeil knocked down in road by bus outside school.

Nov.10 Mrs. Catherine J. Liddell commenced today as Infant Mistress. Mrs. Ann Nugent who was acting as temporary Infant Mistress was transferred to Drumbowie School.

Nov.24 Mrs. L. Shaw absent.

Nov.20 Mrs. L. J. Mackay absent owing to son’s illness.

Nov.22 Mrs. MacKay returned today.

Nov.27 Mrs. L. Shaw returned today.

Dec.9 Mrs. Maureen Niven absent today.

Dec.11 Mrs. Maureen Niven returned today.

Dec.15 Mrs. Frances Laurie and Mrs Lilian Shaw absent.

Dec.22 Rev. Mr. McPherson conducted end of term service with infants and later with the upper school. Class parties held during the afternoon. Miss Shaw returned to duty Primary 7 party took place in the evening

Dec.22 Mrs. Frances Laurie returned to duty.

School closed at 4.00pm. for the Christmas Vacation.

6.1.70 School reopened. Mrs. Margaret Martin ill with influenza.

8.1.70 Mrs. Margaret Martin returned. Mrs. Witherington (Phys. Ed.) took up duty.

9.1.70 Mrs. Maureen Niven absent.

12.1.70 Mrs. Margaret Martin absent.

14.1.70 Mrs. Martin returned. Headmaster absent.

16.1.70 Mr. Black returned today.

19.1.70 Mrs. Maureen Niven returned.

23.1.70 Burns Competition held for Primary 7 pupils.

9.2.70 Mrs. Shaw absent.

11.2.70 Mrs. Lorna J. McKay absent.

12.2.70 Mrs. Shaw returned today.

16.2.70 Mrs. Lorna McKay returned.

2.3.70 Mrs. Georgina Smith absent.

4.3.70 Mrs. Joyce Motley absent.

5.3.70 Mrs. Lorna McKay absent.

9.3.70 Mrs. Motley returned.

Mrs. Maureen Niven absent.

12.3.70 Mrs. Christine McLennan absent.

13.3.70 Mrs. Chistine McLennan returned.

16.3.70 Mrs. Joyce Motley returned.

16.3.70 Mrs. Lorna J. McKay returned.

Mrs. Lilian Shaw still absent.

20.3.70 Miss White absent.

Mrs. Georgina Smith returned.

24.3.70 Mrs. Motley returned.

Crossing Patrol, George Dick, fell in road at lunchtime, apparently falling over his pole. X-rays showed no broken bones. Received bruises to hand and leg.

25.3.70 Mrs. Motley absent.

26.3.70 Mrs. Shaw returned.

25.3.70 Closing services held by Re. Duncan McPherson.

8.4.70 School reopened. All staff present.

53 intake & 1 new pupil admitted. One pupil left. Roll 340.

4.6.70 Pr.7 visited Safari park, Blair Drummond.

24.6.70 Rev. Duncan McPherson held closing services.

26.6.70 School closed at mid-day for Summer Holidays.

26.8.70 School reopened. Roll 328. Miss Andria Meichan added to staff.

31.8.70 Mrs. Joyce Motley absent.

1.9.70 Mrs. Motley returned..

4.9.70 Miss Yvonne White absent.

8.9.70 Miss White returned. Mrs. Lilian Shaw, visiting Music teacher absent on a month’s course at Moray House. X-Ray Mass Radiography unit visited the school.

9.9.70 Mrs. Maureen Niven absent, virus infection.

10.9.70 Mrs. Janet Monfries, visiting needlework teacher, seconded to Westquarter for an indefinite period.

11.9.70 Mrs. Maureen Niven returned.

Rev. Duncan McPherson took a service in the Main Building.

24.9.70 Mr. Black absent, due to illness. Mrs. Catherine Liddell, Infant Mistress has taken over charge of school.

29.9.70 Mrs. Frances Laurie entered hospital. Classes reorganized and Mrs. Niven now teaching Primary 5.

5.10.70 Harvest thanksgiving services conducted by Rev. Duncan McPherson. Flowers and fruit brought by Infants were distributed to the over seventies by Primary 7 girls.

Mrs Lilian Shaw due back from course, but absent due to illness.

6.10.70 Mrs. Janet Monfries returned.

7.10.70 Mrs. Maureen Niven left today. No replacement sent. Teachers visited Graeme High.

8.10.70 Mrs. Christie, part time teacher in the county took Primary 5 for one day.

12.10.70 Mrs. Laurie, Mrs. Shaw returned.

13.10.70 Education Sub. Committee visited the school.

15.10.70 Mrs. Motley gave a Religious Education Lecture to Callander Park College – third year students.

19.10.70 Mrs. Shaw absent.

27.10.70 Mrs. Murdoch joined the staff replacing Mrs. Niven.

29.10.70 Mrs. Shaw returned.

2.11.70 Mrs. Martin began one week’s leave of absence.

5.11.70 Mrs. Murdoch absent.

9.11.70 Mrs. Murdoch and Mrs. Martin returned.

13.11.70 Mrs. Murdoch absent.

24.11.70 Mrs. Murdoch returned.

26.11.70 Mrs. Mackenzie absent.

30.11.70 Mrs. Mackenzie returned.

1.12.70 Mrs. Martin absent.

4.12.70 Mrs. Mackenzie returned.

10.12.70 Headmaster returned today.

17.12.70 Pr. 7 Christmas party.

18.12.70 Infant Party.

21.12.70 Primary 3 to 7 Christmas Carol Service, Mr. McPherson presided.

Infant Nativity Service.

22.12.70 School closed for holidays. Selection boxes given to children.


6.1.71 School reopened. Mrs. Murdoch left, and reverted to previous Physical Education time-table. Pr. 6 now taken by Mrs. Martin.

15.1.71 Mrs. McLaren visiting one Friday per fortnight to teach Art.

27.1.71 Mr. Black ill.

29.1.70 Mr. Morrison (Staff Officer) visits school at request of Mr. Black & Mrs. Liddell. Interview with Mrs. Liddell. Short interview with Mrs. Motley. Mrs. Motley appointed Acting Head Teacher from February 1st.

1.2.71 Mrs. Motley – Acting Head Teacher. Teaching Pr. 7 afternoons only (42children). Miss Morag McKInlay joins staff, mornings only to take Pr. 7.

Miss Meichan absent – severe cold.

2.2.71 Miss Meichan returned to duty today.

National Postal Strike affects all school mail. Arrangements made of collecting & sending mail via Mr. Wadell, District Office.

5.2.71 Health visitor tested hearing of all chn. In Pr. 1 & Pr. 5.

9.2.71 M.H.V.R.T. 87 taken by all Pr. 6 & Pr. 7 pupils. Preliminary visit of C. Park Coll. Students for final S.P. Miss Gardener Pr.4/5, Miss Maxwell Pr.3/4. Police investigate theft of £1 from student’s handbag – P. McNiven. Parents informed.

12.2.71 Staffing Return for next session completed and sent to Stirling.

15.2.71 & Miss White absent – severe cold.

16.2.71 “Decimal Day” National change- oveer to decimal currency affects all school book keeping.

Medical Inspection. Final School Practice begins.

17.2.71 Health visitor checks again for impetigo.

18.2.71 Child Guidance Officer visits to interview K. Forsyth Pr.2

23.2.71 Begin School Stocktaking of all Reading & maths Material.

1.3.71 2 Pr.6 chn. Take M.H.V.R.T.87. Now complete.

2.3.71 Stocktaking finished.

3.3.71 Photographer present all A.M. Individual and family group portraits taken.

5.3.71 Football match against Whitecross accompanied by Mrs. Smith. Madd. Win 1-0.

Nurse Walker inspects the whole school.

Hand & Foot inspection for Easter Swimming Course.

9.3.71 Mr. Morrison, rector of Graeme High School talks to Pr.7

10.3.71 Speech Therapist, Mrs. Johnson, interviews parents and children with view to opening regular clinic here after Easter.

11.3.71 Miss McDonald, (County Psychologist) & assistant interview Kathleen Forsyth & Grandmother.

Football match against Wallacestone. Madd; win 6-0. Nision tested of chn. In Pr3 & Pr.5.

17.3.71 Infant Enrollment for chn. Admitted after Easter.

23.3.71 School photographs arrive.

26.3.71 3rd Yr. School Practice ended.

1.4.71 Mrs. Milan (District Nurse) shows Pr.6 slides from her visit to Australia.

5.4.71 Photography money all paid in.

7.4.71 End of term. Easter sevice conducted by Rev. McPherson.

Miss Morag McKinlay and Mrs. Margaret Martin leave.

19.4.71 Summer Term commences. Mrs. N. Hotchkiss joins the Staff to replace Mrs. Martin Pr.6. There is no replacement for Miss McKInlay. Mrs. Motley teaching full-time Pr.7 (42 chn.) and being full-time Head Teacher..

20.4.71 4 1st Yr. students from C. Park College arrive for preliminary visit.

23.4.71 1st Yr. School practice begins. 2 students with Pr.7. 1 student – Pr.5 and 1 student Pr.3/4.

27.4.71 Mr. J. Motley (Ceramics Lecturer, Call. Pk.) and 3 students perform Japanese Tea Ceremony with some of chn.,for Pr.7

29.4.71 Rounders matchagainst California. Madd. Win 4-0.

30.4.71 Monthly service taken by Rev. McPherson.

6.5.71 School Medical Inspection.

7.5.71 End of School Practice.

13.5.71 Away rounders match to Standburn. Madd. Lose 8-2.

18.5.71 Mr. Meldrum chairs Head Teachers Meeting , Larbert High School. Mrs Motley asked to attend. Mrs. Monfries (Needlework secialist) kindly takes Pr.7 for afternoon.

20.5.71 Mr. Black, Head Teacher of this school has resigned through continuing poor health. The post advertised Nationally.

25.5.71 Prelim. Visits of 3 2nd Yr. Call. Pk. Students. 1 to Pr.4/5 to Pr.2/3/and 1 to Pr.1.

26.4.71 Fire Drill exercise.

Pr. 7 visit Call. Pk. To see National Primary School Maths competition. Also shown Art. Dept. by Mr. Motley.

28.4.71 School Service taken by Rev. McPherson.

31.4.71 2nd Yr. Practice begins.

1.6.71 Pr. 7 visit to Inchailloch. Mrs. Motley, Mrs. Laurie and 2nd Yr. student Mrs. Zihni accompany chn.

2.6.71 Pr. 7 visit to Graeme High Sports.

3.6.71 Miss McGlashen and Miss Gardiner have been appointed to join staff in August. Visit school at 2.0 for information.

8.6.71 Infant Choir enter Falkirk Music Festival. Gain 2nd Place Certificate. Trained and conducted by Mrs Liddell.

9.6.71 Pr.5 -7 Choir enter Falkirk Festival. Conducted by Mrs. Shaw.

Miss Peat visits school to give advice on remedial reading.

10.6.71 2nd Visit by Miss McGlashen and Miss Gardener.

16.6.71 Infant enrollment for next term.

18.6.71 Head Teachers Meeting with Education Staff at Call. Pk. At 1.45.

21.6.71 Primary 6 atend performance of “H.M.S. Pinafore” at Call. Pk. Given by Graeme High School pupils.

22.6.71 Infant and Junior Sports Day.

24.6.71 End of 2nd. Yr. School Practice.

25.6.71 Presentation of Electric Heater from present and ex-staff received by Mrs. Black on behalf of Mr. Black.

30.6.71 End of term Service taken by Re. McPherson. Presentation from School of Tea Master to Mr. Black. This was received by Mrs. Black on his behalf. Mr. Anderson, the School Convener took the chair -. Both departments of the school were present & both choirs sang for Mrs. Black. Jim Brown Pr. 4/5 played the piano.

1.7.71 School closed at 12 NOON.