David Leask's Maddiston Pages

Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Third Log Book, Maddiston School. From 16.11.87 to 1997/1998 Headmistress

Mrs. Inez M. A. Torrance.


16.11.87 Mrs. I. Torrance commences as headteacher

Week ending 20-11-87. A very pleasant week to start with in any school. Children are most polite and Staff very welcoming. Dr. Cochrane came and gave P7 girls Rubella injection. Mr. Findlay from Falkirk Council gave a talk to some classes (P6. P3, P1) about planting bulbs.

- - - - > 27-11-87. Mr. J. Sharp, School Council convener, called to introduce himself. School closed all day Thursday 26th Nov. for in-service. We went to Riverside Primary for tuition on computers and collected our B.B.C. computer and printer. Quinn 360 representative called pm. to display and promote Quinn 360 as our new core reader. Friday, Rev. Hill took the Service “Winter”.

- - - - > 4-12-87. Parents Association has a book night – not very well attended. Mobile Library called on Friday.

- - - -> 11.12.87. P.A. meeting – frank discussions called for and got offers of help to cater for parties. P7 visited MacRobert Centre, Stirling to see Pantomime – all enjoyed it. Staff meeting on Wednesday 9th to arrange end of term activities. Mrs. Shanks attended Viewforth for interview as assistant-head. Luckily for this school she was not chosen this time.

- - - -> 18.12.87. Police had a chat and video with P1. on “never go with a Stranger” and crossing the road. Chairman of P.A. had lunch at school. There had been criticism of fairness in amount of food and order of serving. Mr. Muir was most satisfied with what he saw. Mrs. Blair and P3 moved to Infant hut. Mrs. Forsyth and P5 moved to Room 8. P1/2 had their school party – Santa visited.

- - - -> 25.12.87.

Last week of term. Nursery had their party – Santa came and Mrs. Hotchkiss played the piano. P1/2 had dress rehearsal of Nativity Play with Parents as audience. Tuesday was P3 4 5 6 7 parties. Parents helped with sandwiches. P.A had discos in evening for children. Last day of term, Rev. Hill led Service – Well done all children!! In the afternoon an impromptu concert {conceived?} by Mrs. Hunter.

School closed for Christmas holidays.

End of Log Book Two

Start of Log Book Three

Staff Headteacher Mrs. Inez M. A. Torrance. P7 teacher. Mrs. M. Spence. P6. Mrs. W. Shanks. P5. Mrs. J. Ferrie. P4. Mrs. A. Hunter. P3. Mrs. L. Blair. P2. Mrs. A. Rae. P1. Mrs. E. Fleming. Nursery. Mrs. Guthrie. Nursery Nurse. Mrs. M. Dickson.

Janitor Mr. J. Strang. Auxiliaries – {Mrs. Robertson.

Secretary. Mrs. M. Barrie. {Mrs. Michael

No of children on roll 198.

No. of children in Nursery 40.

7th January 1988

- - - - > 8/1/88. School reopens at regular time. Speech therapist Mrs. Murray called at school. Mrs. Pender, cleaner of ill – hernia operation. Mrs. Ferrie P5 teacher returned to work.

- - - - > 15/1/88. Mrs. McNeill has come in as supply cleaner. Desks in Rooms 1, 2 and 3 have to be renovated – starting with half of Room 1 on Thursday. The Redding and District Headteacher’s meeting took place in our school on Thursday. We have ‘rusting’ problems with new sinks in the new dining hall. Mrs. Guthrie, Nursery Teacher, has started her Nursery Endorsement in-service – Mrs. Sheila Forsyth is her supply.

- - - - > 22/1/88. Mr. French, from Falkirk Tec. College, called to examine sinks – Did a Solomon – half the problem of school, half manufacturer’s problems. Meeting on Tuesday 29th on Liaison with Graeme High School.

2 boys were playing at nearby burn which is now in spate. Rev. Hill called and visited Classes 6 and 2. Mrs. McNeill, temporary cleaner did not turn up for work – she finds she is unable to cope.

- - - - > 29/1/88. P.A. meeting on 25th January. They paid the insurance for computer and video. We are most grateful. Pt boy’s behavior giving cause for concern – have asked parents to call. New temporary cleaner, Mrs. Ritchie, started. All renovated desks returned. – Well done – they do look better.

- - - - > 5/2/88. P6 boy, Colin Mason, has won Glasgow Garden Competition for Healthy Eating Menu. Mrs. Alexander, Music teacher, off work with “stomach bug” as were two of the cleaners. 2nd February the school had an Assembly taken by Rev. Hill. As always children produced excellent work. P7 girl Fiona Muir fell in P.E. and banged her head. Miss Ferguson from St Andrew’s College called to visit the Nursery. Enrolling Nursery and Infant children – 35 straight entries for Nursery, 6 from Brightons: 27 for Infant School –however I heard 11 more have put in placements for Wallacestone. Chiropodist at school checking P5. P5. also started swimming lessons this week.

- - - - > 12-2-88. Names drawn at Assembly for people needed in Gala Day Parade. Fiona Muir chosen as Gala Day Queen.

Mrs. Guthrie, Nursery Teacher, off work with a migraine. Wednesday was In-Service Day. – 2 members of staff to Environmental Studies – 3 to Visual Arts – 4 to Infant Education and socialist to own specialty. Colin Mason, P6 and Mrs. Shanks went to Glasgow to collect his prize. Mrs. Torrance went to Book Fair in Edinburgh. Tea Party on Friday for Mrs. Kerr, who returns from Maternity leave to go to St. Margaret’s Polmont

- - - - > 19-2-88 Mrs. Robertson, Auxiliary. off sick. Kitchen sink removed from brand new dining-hall “Stainless Steel” has developed a flaw!! Friday is day off as a Spring Break. Weather is very pleasant.

- - - - > 26-2-88. Monday In-Service Day. Infant/Nursery Staff went to in-service on computer am. And examined new reading books in pm. Junior/Senior staff did vice-versa. Sink in dining hall not returned as promised. Tuesday evening team took part in “Scotquiz” in Wallacestone Primary School. We were beaten by St. Andrews P. School who went on to win our area. Thursday – Nurse Easton gave P.7. girls a talk on dealing with their growing bodies. Discovered on Friday that we should have a child David Marshall on our roll - he attends Moray day unit.

- - - - > 4/3/88. Practices for Gala Day started, picture of our Queen in Paper. Tuesday pm. We had a visit from B.P. Road Safety Team. Wednesday – all staff visited St. Margaret’s’ Polmont to look at shared resources. Mr. Frances, Architect from Stirling, came to look at and take photographs of new sink – marking already. Mrs. Guthrie off work with migraine. New parent phoned re enrolling children in summer term. I requested additional teacher for Summer Term.

- - - - > 11/3/88. Mrs. Dickson, Nursery Nurse off work – at hospital for check-up. Mrs. Diane Drummond was supply. Tuesday – a meeting at Laurieston for P7 Liaison. Climbing frame in Nursery needing fixed - unsafe. Wednesday – Headteachers meeting at Stenhousemiur to discuss amongst others the new P.7. Math’s/Number test.

- - - - > 18/3/88. Monday – case conference on Joanne Scobbie P4 –decided to continue as before as seems to be successful. Review in June. Wednesday. School Council visit in morning. Very short supply of school meals, - eventually got supply from Bantaskine via phone call to Viewforth.

Thursday – Fire Drill – well executed Infant dept. needs louder alarm and Nursery perhaps a fire door. Mrs. Robertson burnt arm with sink in Infant Staffroom. Accident report form filled out.

- - - - > 25/3/88. P.A. meeting on Monday evening – accepted request for 2 tape recorders. Tuesday - Senior recorders went to St. Mary’s school Bo’ness for non-competitive recorder festival. Mrs. Shanks at child abuse conference at Grangemouth

- - - - > 1/4/88. Returned P7 Math’s Tests. Dinner money cost to go up to 60p per day after Easter break. Free milk to stop. – more applications for Nursery Places. – Painters in school painting two rooms in Infant Annex and to do toilets in Main Building. Mrs. Forsyth joined the staff as a supply teacher

until summer. P3, 4 and 5 reorganized into P3, P3/4, P4/5 and 5. Janitor’s hours have to be reorganized so that they always cover cleaner’s times.

Climbing frame returned from Falkirk workshop – no charge. £26.50 collected by P7 boys selling recipes and our Church Collection for Arthritis Research. Summer term started on April 18th.

- - - - > 22/4/88. With new regulations concerning free meals. Numbers have dropped by a third. Cost of meal is now 60p per day. Janitors hours have to be altered too as they now must be in school same hours as cleaners. Mrs. Robertson, morning auxiliary has broken her arm and will be off work for some time. Mrs. Ritchie has taken over as temporary supply. Mr. McHardy, Rector, and Mr. McKenzie head of 1st year, called to talk to children and parents, Mrs. Tully came to check hearing and vision in P3/5/7.

- - - - > 29/4/88. Our telephone has been changed to a pretty modern blue one. We have arranged to increase Nursery charges to 75p per week and buy milk.

- - - - > 6/5/88

Monday 2nd Tuesday rd May School closed for Spring holiday. Thursday May 5th School closed for local elections. Started Litter buster campaign to control litter. School a bit unsettled by broken week.

- - - - > 13/5/88. Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th Parents Evenings were well attended. Wednesday Mr. Strang & cleaners at demonstration at Westquarter School on new cleaning materials. Wednesday pm. we held sponsored walk for Gala Day Funds. Thursday 12th Recorder Group to Wallacestone for non-competitive festival. Friday - football friendly match with Whitecross.

- - - - > 20/5/88. P7 Liaison meeting at St. Margaret’s Polmont. Chiropodist in School. Nursery had visit from Road Safety Police. Records of P7 sent to Graeme High.

- - - - > 27/5/88. Mrs. Torrance at Headteachers Conf. in Carrongrange, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday 2 Infant Staff visited from Wallacestone. Mr. Leask and Maddiston Local History Group gave talk to P6 and P7. All children thoroughly enjoyed the talk.

- - - - > 3/6/88 P.A. meeting in Room 9 on Monday evening. They will pay for bus for choir to go to festival. Nursery children going to Wallacestone visited their new school. Nursery first outing to Marco’s in Edinburgh – very successful.

- - - - > 10/6/88. Mrs. Hannigan, supervisor school meals, is looking into the prospect of chip fat fryer in kitchen. Mrs. Dickson, Nursery Nurse, at hospital appointment. Mrs. Mary Brown supplied. Choir at Stirling Festival on Monday morning.

Mrs. Torrance at Glasgow at Conference on Traveller Children. – Mrs. Imrie supplied. Football friendly match at Wallacestone. Mrs. Alexander, learning support, to discuss Joanne Scobbie’s progress. 2nd Nursery Trip to little Marcos Edinburgh. Build up in village to Gala Day.

- - - - > 17/6/88. New Parents for Nursery met Mrs. Guthrie on Monday evening. Temperature in Nursery was 109 0. Mrs. Symington, E.S.L. teacher, at Stenhousemiur Primary to help with Media Week. Mrs. T visited Kinneil Primary School on Tuesday pm. - very interesting visit. On Thursday 16th Steering Committee for a “Drop In” Centre in Maddiston met in Old Dining Hall. P3 had a sale for funds for Save the Children and for school – They raised over £60. Mrs. Campbell, Art Specialist, is not returning next session.

- - - - > 24/6/88. All project Library Books have to be returned. Tuesday 21st voting day for teachers ‘rep on Education Committee. P4-7 visited Glasgow Garden Festival – a very successful day out. Wednesday 22nd Mrs. Guthrie Nursery Teacher attended her Nursery Endorsement ceremony. Mrs. Anne Kerr supplied. June 23rd. pm football friendly against Westquarter. School Bank pay out on Friday. School received £11.00 + interest.

- - - - > Monday 27th P1-3 had a very successful visit to the Zoo, p1 parents and new intake visited classroom and Mrs. Shanks, Nurse gave a short talk on school inspection etc. Tuesday – Mrs. Guthrie attended hospital – maternity clinic – Mrs. Anne Kerr supplied. End of term assembly was at 11.00am. Mr. Hill led worship. P7 parents had been invited to attend – poor response. Mrs. T. attended Graeme High Junior prize giving. Wednesday – personal property of teachers moved rooms. Concert in pm. Registers closed. Thursday 30th International Rescue Corps gave slide show and demonstration to P6 and 7. 1st July - end of term – weather was thundery. Children were well behaved. Furniture and personal belongings moved to new classrooms. P7 sang Auld Land Syne.

Attendance for year for whole school 91%

Average number on roll 221.

(Signed) Inez M.A. Torrance.


August 22nd 1988.

School reopens at 9.30 am on Monday 22nd August for staff only.

Headteacher Mrs. Inez M. A. Torrance.

P7 Mrs. M. Spence. P6. Mrs. Blair

P5/6 Mrs. Forsyth P4/5. Mrs. Rae.

P 4 Mrs. Hunter. P3. Mrs. Ferrie.

P2. Mrs. Fleming. P1 Mrs. Shanks.

Nursery: Mrs. Guthrie. Nursery Nurse. Mrs. M. Dickson.

Auxiliaries: Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Michael.

Janitor: Mr. J. Strang. Cleaners: Mrs. Pilley, Mrs. Pender,

Mrs. McMeechan.

Dinner Ladies: Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. Lamont.

Lollipop Ladies: Mrs. Jakub, Mrs. Gibb.

Visiting specialists:

Music: Mrs. Alexander: Mon. Tues. alt weeks.

P.E: Mrs. Murdoch: Mon. Tues. am only alt weeks.

Art: Mrs. A. McMorrow. Alt weeks Thursdays.

Sewing summer term only –

E.S.L. Mrs. Wallace Friday afternoons.

Travellers. Mrs. Jane McDonald. Tues. / Thurs. afternoons

School chaplain – Mr. Hill.

During the summer holidays the following repairs have been done: Coal boiler for central heating of main building has been removed and one for gas installed but not yet working. Venetian blinds put up on main road windows of main building, all Nursery windows and P1, 2, 3 repaired. New linoleum has been fitted to classrooms 8 and 9. Many, many windows (28) have been broken while playground was dug up by gas board for their pipe installation, thereby “anyone” to fire broken debris at school windows. Our maintenance man Mr. McIntyre was off work ill therefore progress of work is slow.

_ - - -> 26th August. 203 pupils in Primary School – 40 in Nursery. Nursery is having a gradual build up in numbers in class. Children do not seem settled. There has been a great deal of fighting and tearing of clothes.

Mrs. Shanks, as Health and Safety Officer, walked round school and made a list of “defects”.

- - - - > 2nd. September. Weather is rather cold and we have acquired gas heaters as a temporary measure till our heating has been fixed. Progress is very slow

Community workers had lunch in school this week and a group of Headteachers had their meeting here on Thursday evening after school. Art specialist, Mr. McMorran, arrived at school today. Mrs. Torrance off school on Friday.

- - - - > 9th. September. School dentist called with van. Speech therapist called on Friday. We had a visit from a Nursery Teacher, Mrs. McCulloch, from Tillicoultry who are starting up a Nursery Class. Tuesday we joined up with Whitecross and Avonbridge Infant Depts. to view West Midland Theatre Co’s production of King of Copenhagen. All children enjoyed it. Simon Ross, P6 child, won Falkirk Herald competition for design – a – medal for mini-marathon. Graham Duncan P5/5 child sent home with warning about his behaviour. Mrs. Guthrie, Nursery Teacher was off school on Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday.

Monday 12th September – local holiday.

- - - - > 16th September.

Mrs. Torrance slipped on hall floor – badly sprained wrist, wrenched knee. Mrs. T. Off work on Thursday.

- - - - > 23rd September. S.E.D. Returns week. P1 parents given chat by Mrs. T. and Mrs. Shanks explained how class worked. Assembly taken by P7. Harvest Thanks giving – tins collected to be given to Lunch Club. Mrs. Guthrie off for funeral. Photographer came to school on 21st September – an enthusiastic response. 22nd. Dr. Cormack in school for Rubella

injections and medical follow ups.

- - - > 30th September. Lesley Ann Mitchell, P7, chosen as pupil who showed most progress in the last year. Mrs. Ross, speech therapist, called to discuss Leanne Berry, Nursery child. Banda has broken yet again.

27th September Primary 7 sat the Edinburgh Reading Test. Wednesday 28th Sally Main gave talk on “Help the Aged” – children listened enthusiastically. Mrs. McMillan dinner server off work as she fell and badly bruised leg. September 30th interviews for Mrs. Guthrie’s (Nursery Teacher) maternity replacement. I recommended Mrs. M. Jack. Mr. Stuart, psychologist called re Duncan children’s behaviour. Mr. and Mrs. Watson children’s parents called to discuss the children - agreed to have more regular visits to school.

- - - - > 7th October. Mrs. Dickson, Nursery Nurse, off work (Monday & Tuesday). Mrs. Stirling called to discuss next February’s In-Service day. Tuesday 4th – P7 Liaison meeting at Laurieston school. Chad White, P7 pupil, fell and banged his head: Taken to hospital but after x-ray returned to school. Thursday 6th – Lunch with Community workers in Leisure Centre. Headteachers’ meeting at Queen Street Nursery 3.15pm. Prospects of E.I.S. strike on 1st November.

- - - - > 14th October.

Mrs. L. Barclay, Moray House student visited school. Mrs. Guthrie, Nursery Teacher off work (Monday and Tuesday). Staff meeting in school at 4.00pm. Tuesday pm. friendly football match with neighbouring school, Wallacestone. Help The Aged collection now totals £314.27. Thursday. Mrs. D. Turner, Moray House Lecturer, called re student Mrs. Barclay. Mrs. Watson, Dundee College, called Re Mrs. Shanks’ course. Tea party for Mrs. Guthrie. Staff gave her baby’s quilt and pillow case. P4 had a field trip to Muiravonside Park.

- - - - > 21st October – holiday week.

- - - - > 28th October. P3 with Mrs. Ferrie visited the police station. Mrs. Donaldson, computer tutor, called to work with Mrs. Rae’s class on a regular basis. P6 took this month’s Assembly. “United Nations Day”. Student Mrs. Barclay started with P2 this week. Tutor called on Friday and is pleased with her progress.

- - - - > 4th Nov. Mrs. Gibb, lollipop Lady off work. Mrs. McCall supplied for her. Problem with Gary Muir P3’s behaviour. Mrs. Spence and Hunter at In-Service dance, Mrs. Shanks/ Mrs. Torrance at In-Service on Foundations of writing. November 1 - E.I.S Day of Action to protest. November 2-

Headteachers meeting at Limerigg. Football match Nov 3 friendly at Westquarter. November 4th H/T Supplied to Mrs. Barnes to Liaise with teachers. Saturday 5th Parents Association School Fayre.

- - - - > 11th November. P3 visited Forestation – Falkirk

10th November In Service for Staff at various schools

Bantaskine – Problem solving

Westquarter –


Mr. Reid, tutor from Moray House, visited student – pleased with progress.

- - - - > 18th November. H.M.I. Miss Boyle called at school for a progress report. Mr. Turner called for student’s final visit. Mrs. Blair off work last Thursday. P.E. teacher Mrs. Murdoch damaged hand moving apparatus. Nov/16th meeting with Jim Stuart, Jim Sexton, Mrs. Ferrie and Mrs. Torrance re Gary Muir – all agreed a need for help. Constable Douglas called at school to do Road Safety with P1. Parents Association had Quiz Night in Golf Club – raised £32 for football strips with a Silver Slide (?). Friday 18th Mrs. Spence and P7 visited building site along Millbank Terrace.

- - - - > Nov.25th. Parents Evenings Nov.21st. & 22nd. Meeting at Laurieston Re P7 Liaison. Math’s and Science teachers talked re expectations and to explain that S1 is trying group teaching. Nov23rd P5/6 Assembly “Help” Celebrating birthday of Grace Darling. Thurs. 24 Constable Rodgers took Nursery children for a talk on Road Safety. Friday 25th In-Service of Expressive Arts at Sheildhill Primary School.

- - - - > 2nd Dec. Monday 28th Constable Rodger & Robot called and gave talk to second half of Nursery. Mr. Spence and P7 are planting bulbs for Falkirk District Competition. Tuesday 29th P6 visited Chamber Street Museum and Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. Headteachers meeting at Sheildhill on Dec.1st. A group of children in P7 are making a newspaper for sale in school. Mrs. Craig Post Office called to give a talk on how P.O. works. Dec.2nd Interview for replacement Nursery Teacher. Football match against Hallglen. Gary Muir P3 sent home for completely ridiculous behaviour. Sat.4th Football match against Slamannan.

- - - - > 9th Dec. Mrs. Jack maternity replacement for Mrs. Guthrie leaves for permanent post at Glenfuir Nursery. Mrs. Majury replaces her. Mrs. Dickson Nursery Nurse goes into hospital and Mrs. Brown replaces her. Mrs. Barnes Learning support teacher off work. Many children are off with sickness and ‘flu – Staff too looking tired. P1 had dental check by Mr. Jamieson.

- - - - > 16th Dec. Mrs. Fleming and Mrs. Forsyth off school. Mrs. Beaumont and Mrs. Brisbane supplied. At staff meeting we decided to use the gift of £400 from the Parents Association to buy another B.B.C. Master Computer and disc drive for the school. Had a Fire Drill which went very well, however the bell is still too soft in Nursery. Mr. McClay, Chiropodist, called at school for P5/6. Deborah Wileman P7 won Logo competition for Family Centre stationary.

- - - - > 22nd Dec. Last week of term. Despite illness nativity Play was performed and we had a successful end of term Assembly. P4/5/Put on a play in afternoon for the whole school – again it was very successful. Staff get together in Room 1 at 4.00 pm. Tues. / Wednesday – Class parties were enjoyed by all. Thursday 22nd School closed. Mrs. Ferrie returned to school. Mrs. Fleming still off with ‘flu. We collected £45 for International Rescue Corps.


- > January 6th: School reopened at 9am.Interview in Viewforth for Assistant Head. Craig Rennie from Denny Primary school will join us shortly. Mrs. Forsyth will have to leave.

- - - - > January 13th: Computer in-service for school. Tea party farewell for Mrs. Forsyth. Mrs. Rae visited Kinneil Primary School.

- - - - > January 20th: Mr. Rennie joined the staff. Chiropodist visited the school.

- - - - > January 27th: Doctor in school for Primary 1 medicals. P7 / S1 Liaison meting at Laurieston-no Graeme High representative turned up. Social work meeting Re Gary Muir – his mother is staying in hospital and Gary is to be looked after by his Aunt Janet.

- - - - > February 3rd: Social work meeting on Nursery child, Joseph. He has now been removed from register of non-accidental injury.

P5 and P6 started swimming. 1st February school was closed for in-service. Staff attended various schools.

- - - - > February 10th. Dentist van at school. Assembly taken by P4/5 on Chinese New Year. Tuesday Headteachers meeting at Stenhousemuir concerning Boards. Chiropodist in school. Scotquiz took place at Wallacestone on Thursday 9th – a long evening – 19 schools participated.

- - - - > 17th February. Mr. Brooks, retired schoolmaster visited the school and talked about football team in his days. Gala Day Queen – Lesley Ann Mitchell and Retinue photographed. Visited by 3 staff of Tillicoutry Primary School. Thursday 16th – School closed for pupils. Staff had in-service with Mrs. E. Stirling on Listening / Talking skills. Friday 17th school was closed for spring holiday.

- - - - > 24th February: Nurse Easton gave girls video on developing bodies – Janitor in hospital for two days. Mr. Stuart, psychologist, called Re update on children. Chad White giving cause for concern – spoke to his mother.

- - - - > 3rd March. Mrs. Majury, our Nursery supply teacher went for interview for permanent post. She was not successful - fortunate for us! Two Wallacestone teachers visited the nursery. Headteachers meeting at Drumbowie School.

- - - - > 10th March. 2 parents Association meetings – Talk on School Boards. Seven parents attended. I visited Queens Street Nursery. Hearing Vision Tests for P3, P5, and P7 on Thursday and Friday. Saturday 11th march Day of Dance at Larbert High School. Seventeen children attended – most pleasant. Team of children took part in football knock out at Grangemouth - again, most pleasant.

- - - - > 17th March. Miss P. Morton visited Primary 3 and gave a talk on dental health. Break into Nursery – biscuits and fruit stolen Police and C.I.D. called. Wednesday 15th was our Easter Assembly led by P.3. Collection of £17.50 was donated to Maddiston Old Folks Association. Mrs. Forsyth our long term supply finished to start a permanent post at Sheildhill. Mr. Duffy manager of Falkirk Football Club visited the school to accept the cheque of £205 for comic relief. Bank of Scotland let us down by not having the cheque ready on time. Mrs. Waddell gave talk to Nursery and to parent on dental health. Football team played against Westquarter on Friday. Chad White excluded from school for defiance.

- - - - > 24th March. Mr. Stuart, psychologist called to update information on children. Mrs. White called at school to discuss Chad's behaviour. School Council visited the school. Mrs. Rae is due back at school on Tuesday.

28th. Mr. Rennie off school for a funeral. Friday and Monday school closed for Easter Weekend.

- - - - > 31st March. Senior Recorders went to Moray Primary School for non-competitive festival. Team of Children took part in Hula Hoop Swimming (?) Competition in Bo’ness school. Mrs. Torrance at Headteachers / P7 – S1 Liaison meeting. End of term. Attendance 94%. Roll 203 plus 40 Nursery.

- - - - > 21st April. All staff back at work. School roll 203.

In-service on Infant organization in our school on Tuesday 18th April.

- - - - > 28th April. Parents Association donated £250 to school. £200 was used for buses for school outing to Purves Puppet Show. £50 put towards printer for second computer.

- - - > May 5th. Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd May School closed for May holidays. School performed “Mutiny” opera with Scottish Youth Opera Group. Mrs. Torrance at 2-day conference on School Boards.

- - - - > 12th May. Mrs. Torrance off work. Gala Day Sponsor walk by school on Wednesday 10th May. Parents Evenings on Wednesday and Thursday 10th and 11th May.

- - - - > 19th May. Nursery broken into – fruit and biscuits stolen. Mrs. Blair off work.

- - - - > June 2nd. Mrs. Blair off work again. Mrs. Murray – supply teacher 24th May Headteachers plenary meeting at Hillpark. Whole school went to Purves Puppets show in Grangemouth on Thursday afternoon 25th.

P7 Record Cards sent to Graeme High. Saturday 27th May a team of 6 children won inter-school competition at Brightons Fete.

- - - - > 9th June. Nurse Easton gave Primary 6 girls’ video and talk on growing up. 6th June Nursery outing to the Zoo Edinburgh. Mrs. Alexander, Learning support, to see Joanne Scobbie – delighted with her progress. 8th June 12 children (P6 and P7) to Burrell collection in Glasgow for Art competition. Mrs. Pender, cleaner left. Mrs. Gray starts on Monday as temporary cleaner. Saturday 10th Gala Day – very wet.

- - - - > 16th June. Wednesday 14th June P7 went to Graeme High for an inter-school afternoon liaison – all went very well. Mrs. Watson from Dundee visited Mrs. Shanks Re her Infant Endorsement course. School closed June 15th for European elections. Mrs. Majury, Nursery Teacher Supply ended her time with us with a tea party.

- - - - > 23rd June Mrs. Guthrie returned to work. P7 had a very pleasant visit to Graeme High. Senior Teacher post interviewed, Mrs. Blair appointed. Samantha Clark invited to lunch at Larbert as Young achiever.

- - - - > 30th June. Dr. Cormack had medicals. P4 and P6 went to Beecraigs Park Linlithgow for a Barbeque – washed out. P1 parents of new intake called to see Mrs. Shanks. End of Term Assembly was taken by P6/7 – theme Thank You. P7 went on a successful outing to the airport, butterfly farm and Drem museum. School closed at 3.30pm on Friday. Roll 200.

- - - -> School re-opened on Monday 21st August for Staff only at 9.00am.

Headteacher – Mrs. Inez Torrance

Assistant Head – Mr. Craig Rennie.

P7 Mrs. Spence, P6 Mrs. Blair (senior teacher), P5 Mrs. Ferrie,

P4 Mrs. Rae, P3 Mrs. Hunter, P2 Mrs. Fleming, P1 Mrs. Shanks.

Nursery Teacher Mrs. Guthrie, Nursery Nurse Mrs. Edna Baillie (Supply).

Auxiliaries: Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Michael.

Janitor: Mr. Strang. Secretary: Mrs. Barrie.

Cleaners: Mrs. Pilley, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. McMeechan,

Lollipop Ladies: Mrs. Gibb, Mrs. Jacob.

Visiting Specialists:

Learning Suppoprt; Mrs. Barnes Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. am.

Art. Mrs. McMorran Thursdays. Alt. weeks

P.E; Mrs. Murdoch Mon. Tues. am. Alt. weeks. 2 terms

Thurs. Frid. am. Every week. 1 term.

Craft; Mrs. Moverly Thurs. Fri. am. Every week

Music; Mrs. Alexander All day Mon. pm. Tues. Alt weeks.

Mrs. Winterbottom pm. Fri. Alt weeks.

School Chaplain; Mr., Hill.

E.S.L. Mrs. M. Wallace (replaced by Mrs. E. Payne on 18th Sept).

August 1989

During the summer break the hall in the main building was lined at both ends with wood panels. This was continued in the corridors. The appearance of the school was much improved. The Staffroom and room 1 got new windows. There had been two break ins during the holiday period but little damage done and little supplies taken.

- - - - > 22nd-25th August.

School reopened with roll of 206 pupils plus 40 Nursery (phased entry). Use of Community Hall for P.E. suspended till they have sanded & lined floor. New regime of dinners as supply has been privatized. Tickets are a nuisance, constantly lost.

- - - - > Children entered Polmont Flower Show with various exhibits and a demonstration of how birds are kept in an aviary. We won prizes as follows and a cup for the school: Card of wild flowers 1st William Brownlie and Louise Thomson (P5)

Card of leaves / fruits 2nd Stewart Taylor (P4) 3rd Lyndsay Gavin & Kirsty Robertson (P5). Poster Competition 3rd Lisa Kenny P7. Knitting a vegetable 2nd Scott Rintoul P7. Card of leaves 3rd Jennifer Fleming.

- - - - > 8th September: Mr. Rennie at In-Service on Environmental Studies. Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Torrance at In-Service on Learning Support. Mrs. Michael off work with ‘flu. P1 boy kicked Mrs. Robertson – discussion with parents.

- - - - > 15th September. Monday 11th school closed for holiday. Book fair in school all week – lots of parental help and funds made £68.00. Mrs. Rae went to hospital for tests.

- - - - > 22nd Sept. Started on Room 6 to convert to a resource centre – lots needing spring-cleaned. Mrs. Cumming, Advisor Learning Support, called Re In-Service assessment of course. Photographer in school. Individual and family groups. Dentist in school. Dental health –Toothbruship done in P5.

- - - - > 20th Sept. Mrs. Payne started as tutor for traveling children. P.C. Douglas visited P1 children for video on Green X Code. Stopped using dinner tickets – easier to use master sheet. Mrs. Barnes, Learning Support, off work with ‘flu, also Mrs. Pilley, cleaner.

- - - - > P6 took Assembly on Harvest Thanksgiving. Mr. Hill attended. Football game against Slamannan. We won 3-0. School Board members named – no need for election: Mrs. E. Fowler, Mrs. M. Gilchrist, Mrs. A. Roesenberg and Mr. J. Sharp. Mrs. Shanks is teacher representative. Mrs. Robertson, auxiliary, off work with flu. Mr. Strang, Janitor has flu but insists on continuing work.

Friday - Recorder Festival. Intermediate and Advanced Recorders. Children played and behaved beautifully. P3 visited Police Station.

- - - - > 13th Oct. P1 in full time. Foot Inspection in school. Football match against St. Andrews. We won 2-1. Parent Mrs. Harper wants to start a Scripture Union Club in school. Fire Engine visited school for P3.

- - - - > 20th Oct. Holiday week.

- - - - > 27th Oct. Mrs. Torrance at In-Service on R.E. Mr. Rennie started management course at Stirling University. Mrs. Alexander came to up-date on Joanne Scobbie. P6.

- - - - > 3rdNov Earl Haig Poppy Collection started. P7/S1 Liaising meeting. Mr. Rennie at Stirling University. P1 had dental inspection. Local Association head teachers meeting at Maddiston. Football match against Hallglen lost 5-2.

- - - - > 10th Nov. Visit to school by Mrs. Dickie, Chief librarian. She has promised to help with books and bookcases. Mrs. Ferrie off for funeral. School Board informal meeting to decide first meting. Dental Survey done of P1 pupils. Nursery parents’ appointments started. Mrs. Rae attended hospital. Fire Drill practice.

- - - - > Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Spence visited Graeme High. Parents Evenings – well attended despite Scotland playing an important football match on T.V. Roof “falling down” in new dining hall. Having to use old dining hall meantime. Adult Literacy Group and History Society using a classroom. Football match against Wallacestone score 2-2. Children visited bird show in Falkirk

- - - - > 24th Nov. Mrs. Ferrie off with earache – one day only. Quarter closure day – staff at different in-service. Mr. Rennie at Stirling University. Mrs. Michael off work. Painters in new dining hall. Parent Association had a village quiz night. Football match against Westquarter score 4-3. Mrs. Torrance and Mr. Rennie visited Family Centre. Lice in school in P4. treated. Morag Stenhouse gave a talk to P6/7 on Scripture Union. Mrs. Rae on hospital visit. Mrs. Gibb, crossing patrol, off work. Parents Association Christmas Fayre – staff took charge of teashop again.

- - - - > 1st Dec. Monday 27th November at 6.00pm. Inaugural meeting of school board. P7/S1 liaison meeting with Graeme High. Mr. Rennie at Stirling University. Regional Closure day – talk on Child Abuse and Falkirk Museums. Retiral dinner for Mrs. R. Dickson – Nursery Nurse. Mrs. Rae off work and into hospital. Supply teacher Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Thomson.

- - - -> 8th Dec. Christmas trees delivered. Mrs. Gibb, crossing patrol, back to work. Mrs. Shanks off with ‘flu. Mr. Rennie at Stirling University – management. Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Torrance at in-service in Bridge of Allan for Learning Support. Mrs. Torrance at in-service at management Centre on Effective Schools. Gary Campbell, P7, off wit appendix operation. Dentist at school. Mr. Rennie at Headteacher’s meeting at Westquarter. Applications given out for second senior teacher post.

- - - - > 15th Dec. Visit to P3 by Mr. Stewart of the post Office. Mrs. Ferrie off with ‘flu. Mrs. Stewart as supply teacher. Mrs. Gibson as supply teacher for P4. Visit to Nursery by Mrs. Parsons (Headteacher) and Mrs. Fleming of Braehead Primary School. Bulbs planted for Falkirk District show. 4 children won prizes in T.S.B. Christmas card Competition. Robert Allison P7 (1st Prize). Anne Wilson P6 (3rd Prize), Louise Thompson P5 (3rd Prize) and Eamonn Grodie P5 (1st Prize).

- - - - > 22nd Dec. Busy week! Monday, staff had tea party with all (or as many as would come) ancillary workers. P1/P2 had their party on Tuesday. P3, P4, P5. P6, P7 had their party on Wednesday. The P.A. had a party for the children on Thursday evening and the Nursery party was on Friday morning. Mrs. Ferrie came back to work on Monday but Mrs. Rae was still in hospital. Mr. G. Gibson supplied. Mrs. Hotchkiss, retired headteacher, visited the school for the nursery party and lunch. The P2 Christmas Assembly went very well on Wednesday morning. The children collected £23.50 for the Maddiston Old Folks Association. A good number of P2 parents attended as did the school board members and Councillor Anderson.


School reopened on Monday 8th January. Mrs. Rae still off work. Mrs. Stewart is supplying. Fire extinguishers were checked and the school is being wired for a burglar alarm. Mr. J. Stuart, psychologist called to discuss the children under review.

- - - - > 9th January. Mrs. Rae still off - Mrs. Stewart as supply. Thursday 18th January our school board had their first meeting. Mrs. E. Fowler was elected as interim chairperson. Mrs. Gilchrist as vice chair. Mrs. Shanks is the teacher’s representative, Mrs. Rosenberg and Sharp were the other parents. We interviewed Nursery Nurse to replace Mrs. Dickson and have selected Mrs. Edna Baillie for the position. Milk and dinner census taken. Scripture Union called and gave P6/7 a Slide show on their work. Mrs. Harper (parent) Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Ferrie are starting a S.U. group at lunchtime on a Friday.

- - - - > 26th January. Mrs. Shanks and Mrs. Guthrie off work with migraines. P7/S1 liaising meeting at Graeme High concerning P7 report to secondary. Enrolment for P1 and Nursery done.

Very snowy weather. S.P.C.A talk to P7/6 on Friday pm.

- - - - > 2nd Feb. Swimming started for P5/6. Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Torrance at In-Service on learning support. Gala King, Stephen Findlay and Gala King Leanne Gibb chosen and photographed for paper. Cluster Closure day – staff attended Multi-cultural, Child-Abuse and Assessment In-Service.

- - - - > 9th Feb. P3 took the Assembly. Mr. Hill attended. Mr. Rennie attended Carron Grange for management course interview. A new photocopier arrived, standard supply for all Primary Schools. Mrs. Alexander called to update progress on Joanne Scobbie. Mrs. Fleming, P2 teacher, off work and in hospital. Mrs. Brisbane supplied.

- - - - > 16th Feb. Dr. Toal was in school to do medicals. Scotquiz Competition at Comely Park. Mrs. Blair P6 and Mrs. Barnes, learning Support working together on co-operative teaching. Friday was Spring holiday.

- - - - > Monday was School based in-service. Mr. Fox, Muiravonside Ranger, gave talk to P7. Mr. Rennie off work. Visit to school by Mrs. A. Ross to demonstrate spinning & carding. Visit by Mrs. Cumming, Learning Support.

- - - - > 2nd March. Meeting of School board to discuss School finances. Board approved of spending. Mobile Library visited school. Chiropodist in school. Mrs. Fleming returned to school on Monday then off again on Tuesday with kidney infection. Mrs. Murphy supplied.

- - - - > 9th March. P.C. Douglas visited school to talk to P7. Mrs. Torrance off work, Wednesday. Jim Stuart, Psychologist, called for update on pupils. P3 visited Dinosaur Exhibition in Edinburgh. Saturday – two teams went to Larbert High School for Day of dance.

- - - - > 16th March. Mrs. Torrance spent week in Boots, Falkirk on industrial liaison. Mrs. Tully in school to check vision and hearing. Mr. Rennie at in-service (R.E.). Visit from Mrs. Lawrie and Mrs. Findlay, Wallacestone Primary. Mrs. Baillie, Nursery Nurse, off on Thursday. Mrs. Anderson supplied.

- - - - > 23rd March. P4 took Easter Assembly. Visit by 2 students who are coming next term. Football game against Bowhouse abandoned due to awful weather. Open-day in school on Thursday – tours of a regular school day – seemed to be successful.

- - - - > 30th March. Recorder Festival at Wallacestone. Fun afternoon by whole school to raise funds for school trips. School closed on Friday for end of term.

20th April. Summer Term started on 17th at 9.00am. P6/7 put on production (music dance drama) of “The Rats”, well done! Mr. Henderson from Moray House called Re students visit.

- - - - > 27th April. Students (1st Year) Mhairi Haldane and Karen Wojcec with Nursery/Infant departments. Visit from Duncan Williamson, traditional storyteller. Milk delivery cancelled from Hamilton Diaries due to loss of so much milk ordered from Maddiston Mini-market.

- - - - > 4th May. Visit from computer teacher, Graeme High, Mr. Winton. Fire Drill week. Tutor visit, Mrs. Goodyear, for students. School closed on Thursday 3rd for local elections. Mrs. Wilma Shanks P1 Teacher, leaves to take up post of Assistant –head at Victoria School Falkirk.

- - - -> 11th May. School closed Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th for Spring holiday. Mrs. Gallivan starts as supply teacher for P1. 2 more teachers from Graeme High, Mrs. Herow, Chemistry, and Mrs. McIntyre, English, visited the school.

- - - - > 18th May. Visit from Mr. Henderson, tutor from Moray House, for students. Mr. McHardie and Mr. Danskin visited P7 and talked to parents. Children from Nursery going to Wallacestone Primary School visited their classrooms. Mr. Craig Rennie got his management certificate. Visit from Mrs. M. Goodwin and Martyn Re entry to Nursery next year. Martyn will need a special duty attendant.

- - - - > 25th May. Chiropodist called. P6 went to visit Glasgow’s Glasgow Exhibition. Garden ruined by vandals – police investigating. Plenary meeting of Headteachers at Stirling. Mark Cochrane P3 won £15. in “Smile” dental competition. Visit from Mrs. Christie, head teacher of Denny Primary School.

- - - - 1st June P1 took May Assembly. Senior Teacher’s post interviews – selected Mrs. Stewart from Kinneil Primary School. Mr. Stuart, psychologist, in school visit Re next years P7 girls. Mr. McMorran, Art Specialist off work. Nursery visited Little Marco’s Edinburgh as school outing. P4/5 visited Bo’ness museum and Railway and Clay mine. Mrs. Torrance attended Grange Centre playgroup book presentation.

- - - - > Swimming Pool in Bo’ness opens after repair. Visit by Mrs. Hastings, Math’s, Graeme High. Mrs. Guthrie off work for 2 days. Mrs. Waddell visited School to talk to Nursery parents about dental health. 3 children to take part in Art Competition. Parents Evenings on Wednesday and Thursday.

- - - - > 15th June. Karen Meggan and Karin Gray, P7, won a visit to Police Headquarters Stirling for essay competition. Elaine Swann got a trip in a car for runner-up award. Gala day on 16th June.

- - - -> 22nd June. P7 visited Airport. East Fortune Airport and the Butterfly Farm. P7 visited Graeme High. The choir took part in Day of Song at Falkirk Town hall. Mew Nursery Parents invited to an evening visit at Nursery classroom. Sports afternoon rained-off half done. P1 parents (1990/91) visited school on Friday pm.

- - - - > 29th June. P7 led final Assembly. Jonathon Anderson P4 got shield for most improved performance in school. Mr. Rennie was at 2 day in-service on Junior Enterprise. Mrs. Fleming leaves school on Friday after 17 years to teach in Sheildhill Primary. Miss Jane Falconer will replace her in August.

School closed (awaiting refurbishment) on Friday 29th June at 4. 00 pm.

Session 1990 - 1991

- - - -> School re-opened on Monday 20th August for Staff only: Tuesday 21st for pupils

Headteacher – Mrs. Inez Torrance

Assistant Head – Mr. Craig Rennie.

P7 Mrs. Spence, P6 Mr. Rennie. P5/6 Mrs. Blair (Senior Teacher),

P4/5 Mrs. Ferrie, P3/4 Mrs. Rae, P2/3 Mrs. Hunter, P2 Miss Falconer. P1 Mrs. Stewart (Senior Teacher).

Nursery Teacher Mrs. Guthrie, Nursery Nurse Mrs. Baillie.

Special Duty Attendant – Mrs. Gilchrist (part-time).

Auxiliaries: Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Michael.

Janitor: Mr. Strang. Secretary: Mrs. Barrie.

Cleaners: Mrs. Pilley, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. McMeechan,

Lollipop Ladies: Mrs. Gibb, Mrs. Jacob.

Visiting Specialists:

Learning Support; Mrs. Barnes Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. am.

Art. Mr. A.McMorran . Alt Thursdays

Craft; Mrs. Moverly every Thursday.

P.E; Mrs. Murdoch Mon. Tues. am. Alt. Thursday and Fridays. 2 terms

Music; Mrs. Alexander. Alt, Mondays all day and Wednesday pm. only.

School Chaplain; Mr., Hill.

- - - -> We welcomed the two new members of staff Mrs. Stewart and Miss Falconer and the S.D.A. – Mrs. Gilchrist. None of the refurbishment has been done except the Hall painted – therefore school started with workmen. Office is in Room 3 with long extension on phone.

School meals now cost 68p per day £1.20 for teachers. Vent in kitchen at last enlarged. Forms all changed but still school’s problem.

- - - - > 7th Sept. Mrs. Rae in hospital for tests – Mrs. J. Gallivan supplied. Senior staff decided to have a working lunch meeting on first Tuesday of every month. Local Headteachers had a meeting at Maddiston. Liaison (or rather disappointing liaison) with Graeme High discussed. Mrs. Stewart, P1 teacher held workshop on language and math’s for P1 parents. Approx 10 parents came.

Mr. Wilson. Former headteacher in this school, called to work with Miss Falconer, probationer teacher. Meeting in school with Phil Smith, Mrs. Goodwin about Martyn Miglans in Nursery.

- - - - > 14th Sept. Monday 10th Sept. was Autumn holiday and school was closed for the day. Mrs. Rae returned to work. Mr. Hill called to talk to classes P7 and P1. Chiropodist, Mr. McLay, called. Health and Safety check with Mrs. Hunter.

- - - - > 21st Sept. Mr. B. Wilkie talked to children about work of R.S.P.C.C. Children collected sponsor money for this charity. Mrs. Rae off work with a chest infection. Mrs. S. Murray supplied. Census week for S.E.D. Fire extinguishers checked. Bank of Scotland have started a saving bank each Friday for children – great response. Police called Re obscene phone call.

- - - - > 28th Sept. School Board meeting Tuesday 25th called void as clerk had family emergency and had to be late. Meeting postponed till 5th October. Mrs. Waddell came to give talk to P1 on dental health. Review meeting at Social work department in Grangemouth about Gary Muir. All agencies pleased with his progress. Mr. Hill called to talk to classes P6 and P2. Mrs. Alexander, music specialist off work. She is pregnant and having a great problem with sickness. Mrs. Torrance at in-service on 5-14 language. Dental van called at school. Miss Falconer at probationers In-service.

- - - - > 5th Oct. 4 teachers from Tillicoultry Primary School visited our school. P.C. Douglas visited P1. Mr. J. Stuart called for a review meeting. Infant tuck-shop converted to more healthy eating. Parent, Mrs. McDevitt comes in to prepare fruit. School Board meeting. Miss Falconer at probationers In-service.

- - - - > 12th Oct. P1 in full day. Mrs. Torrance at 5-14 maths’s In –Service. Mrs. Thompson, computer tutor came to give P2-P4 tuition in concept keyboard. Mr. J. Wilson called to work with Miss Falconer. Groups 2 Recorders at Festival in Whitecross - excellent performance. Football match against Ladeside 2-1 score.

- - - - > 19th Oct. – Holiday week.

- - - - > 26th Oct. Mrs. Torrance at Heath and Safety In-Service. Enrolled 3 new children. Mrs. Waddell gave talk to P2/3, P3/4 on dental health. Fire extinguishers checked. Problems with the heating. Dr. Fleming in school doing medicals.

- - - - > 2nd Nov. Pupil from Graeme High, --- Gilchrist, on a weeks work experience. Dental caravan at school. Mrs. Waddell gave a talk on dental health to P4/5, P5/6. P7. Mrs. Rae at hospital for tests. Mrs. Hunter at In-Service. Football match against Drumbowie 8-1. P3/4 visited police station. Mrs. Hunter off work.

- - - - > 9th Nov. School closed on Monday for regional in-service. P5/6 visited Oatridge Farm, Broxburn. Football match against Slamannan 1-3. Mr. Rennie away as tutor at teambuilding week-end.

- - - - > 16th Nov. Poppy collection week. Book Fair in school. S1/P7 liaison meeting in St. Margaret’s P. School on Math’s – very well attended. Miss Falconer at probationers in-service. Parents Evenings Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. Rennie on Video course. Children taken to bird-show at Falkirk High. Trophy, certificates and rosette as usual, well done!

- - - - > 23rd Nov. Fire drill. P1 had dental inspection. Fire Engine visited P3/4 class. Mrs. Rae off work. Mr. Rennie away for interview unsuccessful this time – thankfully for Maddiston School. P.A. had quiz night in golf club, teacher’s team won. School closed on Friday for teachers school-based in – service.

- - - - > 30th Nov. P7/S1 Math’s liaison- well attended. Adult Literacy Class moved to Family Centre. Graham Watson, P7, suspended for one week. Recording interview about Joanne Scobbie. P7. Mrs. Torrance at S.E.D. meeting Edinburgh Re self assessing – staff development documents. P7 involved in tree planting with Central Countryside Trust.

- - - - > 7th Dec. Mr. Wilson with Miss falconer. Mrs. Torrance at in-service S.E.D. - Personnel Management. Visit to school & talk by Mr. Alistair Young a visiting church worker, Mr. J. Stuart, psychologist, visited school for a review meeting. Football match against Larbert Village 1-1 replay needed. P6 visited Sandy in Wallacestone to visit his aviary.

- - - - > 14th Dec. Mr. Rennie at in-service on Discrimination. Mrs. Torrance at meeting with Moray House over student training. Rehearsals for Nativity Play. Library van called to resupply library books. Meeting with colleagues & Mrs. Miglans, Phil Smith, speech therapist, vision & home tutor to Martyn Miglans, Nursery Child. Progress is excellent. Toothbrushing done with P5/6. Social Worker called to talk about Graham Watson. Mrs. Torrance, representing the school, went to Maddiston Old Folks Treat.

- - - - > 21st Dec. Gateway Stores, Polmont, refused to accept school cheque for Ice-cream as school do not have a bank card, Parties on Tuesday for P3/4/5/67 – on Thursday. P1 and 2 and on Friday for Nursery. Assembly on Wednesday afternoon 19th Dec. - well attended by parents. Children gathered £31.00 for Maddiston old Folks Association, School closed at 4.00pm on 21st. Dec.

Log book not kept up due to pressure of paperwork.


Session 1991 - 1992

- - - -> School re-opened for Staff only on Monday 19th August and on Tuesday 20th for pupils

Mrs. Inez Torrance Headteacher.

Mrs. Linda Blair Acting Assistant Head.

Mrs. Cathie Stewart Senior Teacher.

P7 teacher Mrs. L. Blair. Spence, P6/7 Mrs. K. McFarlane (supply).

5/6 Miss J. Scott (perm. holding post) P4/5 Mrs. J. Ferrie,

P3/4 Mrs. Spence. P3 Mrs. A. Hunter, P2 Miss J. Falconer.

P1 Mrs. C. Stewart

Nursery Teacher Mrs. E. Guthrie, Nursery Nurses Mrs. Baillie,

Miss C. Fitzsimmons

S. D. A. – (part-time) Mrs. M. Gilchrist.

Auxiliaries: Mrs. J. Robertson, Mrs. H. Michael.

Janitor: Mr. Strang. Secretary: Mrs. M. Barrie.

Visiting Specialists:

Mrs. J. Barnes - Learning Support; Four mornings per week.

Mrs. S. Moverly – Craft 1full day (Friday) per week.

Miss Mullen – Music 1 full day per fortnight.

Mr. A. McMorran – Art 1full day per fortnight.

Mrs. C. Sneddon – P.E. 1 full day every 3 weeks.

School Chaplain; Mr. Hill.

School cleaning, school meals now privatized.

X-ing Patrol Mrs. M. Gibb and Mrs. L. Jacub.

School roll 190 approx + 60 (30:30) Nursery. Mr. C. Rennie |Ass head left in June to take up post of Headteacher at St. Serf’s Tillibody. Mrs. A. Rae is seconded for 23 months to Riverside Computer Centre. Nursery Class has been expanded to include a further 20 children (10:10) and a second Nursery Nurse has been employed. New Porches, New office being built for secretary / auxiliaries in part of cloakroom. New windows in part of school. Miss Angela Strang was working a temporary S.D.A. till permanent one appointed. Escort for afternoon Nursery Child – Mrs. H. Duncan.

- - - - > August 30th Gary Muirs behaviour (P6/7) giving cause for concern.

- - - - > Sept. 30th. Mr. David Meaney, and ex pupil, called at school. He is trying to organise a reunion of pupils of years 1965/73. Bank of Scotland restarted weekly visits. Children entered Polmont Flower Show and our school won overall cup. A great deal of vandalism seems to have started up in the evenings, slates off roof and broken windows. Miss Claire Miller from Graeme High was with us for one week for work experience. Photographer was in school. Football team difficult to restart. S.E.D. census week took place. Excellent Scottish Resources Conference and display took place in Stirling Hillpark. School Board meeting took place – last meeting before re-election of new members. Mr. Strang, janitor, at meeting to try and work out their new job description – no settlement as yet. Mrs. Guthrie, Nursery teacher, is attending 10 day course as Union representative.

- - - - > October. Lack of time stops me keeping the Log Book up to date.

- - - - > June1992. School closed on 25/6/92. Staff changes Muss McAlpine was appointed as Assistant Head in December and Depute head in April. Mrs. Michael, auxiliary, left in June to take up a post with longer hours. Mr. McMorran’s, art specialist, part time contract was not renewed. Mrs. Pilley, long term lollipop lady and cleaner retired. Mrs. McDonald took over post from Mrs. Guthrie in Nursery Class. Mrs. Guthrie went to Kinneil to start a new Nursery Class. Mrs. Gilchrist S.D.A., finished in June as child went to Charles Brown Unit, Fallin. Mrs. C. Ferguson was appointed S.D.A. in October. She is to continue next year.

Cut back in maintenance this year due to financial restrictions. Rooms 8 & 9 painted. Nursery painted. Toilets touched up. New carpet pieces in Nursery and Rooms 1, 2, 3 in annex.

Dysentery, Shigella Sonia, in school for some time over Christmas and Spring Term. Roll 182 – 200 + Nursery 60. 92% av. Attendance.

Session 1992 - 93

- - - -> School re-opened for Staff only on Monday August 24th and for pupils on August 25th 1992.

Mrs. Inez Torrance Headteacher.

Miss Linda McAlpine Depute Head.

Mrs. Linda Blair, Mrs. Catherine Stewart Senior Teachers.

P7 Mrs. L. Blair. P3 Mrs. M. Spence,

P6 Miss J. Scott. P2 Mrs. A. Hunter

P5 Miss J. Falconer. P1S Mrs. C. Stewart

P4 Miss L. McAlpine. P1F Mrs. J. Ferrie,

Nursery. Mrs. E. McDonald - Teacher

Mrs. E. Baillie, Miss C. Fitzsimmons Nursery Nurses

Mrs. Ferguson S. D. A.

Auxiliaries: Mrs. J. Robertson am, Mrs. S. Thomson.

Janitor: Mr. Strang. Secretary: Mrs. M. Barrie.

Learning Support; Mrs. Irene Barnes

Visiting Specialists:

ART. Mrs. J. O’Donnell. P.E., Mrs. C. Sneddon. MUSIC Miss J. Mullen Craft. Mrs. S. Moverly.

School Chaplain; Mr. Hill.

X-ing Patrol. Mrs. E. Jacub. Mrs. Mitchell (supply)

School roll 194. Nursery 60 (30:30)

Mrs. A. Rae still seconded to Riverside Computer Centre.

Mrs. Hunter left school on 18/9/82 to become Senior Teacher at Airth P. School. Mrs. Susan Towner replaced Mrs. Hunter and will supply till June 1993. Miss Falconer and Miss Mullan became Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Holden in October 1992. Mrs. Sneddon, Avonbridge P., joined the Nursery class on placement in October. Mr. / Mrs. Blair ran Camera Club again. Mrs. Barnes, Ferrie and Stewart ran S.U. club. Mr. Christian ran football training. Scottish Country Dancing was included in P.E. curriculum for P6/7. Parents ran lending library every Wednesday.

School Board continues – Chairperson Mrs. Mary Gilchrist.

Parents Association continues- Chairperson Mrs. Esther Fowler.

Mrs. M. Gibb retired on medical grounds on 19/10/92 and Mrs. M, Mitchell became permanent Xing patrol. Nursery classroom painted and main building windows (facing large playground) also painted.

School closed on Friday 2nd July. Another very busy year with no time to keep up the log book.

Mrs. Joyce Ferrie retired at end of term: Mrs. Spence still on sick leave. Supply teachers Mrs. Towner and Mrs. Crawford left. Mrs. Moverly, craft specialist transferred to other schools. Miss Fitzsimmons, Nursery Nurse, left to become project worker at Langlees. Craig Brownlie was the best all round pupil and received the Millar’s Trophy. Gregor Drummond received the shield for best improved pupil. The P.A. gave a Trophy for best handwriting – won by Alan McIntosh P4. and also gave token for best attendance- Stephen Mooney P7. Nicola McDevitt P5 and Scott Sharp. P6.

Session 1993/94

School re-opened for Staff only on Monday August 24th and for pupils on August 25th 1992.

Staff Mrs. Inez Torrance Headteacher.

Miss Linda McAlpine Depute Headteacher.

Mrs. Linda Blair, Mrs. Catherine Stewart Senior Teachers.

P7 Mrs. L. Blair. P3 Mrs. C. Stewart

P6 Miss J. Scott. P2 Mrs. Rae

P5 Mrs. Russell. P2 Mrs. M. Spence,

P4 Miss L. McAlpine. P1 Mrs. Wojcik.

Mrs. Wojcik joins staff as a holding post. Mrs. Spence is still on sick leave and Mrs. Lorna Wallace is her long term supply. Mrs. Rae returned from 2nd year secondment to Riverside / maternity leave.

Nursery. Mrs. E. McDonald - Teacher

Mrs. E. Baillie,

Mrs. N Gibson, Nursery Nurses

S. D. A. for P1 – Mrs. M. Gavin

School Helps: Mrs. J. Robertson – retiring 3/9/93 am.

Mrs. S. Thomson. pm.

Secretary: Mrs. M. Barrie

Janitor: Mr. Strang.

Learning Support; Mrs. Irene Barnes

Visiting Staff:

P.E., Mrs. Sneddon (fortnightly).Music Mrs. Holden (fortnightly)

Mrs. O’Donnell (ART) fortnightly from February 94

. School Chaplain; Mr. Hill.

X-ing Patrol. Mrs. Jacub. Mrs. Mitchell.

Roll 191. Nursery 60 (30:30) Nursery rooms 7.8.9 have had new windows put in. Old Dining room floor has been lifted due to rot and Janitor’s and community officer’s offices have been dismantled.

June ’94 School has been under greater pressure on workload. Despite that the staff have continued to be in good health. Mrs. Spence officially retired on ill health and Mrs. Crawford became our supply teacher till the end of session. Mrs. Michael, school help, left and we hope to have a replacement for next session.

Children’s attendance has given no cause for concern though their continual latecoming does. There seems to be no cure for this.

School maintenance has gone on apace. Part of the Main Building roof has been replaced, a further number of windows have been replaced. A fence erected round the Infant Dept. and its outside has been painted. The janitor’s office has been rebuilt. The Infant Dept was also set on fire at Christmas Time: very little structural damage but a great deal of smoke damage. Appreciation of all the extra work done by janitor, cleaning staff and Nursery Class staff is noted.

The parents association raised money this year and gave the school a Video Recorder, stand and microphone. They also awarded the following Handwriting and Attendance prizes:

Handwriting: P1. Joanne Strang. P2. Dawn Ainslie & Lynne Arneil. P3 Louise McDermott. P4. Aileen Bell. P5. Sarah Patch. P6. Steven Baxter. P7. Laura Thomson. Over all winner was Laura Thomson.

Attendance: to Jonathon Barrow & Danielle Gibson Mark Drummond. Gillian Wardlaw & George Thomson, Pamela Gray & Nicola McDevitt and Laura Thomson.

The Scout Shield was awarded to George Thomson P5. Certificated of Merit were given to Dawn Mitchell, Allan Kay. Lee Bishop, Janet McEwan, David Scullion, Lyndsay Scullion, Michelle Gillespie.

The Miller Trophy for best all round pupil of 1994 was awarded to Emma Brodie.

Session 1994 - 95

School opened on Monday 22nd August for staff and Tuesday 23rd for pupils.

Staff Mrs. Inez Torrance Headteacher.

Miss Linda McAlpine Depute Headteacher.

Mrs. Linda Blair, Mrs. Catherine Stewart Senior Teachers.

P7 Mrs. L. Blair. P3 Mrs. C. Stewart

P6 Mrs. Rae. P2 Mrs. Fraser

P5 Mrs. Russell. P1 Mrs. Wojcik

P4 Miss L. McAlpine.

Nursery. Mrs. E. McDonald - Teacher

Mrs. E. Baillie,

Mrs. N Gibson, Nursery Nurses

S. D. A. P2 and Nursery – Mrs. M. Gavin

Janitor: Mr. Strang.

Secretary: Mrs. M. Barrie

School Helpers: Mrs. S. Thomson and Mrs. Hall.

Learning Support; Mrs. Irene Barnes

Visiting Staff:

P.E., Mrs. Sneddon, Music Mrs. Holden, Art – (1/2 year) Mrs.

. School Chaplain; Mr. Hill.

X-ing Patrol. Mrs. Jacub. Mrs. Mitchell.

Roll 190. Nursery 60 (30:30).

Sinks have been put in all classrooms in the Main Building and Room 1 has carpet all over.

June ’95 Another year comes to an end – major upheaval this tear, with the inclusion of a Nursery unit from Woodburn in our Infant Dept., causing emotional, community and physical upset. The S.W. Nursery will serve the Braes area has been named the Braes Early Starts Nursery. It will be open 50 weeks in the year. With the loss of the room in the Infant Annex P2 moved into a refurbished Room 6 in the Main Building; cloakrooms are now in the corridors and the door of room 5 was moved to the other end of the room. The North cloakroom was refurbished as our central resource area and the South cloakroom as an Infant activity area and auxiliary storage area. Another part of the Main Building roof was restored and the outside of the dining hall painted.

School meals have now had snacks included which has proved most popular and given the added problem of more children staying over the lunch hour. Mrs. Hall, the morning school helper left and Mrs. H. Thomson became the long term supply. Mrs. Russell leaves on Maternity leave. Expressive arts specialist’s time tables have been reduced and Mrs. O’Donnell (Art) has been replaced by Mrs. Campbell. Mrs. Cowan (Craft) has been added to out specialist team.

Roll has increased over the year and we will need an extra class next year. Illness has been slight but still a very large problem of children “sleeping in” & coming to school late.

P.A. Handwriting competition: P1 Ella Marshall. P2/3 Stephanie Hall. P3 Graham Stevenson. P4 Amy Scobbie. P5 Suzanne Law. P6 Elizabeth Heggie. P7 Peter Gilchrist. Over all winner – P5 – Suzanne Law.

P.A. Attendance Trophies:

Sara Jane Law P1, Joanne Strang and Calumn Kay P2/3, John Erskine P5, Elaine Dunsmore, Lisa Peretto, Alan Appleby, George Thomson P6, Pamela Gray & Nicola McDevitt P7. Miller trophy for overall excellence Nicola McDevitt.

No-one for Scout Trophy: certificated to Zubayr Rashid, Stepen Jacub and Margaret Bell.

Session 1995 - 96

School opened on Monday 21st August for staff and 22nd (Tuesday) for pupils.

Staff Mrs. Inez Torrance Headteacher.

Miss Linda McAlpine Depute Head and 0.5 P.1. teacher.

Mrs. Linda Blair 3/4, Mrs. Catherine Stewart P7 - Senior Teachers.

Mrs. Rae P6. Mrs. Giffiths P5 (Maternity Cover.)

Mrs. Wojcik P4 Mrs. Fraser P2

Mrs. Murphy (0.5 deprivation) mornings only P1 teacher.

Miss Campbell P1 teacher for increase in roll.

Nursery. Mrs. E. McDonald - Teacher

Mrs. E. Baillie,

Mrs. N Gibson, Nursery Nurses

S. D. A. Vacancy - permanent 27 ½ hrs.

Janitor: Mr. Strang. Secretary: Mrs. M. Barrie

School Helpers: Mrs. S. Thomson and Mrs. Waddell.

Learning Support; Mrs. Irene Barnes

Visiting Staff:

Mrs. Holden – Music,

Mrs. Sneddon - P.E.,

. Mrs. Campbell – Art ½ day per fortnight

Mrs. Cowan – Craft -1 day per fortnight.

School Chaplain; Mr. Hill.

X-ing Patrol. Mrs. Jacub. Mrs. Mitchell.

Roll 196 + 60 (30:30) Nursery.

101 girls: 95 boys.

Carpet has been laid in Room 5. Part of the roof is being repaired and the toilets in the Infant block have been reorganized and upgraded a little.

The Braes Early Starts Nursery has been open all summer.

Mrs. Rae left on Maternity leave and Mrs. Carr came for supply cover.

Mrs. Griffiths got a permanent job in Clackmannanshire and Mrs. Craigie took her place on maternity cover. Mrs. Russell came back from maternity leave in May and Mrs. Craigie left.

Miss McAlpine was promoted to Headteacher of Cambusbarron in Stirling and left on 3rd March. Mrs. Murphy became full time supply cover and Mrs. Sommerville came as 0.5 till end of June. Mrs. Murphy left end of June. Miss Campbell, supply cover left end of May in line with Falkirk’s agreement on supply cover and Mrs. Marjoribanks came in her place.

Mrs. Blair became Acting Depute Head. Miss Julia Blair became our S.D.A. for the year and Mrs. McHardy as escort for Nursery Pupil.

School closed on Friday 28th June.

Parents Association prizes:

Perfect Attendance: P1m Steven Roberts.

P3/4 David Gray. James Johnston.

P4 Allan Kay.

P7 David Scullion, Daniel Wilson, Elaine Dunsmore.


P1m Sarah Love. P1c Louise Howe

P2 Ella Marshall. P3/4 Claire French.

P4 Suzanne McLay. P5 Claire Hunter (overall winner)

P6 Claire McDevitt. P7 Allan McIntosh.

Miller Trophy – Sheryl Wilson

Scout Shield – Dawn Mitchell.

Session 1996- 97

School opened on Thursday22 nd August for staff and Monday26th for pupils.

Staff Mrs. Inez Torrance Headteacher.

Vacancy Depute Head.

Mrs. Linda Blair Senior Teacher & Acting Depute head

Mrs. Catherine Stewart Senior Teacher

P7 Mrs. Ransom and Miss Collier sharing.

P6 Mrs. Carr covering maternity leave Mrs. Rae.

P5 Mrs. Russell. P4/5 Mrs. Wojcik

P3 Mrs. Blair. P2 Mrs. Fraser

P1/2 Mrs. Stewart. P1 Mrs. Steele (Compulsory transfer)

Nursery. Mrs. Denholm maternity cover for Mrs. E. McDonald.

Mrs. E. Baillie,

Mrs. N Gibson, Nursery Nurses

Session 1997/98

R 1, R7 and girls toilets painted.

Pinboards up in hall

Carpets in R2, R8, R7.

Part of Roof repaired Monday – Fri.

Staff Session 1997/98

Acting Head - Mrs. Elliot.

Acting Depute Cathy Stewart.

Senior Teacher Linda Blair

P1 Gillian Steele

P2/1 Karen Wojcik

P2/3 L.B.

P3 Margaret Cram.

P4 Linda Balmer

P6/5 Mrs. Rae and Mrs. Russell Job share.

P7 C. Stewart 0.5 relief Evelyn Williamson.

School Chaplain. Reverend Hill.

Preparations for centenary well under way. Cathy mounted children’s Art work in hall 4th Sep. Monday holiday 09.09.97.

9th Sep & 10th Sep - Victorian tearoom – very successful.

Children’s performances well attended.

11th - Assembly and party. Children enjoyed the party very much.

October 18 Mrs. Stewart has been promoted to the Assistant Head of Wallacestone, she leaves on November 15.

Last entry in Log Book Number Three.

Log Book discontinued.