David Leask's Maddiston Pages

Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Friends and Members

This web site would never have happened if it hadn't been for a group of people from Maddiston and Rumford who came together in the 1980's to try and gather enough information for a book about the villages, sadly the book never came about but now you can see the pictures and some of the information we gathered in this website.

Now some pictures of the group - and friends;

Round the table from the lady in the blue coat (Anti Clockwise); Isa Mitchell, Mary Wilson, Andy Thomson, David Leask. Roy Leask, Ian McNiven, Mary Kelly, Alex Baird, Janet Horne, Wullie Kenny, John Donaldson, Chissie Kotek and Isa and Mary's sister Agnes.

Left to right ;

Alex Baird, Roy Leask, Andy Thomson, Sandy Paterson, Chrissie Kotek, Anna Livingstone,  Mickey Kotek ?, Annie Weir, Lucy Leask, Archie Ferguson, Donald Towe, Gerry Smith , Wullie Kenny.

Front Row,

Mary Gibb, Anne Paterson, Jean Ferguson.

Left to right;
Ian McNiven, Andy Thomson, Peter Duncan, Donald Towe, Roy Leask.
Front Row,
Betty Thomson, Annie Kerr, Lucy Leask, Jenny Callaghan, Annie Weir.

Left to right;
Rita Myles, Jim Brown, Annie Kerr, Jeannie Alan, Jean Leask.

Left to right;

Cathy Smith, Rita Myles, Don't Know, Don't Know.

Other side of table, from right;

Don't Know, Jean Brown, Chris Muirhead.

Left to right Back row;

Ian McNiven, Rona Leask, Rita Myles, Anna Livingstone, Mary Gibb, Annie Weir, John Hynds.

Front Row;

Cathy Smith, Chris Muirhead, Jean Brown, Jenny Callaghan, Annie Weir, Lucy Hynds.

Roy Leask, kneeling in front.

We met in various locations around the village, we started off in the Old Folks Hall moved into the Salvation Army Hall moved on again and ended up in the toilets of the Community Hall  and eventually we settled in the Old Cookery Hall below the school.

The members were;

David E Leask, Roy Leask, Isa Mitchell, Chrissie Kotek, John B Donaldson, (Yankee) Jimmy Robertson, Mary Wilson, Mary Kelly, Andrew Thomson

Annie Weir , Anna Livingstone, Annie Kerr, Jennie Callaghan, David Donald, Wullie Kenny, Lilly Kenny, Lucy Leask (Hynds), John Hynds

Ian McNiven, Margaret Towe, Donald Towe, Peter Duncan, Jimmy Strang, Janet Horne, Archie Ferguson, Jean Ferguson, Alex Baird, Agnes Wilson.

Rena Conlan, Mary Gibb, Jean Brown, Lindsay Moverly, Christian Muirhead, Rita Myles, Cathie Smith, Ian Hunter, Jeanette Hunter,

Juila McColl,  Andrew McDermott,  Isa Young,  Elizabeth Fabisiak, Joyce Faulds.


Newest Members