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Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Maddiston & Rumford Local History Group.

The new group started at the end of 2008, We meet every second Monday of the month and every last Thurday of the month at 1pm in Maddiston Community Centre, Parkhall Drive (at the back of where the old school was) and we're always looking for more members with an interest in the history of the parish of Muiravonside.

When it seemed the old school faced demolition we started a petition to try and save it, but it seems our endeavours were in vain as the school was be demolished (some of the important bits of it could be saved but that doesn't add up to much I'm afraid -we'd have saved the whole front of the school if possible as there's so little left of any significance in the village)
The last group saved a couple of date stones from the local Co-op building when it got demolished - no one semed to bother when that building dissapeared either - and we kept them in the cellar of the old school but when it seemed that could dissapear I thought that something had to be done to preserve them. The new group started and we raised enough money to get a wall built to encapsulate the stones and the Community Council got a grant to get a plaque made to tell the story of the Co-op (a little of it anyway). That wall now stands in front of the Central Fire and Rescue Headquarters (for the moment, but the Fire Brigade are moving out so who knows what will happen to the buildings) at Manuelrigg and has happily remained untouched by vandals so far.
Now the group are holding slide shows again and we're going through copies of the Falkirk Herald from it's beginning in 1845 looking for stories, not just from Maddiston and Rumford, but the whole Parish of Muiravonside, some of which are quite pedestrian others are proving much more exciting.
Through time I'll post some of them on the website, the language has changed quite dramaticly so they take a bit of reading, of course there were very few pictures so words were used to paint the scene instead.



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