David Leask's Maddiston Pages

Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Grenhithe Terrace

The Valuation Rolls for 1937 names the head of each household, the History Group fleshed out this list by adding the wife and children and, where we could, a few facts about each family in the street.

1.Robert Craig, quarryman, wife-------------------.
Children; Robert, John, Walter, Katie, Margaret and Mary.
2. Patrick Golden, shunter, wife-----------------------.
Children; Ann, Pat, Susie, (and John and Charlie who were related somehow.)
3. Samuel Hood, dye worker, wife, Margaret Thomson.
Children; Margaret.
4. Jane McCutcheon, widow.
Children; Harry, Pat, Isa, James and May Ross her grandaughter.
5. John Robertson, storeman, wife-----------------.
Children; Cecil, Mary and Nancy.
6. Jessie Kay, widow.
Children, Dick and George.
7. Stephen Curran, miner, wife------------------.
Children; Stevie and Cathy.
8. James Dougall, pipe moulder, wife, Jean Craig.
Children; Jimmy, Robert and Mary.


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