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Chrisella Terrace 1937

The Valuation Rolls for 1937 names the head of each household, the History Group fleshed out this list  by adding the wife and children and, where we could, a few facts about each family in the street.(The street was named after the two daughters of the councilor George Simpson).

1. James Smith, James was a contractor at Craigend pit and a coalman, he run his lorry from the garage opposite his home.

He lived here with his wife Rossana and children Alex, Jimmy, Molly, Ella and Annie.


2. James Black, Jimmy was the Attendance Officer for Muiravonside School Board. He was a preacher at the Bethesda Hall. He was a very pleasant man and loved the local children to call him Uncle Jimmy.


3. James Gillespie, Police Constable.


4. Alexander Nimmo, Alexander was one of the local clock menders, his wife's name was Griffiths.


5. Benjamin Shackleton, contractor, Ben lived here with his wife and children, Paulie, Beenie, William, Ben and Jimmy.


6. William Bryce Jnr, 'Wull' was an engine driver on the railways, his wife's name was Grace Millar.


7. Richard Hunter, Dick was a driver with Alexanders busses, he was a very punctual man and could always be seen walking his corgi between 12 and 1. He was reputed to have driven all the way up Torphichen Brae in his bus without a stop (which was no mean feat for the busses of the day). His wife's name was Phamie, they had one daughter, Mary.


8. Thomas Borhwick, Tom was a joiner and travelled to work on his motorbike. Tom and his wife had two of a family, Jessie and tom.


9. Alexander Davies.


10. Robert Paterson, Bob was a clerk on the railway at Redding Goods Yard. Bob and his wife (Jenny Paul) regularly attended the kirk where Bob was the organist. They had two daughters, Margaret and Moira.


11. John Stewart, John was a real gentleman, he worked with Stirling County Council as a joiner and walked down to Westquarter to his work every morning. He lived here with his wife and children, John, Alec, Nan, Isobel, Jim and Mary.


12. Angus Paul, retired.


13. John Anderson, checkweigher. John was the County Councillor for Sheildhill, he was the mainstay of the "Faith Mission" and was a very good orator. he lived here with his wife and children, John, Jim, Davie, Nancy and Janet.


14. David Anderson, David was a baker for the Redding Cooperative Society and lived here with his wife Molly Smith and daughter Doreen. David ran the Sunday School at the Bethesda Hall.


15. Gladys Tuck, District Nurse.


6.Archie Macallister, Archie was a bus driver and a colleague of Dick Hunter. He lived here with his wife Beenie and their two daughters Jean and Mary.


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