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Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Carronview Terrace, aka "The Blocks"

The Valuation Rolls for 1937 names the head of each household, the History Group fleshed out this list  by adding the wife and children and, where we could, a few facts about each family in the street.

1, Robert Gordon, Miner. Wife, Katie Woods. Children, Myra and Helen.


2, Andrew Robertson, Miner. Wife, Jean Brown. Children, Ian and Alec.


3, William Hall, Labourer.


4, David Gardener, Miner. Wife, Kate. Children, Jenny, Wullie, Margaret, Davie and Jessie.


5, John Speirs, Miner. Wife, Bella Cockburn. Children, Tommy and John.


6, David Sneddon, Brass Finisher.


7, James Graham, Miner. Wife. Children, Archie.


8, Elizabeth Weir, Widow. Children, John, Cilla and Jenny.


9, Robert Menzies, Motorman. Wife, Sarah. Children, Jimmy and Jean Wylie, granddaughter.


10, James Dougall, Miner.


11, John Benzie, Photographer. Wife, Katie Montague. Children, John, Molly and Nora.


12, Thomas White, Miner. Wife, Lizzie Harvey. Children, Betty, Margaret, Jean and John.


13, Andrew Carmicheal, Miner. Wife. Children, Andrew, Lizzie and Geordie.


14, John Gray, Gummer. Wife, Teenie. Children, Peter, Rab, Chrissie, Nan, Davie,John and Tom.


15, Jane Kerr, Widow.


16, John Mitchell, Miner. Wife, Jenny. Children, Hugh, Mattie, John, Jenny and Marion.


17, John Forsyth, Brusher. Wife. Children, John, Jenny and Nan.


18, John Christie, Miner. Wife. Children, Bob, Wullie, Isa, Cathie and John.


19, Andrew Forbes, Motor Driver.


20, Calvagh O'Donnell, Miner.


21, Alexander Allardyce, Ironfounder. Wife, Betty. Children, Bettine.


22, William Robertson, Brusher.


23, George McMeechan, Moulder. Wife. Children, George and Joe.


24, Peter Forgie, Checkweigher. Wife, Lizzie Bilsland. Children, Hendry, Helen (Nennie), Hugh, Hope and Mima.


25, John Gardener, Brusher. Wife. Children, Hendry and Helen.


26, James Speirs (Happy Jimmy). Wife, Jean. Children, Jock, Wullie, Jimmy and Mary.


27, William Cameron, Labourer. Wife, Lily. Children, Jenny, Stewart, Cathie and Lizzie.


28, John Craig, Moulder.


29, William Arthur, Miner. Wife, Mary Speirs. Children, Jean, John and Baxter.

William was another "coamytee" person.


30, William Hynds, Engineer.


31, Alexander Laird. Wife. Children, Harry, Mary and Nellie.


32, Alexander Small, Miner. Wife. Children, Alec, Wullie and Agnes.


33,James Erskine, Miner. Children, Jean, May and Effie.


34, William Rae, Brusher. Wife, Teenie Dougal. Children, Fred and Wullie (who went down with the repulse).


35, Helen Love, Widow. Children, Agnes, Davie, Stevie and Annie


36, James Muirhead, Miner. Wife, Maggie. Children, Isobel.


37, Robert Cairns, Dye Worker.


38, George Johnstone, Miner. Wife, Jean. Children, Mary, Jimmy, Alec, Hughie, Peter, George, Tommy, Alice, Nan and Jean.


39, Andrew Duncan, Miner. Wife, Jean Cochrane. Children, Molly and Robin (Robin was killed outside the school on his way home).


40, John Strang, Miner. Wife. Children, John.


41, Helen French, Widow. Children, Wullie.

When her husband was killed in an accident at Craigend Pit he was brought home on a milk float.


42, Edward Sludden, Brickworker. Wife, Grace Riley. Children, Betty, Grace and John.


43, William Small, Miner. Wife, Lily Forrester. Children, Ellen and Jean.


44, Alexander Aitcheson, Brass Finisher.


45, Andrew Davidson, Fireman. Wife. Children, Alec, Jean and Lizzie.


46, William Allison, Labourer. Wife, Isabella Berry. Children, Annie, Bella, Rose, Maggie, Agnes, Hughie (Stuckie), John (Gossie), James (Sparra) and Wullie (Lipton).


47, John Speirs, Brass Finisher.


48, John Smilie, Loco Driver. Wife. Children, Grace and Jean.


49, James White, Miner. Wife Ellen McNiven. Children, Molly, Lenny, Irene and David.


50, William Hughs, Engine Man.


51, Adam Graham, Miner. Wife, Effie. Children, Elizabeth and Rena.

Adam was a good bowler,  he had lots to do with the Welfare.


52, Thomas McAuley, Miner. Wife, Agnes Allison. Children, Agnes, Margaret, Tam, Johnny, Bella, Mary Anne, Annie and James.


53, William Speirs, Labourer. Wife, Jenny Williamson. Children, Jean, Nettie, Wullie and Robert


54, George Graham, Bus Driver. Wife, Mary Pitman. Children, Jessie, Cathy, Agnes, Archie, Jimmy, George and Marion.


55, William Muirhead, Miner. Wife, Isa Adam. Children, Jessie, Annie, Robert, Angus and William.


56, Hector McNeil, Miner. Housekeeper, Mrs. Smith. Children, Hector, Andrew, Jimmy and Ellen.


57, Mary Ward, Widow. Children, Bridget, Eva, Geoff and Owen, Marys' brother.


58, William Duncan, Machine-man. Wife, Mary Smith. Children, Mary, Lizzie, Joyce, Robert, Peter and Billy.


59, John King, Miner. Wife, Mary Hamilton. Children, Tommy and Jemima.


60, Robert Gow, Labourer. Wife, Jane Lawson. Children, Sandy.


61, James Main, Motor Driver.


62, Mary Sneddon, Widow. Children, Charlie, Joan, Jim, Grace, Mary and Annie.


63, Janet Anderson, Widow. Children, Agnes. Grandchildren, Alec and Jan, Alec played football for Dumfermline .


64, Annie McIntosh, Widow. Children, Duncan, Alistair (Mathison)  and Bessie.


65, Adam Brown, Electrician. Wife, Jenny Meikle. Children, Alec and Jean.


66, Alex Dalrymple, Underground Fireman. Wife. Children, Jean, Lizzie, Margaret, Annie, George and Alec.


67, James Preston, Joiner.


68, James Main, Labourer. Wife. Children, Bella, Jenny, Charlie, Jimmy and John


69, Elizabeth Binnie, Spinster.


70, Manus O'Donnell, Miner. Wife, Maggie. Children, Hughie, Godfrey, Calvagh, Phamie, Mary, Annie, Maggie and Kathleen.


71, John McAuley, Clerk. Wife, May Wilkie.


72, Thomas Docherty, Miner. Wife, (Howdie). Children, Tom, Rab and Jimmy.


73, William Williams, Miner. Wife. Children, Eck, Jimmy, Margaret, Chrissie, Tommy, Rab and Joe.

William went to Hollyrood Palace and received an M.B.E. for fifty years in mining.


74, George Livingstone, Miner. Wife, Mary. Children, Geordie, Mary and John.


75, James Wilson, Miner. Wife, Annie. Children, Betty, Annie and Margaret.


76, William Mitchell, Pump-man. Wife, Madge. Children, Alan and Kenneth.


77, Jessie Russell, Widow. Children, Jim, Wullie and Bob.


78, Archie Murdoch, Shop Keeper. Wife, Mary Hamilton. Children, Archie.

Archie and Mary had the chip shop opposite, they were great tennis players.


79, Robert Muirhead, Miner. Wife, Jessie. Children, Bella, Walter, Nan, Robbie, George, Jim, John and Wullie.


80, Robert Duncan, Plumber. Wife, Lizzie. Children, Jean, Mag, Eck and Bertie, grandson.


81, Robert Mackie, Under Fireman. Wife. Children, Robert, Bessie and Davie.


82, Gavin Irvine (Buller), Miner. Wife, Lizzie White. Children, Wullie, Tammy, Martha and Ronnie.



83, Thomas McCall, Ham Curer. Wife, Jean, Dressmaker. Children, Jean, Irene and Billy.


84, Richard Smith, Miner. Wife. Children, Ecky and Rab.


85, William Kenny, Miner. Wife, Christina Leckie. Children, Jimmy, Chrissie, Wullie, Annie, Beatrice, Tommy and John.


86, Thomas Jack, Miner. Wife, Lizzie Hill. Children, Tommy, Peggy, Lizzie, Annie, Robert and Wullie.


87, David White, Oncostman. Wife, Lawrie. Children, Joyce, Ray and Leslie.

David was always an exceptionally well dressed man.


88, James Orr, Brusher. Wife. Children, Agnes, Nellie, Maggie, Liza and Henry.


89, Thomas Bennie, Miner. Wife, Mary Graham. Children, Archie and Jim.


90, George Robertson, Engineman. Wife, Ellen. Children, Andra, Jimmy, Wullie, George, Jackie and Margaret.


91, John McNee, Miner. Wife. Children, Charlotte, Kathy and



92, John Wardlaw, Brusher. Wife. Children, Jean, Mary, Isa, John, Wullie and Stephen.

John snr., was the base drummer with Wallacestone Pipe Band.


93, James Wardlaw, Miner. Wife, Elsie. Children, Mary, Betty and James.


94, William Jack, Machine-man. Wife, Lizzie. Children, Bill, Lizzie and Mary.


95, John Gow, Fireman. Wife, Jean. Children, Isa, Alec, Tam, Jock, Mary and Allan.


96, Robert Gray, Overman.


97, James Kerr, Miner. Wife, Mary Gibb. Children, Mary.


98, Adam Wilson, Miner. Wife. Margaret, Tam, Adam and Betty.


99, Hugh O'Donnell (Broker), Miner. Wife, Kate McCafferty.


100, Anne Kellock, Widow.


101, William Livingstone, Miner. Wife Charlotte Bryson. Children, Jock, Nancy, Andy and George.


102, Andrew Thompson, Labourer. Wife. Children, Nettie, Cissie, Andrew, Jim and Maggie.


103, Robert Tulloch, Miner. Wife, Annie.

Annie was on several of the village "coamytees".


104, Charles Whyte, Miner. Wife, Grace. Children, Minnie, Esau, Bella and Charlie.

Charlie was killed by a bus over from Johnny Clayton's.


105, Colin Myles, Miner. Wife. Children, Ebith and Ann.


106, James Irvine, Engineer. Wife. Children, Jack.


107, Janet Smith, Widow.


108, William Stewart, Miner. Wife, Russell. Children, Jessie.


109, Robert Allardyce, Brusher. Wife. Children, Jessie, Margaret, Ruby, Lexie and Jimmy.


110, John Jack, Miner. Wife, Bessie Duncan. Children, Robert, Peggy, John, Lizzie, Jean, Mary, Isa, Alice and Lily.

John played the tin whistle.


111, Robert Gordon, Labourer. Wife, Katie Wood. Children, Bobby and Jean.


112, Archie Graham, Miner.  Wife, Mary. Children, Mary, Agnes, Archie, Geordie, Adam, Jimmy and Douglas.


113, James Gordon, Miner. Wife, Jean. Children, Bert.


114, James Paterson, Fireman. Wife, Burton. Children, Lizzie and Rachel.


115, James Brown, Engineer. Wife, Minnie White. Children, Grace and Jim


116, James Penman, Fireman. Wife. Children, Wullie and Jimmy.


117, Walter Strang, Labourer. Wife. Children, Agnes and Adam.

Walter was a keen fisherman all his life, he worked for the council as a drain cleaner.

He used to walk up to California Gospel Hall.


118, Bernard Scullion, Miner. Wife, Josephine. Children, Anne and Peter.

Josephine rang the chapel bells for years, she also raised money for the chapel.


119, Stephen Wardlaw, Miner. Wife, Isa. Children, Joanne, Betty, Mary, Isa, Jean and Dorothy Ann.


120, Jane McLay, Widow. Children. Jimmy, Geordie, Davy, Maggie, Jean, Isa, John (Golden) and Robert.



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