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Carron Terrace

The Valuation Rolls for 1937 names the head of each household, the History Group fleshed out this list by adding the wife and children and, where we could, a few facts about each family in the street.

1, Mission Hall.


2, Mission Hall.


3, Margaret Forsyth, Widow. Children, Wullie (Titmaw), Peggy, Jocky (Fingers), James (Flashy), Larry and Tammy.


4, Robert Convoy, Miner. Wife. Children, John, Sarah and granddaughter Margaret.


5, William Duncan, Miner. Wife, Maggie Simpson. Children, George and Wullie.


6, Andrew Robertson, Brusher. Unmarried.


7, Mission Hall.


8, Andrew Boyd, Miner. Wife, Lizzie Montague. Children, Peggy and Daisy.


9, This house was used as a storeroom by Carron Company.


10, Neil Kerkhoff, Coke Drawer. Wife, Elizabeth Day. Children, Jean, Mina, Corrie, Jock, Hettie, Cathy, Gerry, Harry, Elizabeth and Mary.


11, William Collins, Labourer.


12, Jane Reid, Widow. Children, Tommy.


13, Edward Montague, Brusher. Wife, Julia. Children, John, Hugh, James, Winnie, Bridget, Stewart, Wullie, Benny, Anne and Lizzie.


14, George Mills, Miner. Wife, Mary Ann Moonie. Children, Sandy, Jessie, John, Mary, James and George.

Mary Ann and her Canary were both great whistlers.


15, John Baird, Hammer-man.


16, John Moonie, Miner. Wife, Bridget. Children, Susie.


17, George Duncan, Miner. Wife. Children, Jimmy , George (Doddy) and Jean.


18, John Mooney Jnr, Miner. Wife, Mary McCafferty. Children, Margaret, Mary, Johnny, Jim and Teresa McCafferty.


19, John McAuley, Miner. Wife, Agnes Martin, Children, Tom, Flora, Jimmy, John, Mary and Annabell.


20, Hugh Push) Higgins, Miner. Wife, Bella MacMillan. Children, Jean, Hugh, Mary and Wullie.


21, Tom (Sucky) Convoy, Borer. Wife, Maggie. Children, John, Sarah, Robert, Tammy, Annie and Margaret Kane



22, Hugh Meechan, Miner. Wife, was a midwife. Children, Tommy, Mary, Bella, Joe and Andrew (Dottle).


23, Edward O'Donnell, Miner. Wife, Maggie Weir. Children, Lizzie, Jean, Nancy, Edward and Mag.


24, Robert Gordon, Miner. Wife. Children.




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