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The Valuation Rolls for 1937 names the head of each household, the History Group fleshed out this list by adding the wife and children and, where we could, a few facts about each family in the street.

1, Joshua Frickleton, Miner. Wife Lizzie. Children, Lizzie, Meg, Nan, Wullie, Harry and Mary.


2, John Kerr, Miner. Wife, Angus.


3, James Toye, Process Worker. Wife. Children, Dominic, William, James, Rose, Mary and Hendry.


4, William Hamilton, Electrician. Wife, Diane. Children, Ella, Nancy, John, Jim, Robert, Isa and Jimmy Deans.


5, William Chalmers, Miner.


6, Thomas Docherty, Insurance Agent. Wife, Jessie Russell. Children, Jessie.


7, Hugh Gibney, Surface Worker.


8, James Kerr, Joiner. Wife, Bella. Children, Robert.


9, Barbara Tripney, Widow. Children, Barbara.


10, Archibald Waugh, Miner.


11, John Cairns, Storekeeper. Wife. Children, Billy, Agnes and Johnny.


12, John Hamilton, Blacksmith. Wife, Maggie. Children, Jessie, Jenny, Bessie, Maggie, Jimmy and William.


13, John Grindlay, Miner. Wife, Nell. Children, Jean and Nellie.


14, Mary Hotson, Widow. Children, Tony, Wattie and Ellis.


15, Neil Bryson, Engine Driver. Wife. Children, Neil and John.


16, George Craig, Miner.


17, Martha Allison, Widow. Children, Hugh, Alec, Tammy and Neil.


18, Mary Murray, Widow. Children, Evelyn.


19, Joseph McMeechan, Engine Driver. Wife. Children, Margaret and George.


20, James Dickson, Baker.


21, James Cairns, Coke Drawer. Wife. Children, Tommy and Joe.


22, Alexander Cherry, Labourer. Wife. Children, Stan, Andrew and Greta.


23, William Brown, Dye Worker. Wife. Children, Annie, Ella and William.


24, James Buchanan, Stoker. Wife. Children, George, John and Frank.


25, George Simpson Jnr, Hairdresser. Wife. Children, George.


26, Martin Wilson, Labourer. Wife. Children, Kate, Martin and Charlie.


27, George Leishman, Retired.


28, James Black, Railway Guard.


29, Isabella Gow, Widow. Children, Alec.


30, Oliver Gow, Fireman. Wife, Betty. Children, Alec.


31, Frederick Dougall, Foundry Worker. Wife. Children, Jimmy and Maggie.


32, Matthew Jarvie, Motor Engineer. Wife, Dougall. Children,

Freddie, Jimmy and Masie. Matthews' brother Frank also lived here.


33, Patrick Boyle, Textile Worker.


34, Andrew Cumming, Signalman. Wife. Children, Mary, Margaret and Pat.


35, John Lambie, Process Worker. Wife, Agnes Sharp. Children, James and John.


36, James Murray.


37, John Hynds, Dye Worker. Wife, Nell. Children, Jimmy, John, Wullie, Nellie, Mary and Isa, granddaughter.


38, Edward O'Donnell, Surface-man. Wife, Maggie Weir. Children, Lizzie, Jean, Nancy, Margaret and Edward.


39, Martin Sweeny, Coke Drawer. Wife. Children, Molly, Ellen, Pat, Martin and John (who became a priest).


40, Edward O'Donnell, Caretaker. Wife. Children, Hugh, Joseph and Mona.


41, Alexander McPhail, Miner. Wife. Children, Jean and Paul.


42, Thomas Findlay, Process Worker. Wife.


43, William Wilson, Railway Guard. Wife, Campbell. Children, Nan.


44, James Porter, Loco Fireman. Wife. Children, Bill.


45, John Inglis, Signalman. Wife. Children, Jack.


46, John Swinton, Railway Guard. Wife. Children, Ena and Tom.


47, Alexander Hutton, Hairdresser. Wife, Jean. Children, Jean.


48, James Strang, Joiner. Wife, Mary Gray. Children, James.






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