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Muiravonside Parish, the way it was.

Rab Gibbs book

 "Standburn Revisited" and his  his second book "Standburn Revisited the Supplement", are now available to view,  thanks to "Rab " for allowing me to copy the book as it was a limited edition.  

Frank Thomson's book

" Pits Pints and Poverty" has now been added as well, Frank's book was last published in 1984 (A badly set up copy - although readable - by Falkirk Library service)

If anyone has problems with Frank's book appearing on this site (copyright?) please contact me at [email protected] 

Our new book on Muiravonside is now only available as an e-book, the book consists of a series of journeys through the parish with details of every (or almost all) of the places passed on these journeys. Historical details and details of the families who lived there at the time of the 1881 census.

For those who don't know we also have a book

"No more forgotten heroes" which details the men who died from the parish of Muiravonside in the First World War.

Our new book "No More Forgotten Heroes -Part 2", on the men who died in the Second World War has now been published, please contact me ([email protected]) for a copy - 

Price £8 + £2 delivery.

Both books (Parts 1&2) can now be bought for the same price.